1. Not Far Off 🤣

    Kevin Clark @bykevinclark

    Candidate 1: "I've spent the last decade building great defenses." Candidate 2: "I had a Bud Light Lime with Sean McVay at the NFL combine." All eight NFL teams with openings: Well, I've heard enough. Let's start talking contract, candidate 2.

  2. 'Of Course I Know Sean'

    Seems about right 😂

  3. Just Ole' Pals

    Sean Jordan @BaySean

    "You kidding me? Sean McVay and I go way back..." https://t.co/Rj6TAlUDcV

  4. Same 👀

    Mike Mills @Mike504Saints

    I once saw a photo of Sean McVay. I saw it on Twitter. I'm just sitting here waiting for the phone call offering me one of the NFL head coaching jobs that's still left. #NFL

  5. Blessings

    Bull Mtn. Don’t Go Changin’ @zakkittack

    When Sean #McVay sneezes within 100 feet of you and a coaching job. https://t.co/xhbY0ltUey

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  7. 🧐

            ‏ @Original_Gio

    Watching the NFL get swindled by McVay knockoffs https://t.co/SQPKVWIiSY

  8. Everybody's Saying It 🤷‍♂️

    Taylor Rooks @TaylorRooks

    The NFL’s endless quest to find the next Sean McVay or at least someone who has passed him in a hallway once, my column

  9. You Said It, Bucky

    Bucky Brooks @BuckyBrooks

    In 2019, the #NFL will be full of Sean McVay clones with big, laminated playcall sheets and old defensive coordinators , I guess 🙄

  10. Coaching & Brosmosis. What a Tandem

    Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre

    Arizona really announced that Sean McVay made Kliff Kingsbury a genius through brosmosis https://t.co/TTNAeTWgpX

  11. Here One Day and Gone the Next 😔

    HoldenCantor @HoldenCantor

    Assistant coaches under Sean mcvay getting hired https://t.co/f13oWoiuSX

  12. Telephone 📞

    Kyle Crabbs @GrindingTheTape

    Packers fans: “Wow Matt LaFleur is our new coach? Wasn’t the Titans offense 27th in points, 25th in yards, 29th in passing yards, 23rd in red zone scoring and 22nd in DVOA in his only year as OC in Tennessee?” The Packers: “Yeah. But he’s Sean McVay’s BFF.” Packers fans: https://t.co/TvTKmnFGmn

  13. Must've Been a Good Cup of Coffee!

    John McMullen @JFMcMullen

    Look at the heavyweights on this staff but yeah go hire that young guy who had coffee with McVay in Indy that one time. #NFL https://t.co/tsxgyNGe55

  14. *Phone Starts Ringing*

    Matt Miller @nfldraftscout

    I shook hands with Sean McVay once and coached HS quarterbacks...which means I should be the Dolphins top HC candidate tomorrow.

  15. Get Your Jokes Off Twitter

    Jordan Strack @JordanStrack

    I once googled Sean McVay. Sources tell me I’m now being considered for the Cincinnati Bengals opening.

  16. You're Making Him Feel Old, People!

    Lindsey Thiry @LindseyThiry

    Sean McVay, two days ago: "I'm too young to have a coaching tree."

  17. Food for Thought

    AJ McLaren @washedtalk

    Sean McVay transitioned the NFL into thinking a 30 something year old offensive guru is going to win you games but what has McVay himself proved when games mattered? does his philosophies even work in January? https://t.co/JJpm1BHWj9