NFL's 10 Worst "Dropped Balls" in Last 10 Years

Michael Pizzutillo@@Mike_PizzutilloCorrespondent IIIJanuary 1, 2013

NFL's 10 Worst "Dropped Balls" in Last 10 Years

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    The Times Square Ball dropped last night signifying the end of 2012 but filled with hope and promise for the new year. In the NFL, a dropped ball represents failure and disappointment.

    While these players have made resolutions to forget their "buttery fingers" blunder, we once again remember the heart ache caused by these dropped balls.

    Here are the NFL's top 10 dropped balls in the last 10 years.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Week 3, 2011

    If Chad Ochocinco, currently Chad Johnson, was looking for any respect from Tom Brady , then this play did the exact opposite. Ochocinco signed with the Patriots, claiming he could still play the game and this was his opportunity.

    Needless to say, this dropped pass caused Brady some sleepless nights, and he rarely looked Johnson's way with only 32 targets in 2011, per ESPN

    This was Johnson's last season in the NFL.

Terrell Owens

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    Preseason, 2012

    Much like his good friend Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens was on a mission to prove his value in the league.

    The Seattle Seahawks gave T.O. a golden opportunity to make the squad and help their young quarterbacks, but in the club's second game of the preseason, Owens dropped a sure touchdown—sealing his fate withe the team.

    T.O. was cut before the regular season and is now striving to be a reality television star.

DeSean Jackson

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    Week 2, 2008

    DeSean Jackson is highly talented, yet has made some bonehead plays throughout his career. During his stellar rookie campaign, Jackson made of the Monday Night Football's epic failures.

    After Donovan McNabb completed a bomb to Jackson, the rookie purposely dropped the ball to celebrate his touchdown. Unfortunately, the ball did not cross the goal line.

    The Eagles lost 41-37.

Chris Cooley

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    Week 16, 2010

    Rex Grossman could use all the help he can get, and Chris Cooley didn't help with this blunder. 

    Cooley, usually a sure-handed tight end, dropped this wide open pass from Grossman. The closest defender was 10 yards away.

    The Redskins were not in playoff contention but this is one of the worst drops. Ever.

Santonio Holmes

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    Week 14, 2010

    Santonio Holmes will always be remembered for his amazing catch in Super Bowl XLIII, but this play shows the best of receivers can also suffer from a lack of concentration.

    According to the New York Daily News, Holmes shook off this drop and responded like a professional—although he has been hardly professional throughout his career with the Jets.

    At least he didn't blame anyone for this embarrassment.

Stevie Johnson

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    Week 12, 2010

    You have to feel sorry for Stevie Johnson. The young player totaled five drops in this game, but none more important that the touchdown attempt in overtime against the Steelers.

    According to the Huffington Post, Johnson later resorted to Twitter and blasted God for his drops.

    Oh My God.

Asante Samuel

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    Super Bowl XLII, 2008

    Dropped balls are not only limited to wide receivers. New England Patriots CB Asante Samuel had a chance to wrap up a Super Bowl victory but let this one slip out of his fingers.

    The Giants went on to miraculously win the game and shock the world.

    Samuel has enjoyed a decent career shutting down fellow opponents, but this drop heavily contributed to the disastrous loss.

Tony Romo

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    NFC Wild Card, 2006

    Most starting NFL quarterbacks are not the team's place holder during field goals, but for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo handled both positions.

    In one of the most shocking plays in the NFL, Romo mishandled the snap during a go-ahead field goal attempt late in the game. 

    Romo's drop was the start of his string of postseason miscues.

Wes Welker

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    Super Bowl XLVI, 2012

    Another New England Patriots error against the New York Giants in a Super Bowl. This time Wes Welker dropped a much-needed first down pass in the fourth quarter. 

    Per, Welker emotionally took the blame for the dropped ball and wanted to redeem himself.

    Welker and the Patriots will have a chance at redemption in the upcoming NFL playoffs.

Lee Evans

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    AFC Championship, 2011

    Lee Evans could taste a Super Bowl appearance. The longtime steady receiver for the Buffalo Bills was finally on a winning team.

    Joe Flacco zipped a pass to Evans in the end zone, which would have sent the Ravens to Super Bowl XLVI, but he couldn't hold onto the ball. Everyone but Patriots fans felt for Evans.

    This was Evans' last season in the NFL.