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  1. VICK — Chapter 1: Origins

    Michael Vick emerges from crime-ridden Newport News, VA as a high school player "designed to do certain things at the QB position."

  2. VICK— Chapter 1: Origins

    VICK logo

    VICK— Chapter 1: Origins

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  3. VICK — Chapter 2: Phenom

    Michael Vick explodes at Virginia Tech and is an instant winner in the NFL: "Changing the game was one thing...I was just playing"

  4. #VICK Chapter 2: Phenom

  5. VICK — Chapter 3: Icon

    Hip-hop cameos, women and huge numbers: Michael Vick was “the face of Atlanta"

  6. #VICK Chapter 3: Icon

  7. VICK — Chapter 4: Convict

    In an instant, Michael Vick goes from a superstar to one of America's most hated athletes ever, as he’s imprisoned for dogfighting.

  8. #VICK Chapter 4: Convict

  9. VICK — Chapter 5: Return

    Released from prison, Michael Vick attempts an NFL return, and seeks redemption for his crimes: “I know I’m an unlikely advocate."

  10. VICK Chapter 5: Return