1. Ronaldo Was Set to Take the 5th Penalty but the Shootout Didn't Get That Far

    Did he want the glory?

    Marc Geschwind @MarcGeschwind

    Now been three times when Ronaldo didn't take a penalty and it potentially cost his team an important victory. When you're one of the best penalty kick takers in the world, I'd argue not taking a penalty is as bad, if not worse than actually missing. https://t.co/hU9FoisEsV

  2. Mazen @SHOOTINHOO

    Penalty shootouts between Portugal v Spain 2012 Portugal v Chile 2017 Juventus v Napoli 2020 What do all these games have in common? Cristiano Ronaldo did not take a penalty in any shootout, because he put his ego over his teams glory by deciding to take the final penalty. 🥶 https://t.co/samYmRT1ja

  3. Edmund 💉 @EdmundOris

    I’ll take the last penalty, so that I can be the Hero. I’ll now pull my shirt so they can jump on my body so the media would say “Ronaldo’s spot kick wins it for Juve” After that, I’ll search google for one motivational quote and post on my IG where I have real influence. SIIUU https://t.co/l23kQXv9As

  4. Sven @JusventusFC

    Ronaldo absolutely evading responsibility to try and claim glory at the 5th pen again

  5. 6oat @_Goat_fan_

    @SHOOTINHOO @Mrcuuuus He always wanted to be the hero https://t.co/J7gYrHyjlS


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  7. Sanamentaria @Mohamed02125741

    @MarcGeschwind Inredible how its cost him two championships yet he still does it just for the chance to celebrate on his own for a few seconds.

  8. Kevin @BrazilianTrent

    opening up Ronaldo’s SofaScore tab vs Napoli https://t.co/NbuScg5qC1

  9. Lατιf🇬🇭🦅 @iLatif_

    We were made to believe that Ronaldo always shows up in finals.. Not knowing Ramos, Bale and Eder carried the fraud😭😂😂

  10. Gyata_Shoa🇬🇭💉 @thatEsselguy

    Ronaldo is still waiting at the stadium to take the last penalty Ow asem ooo😭😭

  11. Was CR7 Just Taking the High-Pressure Pen?

    Mr Wil @Engr_Wil

    @SHOOTINHOO The fifth penalty requires your best pk taker... The most pressure... Think before tweeting

  12. TC @totalcristiano

    Cristiano Ronaldo has been doubted many times before and he’s always proven them doubters wrong, it’ll happen again. https://t.co/dMHexeqBGd

  13. Uche Jombo Rodriguez @uchejombo

    Ronaldo has nothing to prove. Football banter will say otherwise... Juventus was shit ...the best team won....the end

  14. Armistice🇬🇭 @youngboikay

    @SHOOTINHOO The lack of wisdom in this tweet is serious! Dybala is the second penalty taker in the team, you can clearly see this was a strategic move, dybala starts, sets the team on a fine tone and when the nerves get wrecking the best players step in!

  15. elon @elonmask7

    @SHOOTINHOO Idk if you knew but the shootout order is decided way before the shootout and ronaldo doesn't decide it

  16. YdoUwant2KnowIwontTell @Shivans00711362

    @sabhekzaa @SHOOTINHOO Think before speaking. The last penalties are more nerve wrecking than the first ones.