Each Philadelphia Phillies Player's Season Explained in 140 Characters or Less

Greg Pinto@@Greg_PintoCorrespondent IJune 18, 2012

Each Philadelphia Phillies Player's Season Explained in 140 Characters or Less

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    The last place Philadelphia Phillies.

    For a team with one of baseball's largest payrolls, it doesn't seem like much of a possibility, but somehow, it's something that the Phillies have managed to accomplish.

    Just a year after assembling the "four aces," the Phillies are stuck in the National League East's cellar. They went from having two Roys in the rotation to having none, though Roy Halladay will return, but who's to say that the division crown isn't out of reach by that point?

    The Phillies' disabled list has looked more like their 25-man roster than their 25-man roster this season. Halladay, Ryan Howard, Jose Contreras, Michael Martinez, Chase Utley, Justin De Fratus, Cliff Lee, Michael Stutes, Jim Thome, David Herndon, Laynce Nix, Vance Worley and Freddy Galvis have all hit the DL this season.

    In more ways than one, it sure seems like a lost cause. The rhetoric has always been that if the Phillies could keep in the race with their big names on the DL, they would be able to jump back into the lead at some point once they returned.

    But that possibility seems like it slips further and further away with each passing day. It may be time to admit that the Phillies, as they are currently constructed, just can't make a run this year. Sure, they were dealt a bad hand, but that's not an excuse.

    Maybe it's time to retool.

    Until then, here's a clever way of showing you what went wrong (or right, in that rare moment) for each of the Phillies' players this season—in just 140 characters.

Antonio Bastardo

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    Antonio Bastardo:

    He's pitching just as great as he did in 2011 but flying under the radar a bit this season. Looks like he's over the spring arm issue.

Joe Blanton

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    Joe Blanton:

    With the way he's pitching now, he won't get more than a one-year deal on a weak starting pitching market this offseason.

Jose Contreras

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    Jose Contreras:

    Contreras was finally turning a corner before injuring his UCL—an injury that will require Tommy John surgery. His career could be over.

Justin De Fratus

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    Justin De Fratus:

    Could have made the bullpen out of camp before his elbow injury. Now, he'll have an opportunity to be its savior.

Jake Diekman

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    Jake Diekman:

    Diekman has shown that he has a big-time power arm and should be a big part of the Phillies bullpen for a long time. Lots of strikeouts.

Roy Halladay

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    Roy Halladay:

    Could Halladay's injury have been a blessing in disguise? They'll need a healthy Doc for the postseason run. They'll need their ace.

Cole Hamels

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    Cole Hamels:

    Outside of a little slump, he's pitching like he should be paid $100 million-plus this winter, and someone is going to give it to him.

David Herndon

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    David Herndon:

    Who would of thought that the Phillies' bullpen would miss Herndon this much? They need right-handed relievers big time!

Kyle Kendrick

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    Kyle Kendrick:

    He's pitched out of the bullpen. He's pitched in the starting rotation. Right now, nothing is working for Kendrick. It's been a struggle.

Cliff Lee

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    Cliff Lee:

    With a little defense behind him and some run support, Lee would probably be heading to his second straight All-Star Game this July.

Jonathan Papelbon

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    Jonathan Papelbon:

    Seventeen saves in 17 save opportunities. Papelbon has been every bit as good as advertised. (Still wasn't worth $50 million though).

Chad Qualls

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    Chad Qualls:

    Qualls was really, really good early in the season. He's been really, really, really bad ever since. He needs to turn it around, and fast.

Joe Savery

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    Joe Savery:

    Savery hasn't been sensational, but average pitchers are valuable. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Plus, he's left-handed.

Michael Schwimer

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    Michael Schwimer:

    Schwimer is finally showing glimpses of what makes him a top prospect: Good fastball that he can actually locate; solid secondary pitches.

Mike Stutes

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    Mike Stutes:

    Phillies could use a bit of deja vu with Stutes. His return to the bullpen would be a huge lift, especially in later innings.

Raul Valdes

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    Raul Valdes:

    Typical Phillies, sending down one of their best relievers this season just because he's not a right-handed reliever. Sounds like a plan.

Vance Worley

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    Vance Worley:

    Worley is exceeding expectations again this season. Doing his best to prove that his rookie year wasn't a fluke with 2.80 ERA in 2012.

Carlos Ruiz

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    Carlos Ruiz:

    Ruiz has been the Phillies' MVP this season, no questions asked. The catcher is having the best season of his career.

Brian Schneider

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    Brian Schneider:

    Schneider has been a solid backup this season. He isn't killing the Phillies with his bat, and he's playing solid defense in Ruiz's shadow.

Mike Fontenot

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    Mike Fontenot:

    Fontenot has stepped right in to become a very solid bench player for the Phillies. He's kind of like Pete Orr on steroids.

Freddy Galvis

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    Freddy Galvis:

    Galvis was having a great rookie season before suffering a severe back injury. The future is bright for the young middle infielder.

Ryan Howard

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    Ryan Howard:

    After the injury, the first half of the year was lost on Howard. But he's finally on the road back to the MLB and the Phillies need him.

Hector Luna

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    Hector Luna:

    The Phillies were looking for a right-handed bench bat for quite some time before Luna stepped in and provided a legitimate option.

Michael Martinez

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    Michael Martinez:

    After a disappointing 2011 season, he broke his foot in spring training. Early returns for the 2012 season aren't any better for Martinez.

Placido Polanco

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    Placido Polanco:

    Polanco's days as a starter should be over. The high batting average made him a plausible option, but even that is fading fast for Polly.

Jimmy Rollins

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    Jimmy Rollins:

    It's been a dismal season for Rollins, who has been terrible offensively and disappointing defensively, at least of late for the latter.

Jim Thome

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    Jim Thome:

    Thome's numbers as a pinch hitter have been bad, but he's been the club's best hitter as a DH. There is hope for a better second half.

Chase Utley

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    Chase Utley:

    A healthy Utley could turn the tide of the entire season for a Phillies club in desperate need of some kind of spark.

Ty Wigginton

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    Ty Wigginton:

    The Phillies have asked Wigginton to play a much larger role than originally anticipated, but he's responded with a solid, right-handed bat.

John Mayberry Jr.

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    John Mayberry Jr.:

    Mayberry has been one of the club's biggest disappointments. He went from possible All-Star to possible DFA in record time.

Laynce Nix

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    Laynce Nix:

    Nix was one of the club's best hitters before he hit the DL. If he can swing the bat like he was before the injury, he'll help big time.

Hunter Pence

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    Hunter Pence:

    Pence is swinging the bat well right now and the power numbers are up. Phillies need him to drive in runs throughout the season.

Juan Pierre

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    Juan Pierre:

    Pierre has been one of the season's biggest surprises. He's leading all Phillies players in on-base percentage; second in batting average.

Shane Victorino

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    Shane Victorino:

    It's been a struggle for Victorino this year, especially left-handed. He believes his contract status is weighing heavily on his game.