Coby Fleener Is My AFC South Crush of the Week

Nate Dunlevy@NateDunlevyGuest ColumnistApril 20, 2012

Coby Fleener can run away from people at the next level.
Coby Fleener can run away from people at the next level.Marc Serota/Getty Images

I'm pining.

I admit it. I have a full-blown man-crush on Coby Fleener of Stanford.

At this point, I don't really care who drafts him, as long as it's an AFC South team. Of course, he'd be the perfect fit for the Colts. I think the Texans could really use another dynamic tight end. Even the Jaguars would have to think twice before passing on Fleener if he falls to the second round. Marcedes Lewis had a brutal season last year, and adding a second tight end could be just the thing Blaine Gabbert needs.

Fleener is smart, fast and physical. This is a new age of football. The Patriots have taught us that the tight end can be a dominant weapon in a dynamic offense. The Colts used Dallas Clark creatively for years, but he was never more than a second option. The rise of Rob Gronkowski shows us just what a team can do if they decide to feature tight ends over wide receivers.

Fleener is ready to come in and make an immediate impact. In an offense like the Texans run, he becomes the fourth option on any play (after Daniels, Foster and Johnson). Opposing defenses that are already struggling to matchup with the Texans' playmakers are going to be at a total loss to know what to do with Fleener.

They'd have to make the tough corner/linebacker call on covering Fleener, and if they choose wrong, Arian Foster will be plowing over smaller lighter defenders or Fleener will be running away from linebackers in coverage.

The Colts could pair him with Andrew Luck and build an offense that has a chance not to be horrible in 2012. Indy has no playmaking talent outside of Donald Brown. Reggie Wayne is reliable, but not dynamic at this stage of his career.

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If Indy takes Fleener, Luck will have a security blanket that he can grow with. Having a player he trusts could help him minimize sacks. For a young quarterback, not getting hit 20 times a game is a priority.

If Fleener is drafted by an AFC South team, he'll be an instant fan favorite for the team that takes him, and a thorn in the side of the other three clubs.

So hugs and kisses, Coby Fleener. You are my AFC South Crush of the Week.


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