New York Giants 2012 Draft Picks: Results, Analysis and Grades

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IApril 26, 2012

New York Giants 2012 Draft Picks: Results, Analysis and Grades

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    The 2012 NFL draft weekend is finally here. After this weekend, we should get a good idea of how successful the New York Giants will be in defense of their improbable Super Bowl title. 

    They have a bunch of needs for a Super Bowl champion, and it is anybody's guess as to which direction they will go tonight. Many seem to feel that they actually will not make a pick tonight, electing to move down instead. 

    I could definitely see that happening, but the Giants have not moved down in the first round under Reese before, so why start now? 

    Keep coming back to get an update for every pick the Giants make!

Team Needs

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    Free agency has dictated many of the needs for the New York Giants.

    Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs each chose to sign with the San Francisco 49ers, and the Giants informed Kareem McKenzie he will not be brought back this season.

    Dave Tollefson also left for the Bay area, signing with the Oakland Raiders. Joining McKenzie in the unemployment line is Rocky Bernard, Jimmy Kennedy and Deon Grant.  

    Let's also not forget tight ends Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum each tearing their ACL in the Super Bowl.

    So the long list of needs for the Giants includes offensive line, running back, defensive line, tight end, wide receiver and safety.  

    Jerry Reese has been money with most of his draft picks, and I expect nothing less this year. We should trust he knows what he's doing.

    If these needs are not addressed, it will be because Reese has faith in the players currently on his roster.  

Round 1, Pick 32: David Wilson RB, Virginia Tech

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    With the final pick in the exciting first round of the NFL draft, the New York Giants have selected Virginia Tech running back David Wilson. 

    With so many talented players left on the board, many thought the Giants would move back into the second round. Still available were first round talents Cordy Glenn, Stephen Hill, Jonathan Martin, Courtney Upshaw and Coby Fleener. 

    However, the Giants must have wanted to address the running back position badly, because not only did they take Wilson, but Tampa Bay jumped the Giants to take Doug Martin. Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, former Giants QB coach, must have had some inside information. 

    Here is what Matt Miller has to say on Wilson: 

    This is a very explosive back with a ton of potential. He should go early in the second round. He might be relegated to third down and return duties in his first year. He has some black marks that he still needs to prove he can overcome.

    Here is the rest of Bleacher Report's scouting report on Wilson. 

    Wilson has been given the reputation as a smaller, faster back who is not great between the tackles. That couldn't be further from the truth. Wilson led college football in yards after contact and has great patience and vision to be a solid inside runner. He also has terrific speed to get to the edge and be a home run threat. 

    However, given that the Giants most likely could have moved back and still taken Wilson, the grade takes a minor hit. Wilson could end up being the starter of the future. 

    Grade: B+

Round 2, Pick 63: Rueben Randle, WR, LSU

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    With the final pick in the second round, the New York Giants have selected LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle, who amazingly still stuck around in the green room and was presented to Giants fans at Radio City. 

    With the departure of Mario Manningham, you had to figure the Giants would at least scout wide receivers. Randle was considered a borderline first rounder before a poor performance at the NFL Combine. Jerry Reese has now taken a wide receiver in five of his six drafts, and three times in the first and second rounds. 

    Despite limited production at LSU, Randle is big and fast for his size. He is a consistent deep threat (4.4 speed) and tracks the ball well in the red zone on fade routes.

    Personally, I do not like the fact that the Giants passed on Bobby Massie. Massie could have solved the issues at right tackle pretty quickly. This could indicate they are OK with their current options. I'm not, so the grade takes a hit.

    Grade: B+ 

Round 3, Pick 94: Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech

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    The New York Giants selected Jayron Hosley with the 94th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. Despite having a bevy of cornerbacks on the roster, Jerry Reese added yet another to compliment starters Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas. 

    Hosley is a second round prospect who fell because of an alleged failed drug test at the combine. Giants fans may be familiar with this—Mario Manningham also fell in the 2008 draft and Reese snatched him up late in the 3rd round.

    Check out his full scouting report on Bleacher Report.  

    Hosley has good cover skills and instincts but is awful in terms of open field tackling. He needs to work on that to crack the starting lineup for the Giants. One thing that could have provoked this pick for Jerry Reese is Hosley returned punts and played special teams at Virginia Tech. 

    Hosley does have a lot of upside, but I cannot fathom how Reese passed on Bobby Massie. Obviously he knows what he's doing, but don't the Giants have enough corners? 

    Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, Prince Amukamara, Antwaun Molden, Bruce Johnson, Michael Coe, Justin Tryon and now Hosley are all corners on the Giants' roster. The top four seemed to be enough for what Perry Fewell wants to do.

    The right tackle position is far from as certain. At this point we have no idea who the offensive line starters will be. This could turn out to be a great pick, but I do not like who we passed up.

    Grade: C+ 

Round 4, Pick 127: Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati

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    With the 127th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Giants have selected Adrien Robinson, tight end from Cincinnati

    With three of their first four picks, the Giants have added to their potent offense that lost multiple weapons due to free agency and injuries. 

    Check out the scouting report on Robinson

    Robinson had very little production in college, but the Giants brought him in for a pre-draft visit and fell in love with him, according to Mike Garafolo. He is not as tall as some of the other prospects, but he is athletically gifted and (as the Giants will love) is a great run blocker from the tight end spot. Very imposing on the field and has good leaping ability. 

    Cincinnati did not use the tight end well, but Robinson has all the tools that tight end coach Mike Pope can work with. 

    Expect Robinson to fill a blocking role early, and eventually become the starting tight end in the future. I love this pick; it fills a need and is a player the Giants loved. The only issue I have is that it was a bit of a reach.  

    Grade: B+

Round 4, Pick 131: Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn

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    With the 131st pick in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Giants selected Brandon Mosley, offensive tackle from Auburn. 

    While Mosley presents the Giants with a ton of upside, I'm not sure he will be the player Giants fans were hoping for—someone who can come in and play tackle right away.

    Check out the scouting report on Mosley.

    That said, Mosley was one of the biggest surprises for the Tigers the previous two seasons. He was a JUCO transfer that started the final 11 games at right tackle in 2010. He played left tackle some in 2011, but feels more like a right tackle in the NFL.

    He is definitely someone who can come in and compete for the right tackle spot, but as far as winning it in 2012, I have my doubts. He has inconsistent footwork and showed a tendency to get beat by bull-rushers, but his 30 reps on the bench show he can improve in that area.  

    His vertical and broad jump did not show off his athleticism at the combine. Mosley played defensive end and tight end in junior college before making the move to offensive line. He did not lose much of his athleticism putting on weight.

    I liked Zebrie Sanders better, and this may have been a reach, but without a fifth round pick it makes sense. 

    Grade: B

Round 6, Pick 201: Matt McCants, OT, Alabama-Birmingham

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    With the 201st pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Giants selected Matt McCants, offensive tackle from Alabama-Birmingham. This marks the second straight offensive tackle they have taken. In one of my mock drafts early on, I mentioned it wouldn't surprise me to see the Giants take two offensive tackles in this draft. I just thought one would be much earlier. 

    McCants is a project at the next level and will have to be coached up before he sees any playing time for the Giants. He has great height and long arms, but will need to bulk up as he only weighs in at 308 pounds. This is up from his playing weight, so he's obviously shown the commitment to getting bigger.

    Here is what has to say about his strengths.

    "McCants is a very good positional blocker with fluid hips. He has the body control to get up in a defensive lineman's face, and if he falls off, can recover and continue to shuffle and mirror to keep position. This serves him better in pass protection, where he hardly ever allows a sack in his conference. McCants is athletic when moving in space and plays much better when pulling or sealing than when playing in a phone booth."

    And his weaknesses: 

    "McCants is not a very strong athlete and played the majority of his career under 290 pounds. He will need to put on a good deal of size and strength to block and compete at the next level. He struggles when coming out of a three-point stance and has displayed some very telling and troubling tendencies throughout college which could scare NFL teams."

    If given time and good coaching, he could be a solid pick. However, I would have liked to see the Giants draft a safety or pass rusher in this round. 

    Grade: C

Round 7, Pick 239: Markus Kuhn, DT, NC State

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    With the 239th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select Markus Kuhn, defensive tackle out of NC State. 

    The Giants need depth along the defensive line with the likely departure of Rocky Bernard and Jimmy Kennedy. Kuhn has upside due to his impressive combine workout. He ran a 4.89 at 300 lbs, has long arms and jumped a 34.5 inch vertical. 

    This was a pick for potential; the Giants will hope he can be coached up and be a situational rusher from the middle. 

    Grade: B

New York Giants 2012 NFL Draft Report Card

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    Round 1, Pick 32: David Wilson RB

    Giants needed to get a running back behind Ahmad Bradshaw, and Wilson is a terrific talent. He is the eventual starter, but should they have drafted Coby Fleener? Grade: B+

    Round 2, Pick 63: Rueben Randle, WR

    Randle does not have the mind blowing numbers that some wide receiver do, but that is a result of his offense and quarterback play. Big and fast, Randle should compete for the third wide receiver spot. Grade: B+ 

    Round 3, Pick 94: Jayron Hosley, CB

    Love the player, dislike the pick. I felt like the Giants should have taken Bobby Massie here. Hosley is undersized but technically sound in coverage. He also brings a return element. Grade: C+

    Round 4, Pick 127: Adrien Robinson, TE 

    Robinson is not the amazing athlete that the new breed of tight ends are, but he is old school in that he loves to block. He is an above average athlete and will be a great backup to Martellus Bennett. Grade: B+

    Round 4, Pick 131: Brandon Mosley, OT

    The Giants did not draft an immediate starter at tackle, but they did get a couple of guys that could be eventual starters in this league with the right coaching. Mosley might compete for the right tackle spot, but will be a backup for now. Grade: B

    Round 6, Pick 201: Matt McCants, OT

    McCants has huge upside, but right now does not look to crack the starting lineup for the Giants. He still has work to do in terms of polishing his game. Grade: C

    Round 7, Pick 239: Markus Kuhn, DT Grade: B

    Kuhn is a crazy athletic defensive tackle that can replace Dave Tollefson in the Giants' lineup. He is bigger and not as good a rusher as Tollefson, but can work inside on guards in the Giants' rotation. 

    Overall Draft Grade: B

    The Super Bowl champs added weapons to replace the ones they lost in 2012. The only issue I had was not taking an offensive tackle earlier and taking projects later.