WWE Monday Night RAW: Where's the Legitimacy?

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIApril 25, 2012

Photo Credit WWE.com
Photo Credit WWE.com

Ever since Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE and Monday Night RAW, and announced he was bringing legitimacy back to the company, I've been looking and waiting for it. I still haven't seen it though.

I've seen three actors portray The Three Stooges, in one of the most awful, hard-to-watch, guest-star segments in Monday Night RAW history.

I've seen Matt Bloom return as "Lord Tensai" and get bombarded with "Albert" chants by the crowd, which means, fans aren't taking him seriously and aren't buying into his new Japanese inspired character.

This week's RAW was a real doozy.

I have not enjoyed this CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho feud one bit. They've spent weeks now, with Jericho saying Punk is destined to become an alcoholic, running down Punk's family, calling them addicts and alcoholics, pouring liquor on Punk and then finally, last night, the CM Punk sobriety test.

Come on, both of these guys are capable of much more than what this angle is based on. If anything, Punk is losing a lot of steam from this angle.

Can the WWE at least try to bring legitimacy to the company, for at least a little while? You know, try something new and out of the ordinary, and lay off the over-the-top goofiness for a while?

With that said, Hornswoggle is now hanging out and dancing with Brodus Clay, not only that, but he's also been Brodus' tag-team partner as of late, complete with matching ring attire.

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For people that were channel surfing last night, they might have came across Hornswoggle taking a bite out of Vickie Guerrero's backside, or witnessed the very talented Dolph Ziggler, getting tossed out of the ring by Hornswoggle. Legitimacy!

Last night's RAW also featured the unannounced, unadvertised return of Paul Bearer. He was apparently kidnapped by Randy Orton, tied up in a wheel chair and shoved in some kind of freezer.

Later that night, he was found by Kane, only to be pushed right back into the freezer, all while screaming in agony from this ordeal. This Orton vs. Kane feud has been mind-numbingly boring.

I know this all sounds bad, but it's even worse when you have to hear Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler describe all this nonsense.

Where's the legitimacy?

WWE fans have been fed this same form and style of entertainment for years now. Lesnar, a legit, supreme athlete, returning to the company was a great opportunity for WWE to to head into a different direction, and start presenting a product that focused more on in-ring competition and less "comedy" and goofiness. Years and years now, we have seen the same song and dance.

I'm sure there's aspects of the company that people enjoy, but when fans tune in and see Paul Bearer tied up, and pushed into a freezer, it just screams goofiness and anything but legit.

With ratings stagnant for months and months now, I wish WWE would think long and hard about presenting a different product.

Talent like Natalya Deserve Better
Talent like Natalya Deserve Better

I'm perfectly fine with WWE being entertainment, but there is a way to present their programming without making it embarrassing to be caught watching it.

I just can't imagine what these creative meetings must sound like.

"OK, in this segment, Paul Bearer will be tied up and pushed into a freezer."

"In this next segment, let's have Hornswoggle take a bite out of Vickie Guerrero's butt."

"Then we're going to do the CM Punk sobriety test."

"Oh, and then Brock comes out, and talks about bringing legitimacy back to the company." Genius!

I don't put that much blame on the wrestlers. I put the blame on the company, scripting this material for them.

A few weeks ago on RAW, CM Punk wrestled Daniel Bryan in a fantastic match. Something as simple as that is all I ask for as a fan. Two great pro wrestlers, going at it, displaying their skill set and putting on a incredible match that people can enjoy and become invested in.

There is no way that Lesnar can bring legitimacy to the WWE, when he is surrounded by wrestlers, segments, skits and matches, that are anything but legit and that people can't take seriously.

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