1. Twitter Goes Off After Dybala News 😱

    Vidit @vidit_shah7

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/gNULpNqoL8

  2. Twitter Has One Thing to Say...

    Zsolt99 @Zsolt99103

    @SkyKaveh @juvefcdotcom https://t.co/2hLlXh0aW0

  3. Rivals Are Relentless Right Now

    Uncle Rufus🐸🍫 @ri_prince1

    Wait so Man Utd got a 33y/o Mandzukic instead of Dybala??💉💉💉 https://t.co/SkQHvgiXul

  4. Twitter Remains So, So Savage

    Man Utd fans getting it right now

    ♦ ᏠᏒ ♦ @JoeRobertsUTD

    All the people that changed their Avi to Dybala rn https://t.co/lQXoZjoO6X

  5. Aaron Sattaur @AaronSattaur

    So you mean to tell me United fans were tweeting Dybala > Pepe and they couldn’t even convince him to join them https://t.co/pBmCyV16Wu


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  7. general maliciousss @chuksie_

    nobody: man utd fans: martial rashford dybala james 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 https://t.co/ZKSKMdxC9Z

  8. Ozzie @GodweenOz

    Manchester United fans when they read the news... Dybala is no longer coming to Old Trafford but Mandzukic is.. https://t.co/o9HcSL9i7D

  9. Dino @JamieDeplacido

    Dybala deal off. Bruno Fernandes deal off. Us #mufc sitting here like....... https://t.co/kVZ3oESxLX

  10. © @afccollin

    United fans were gassing up Dybala and now he’s rejected them 🤣 https://t.co/9n4ZxSk8NS

  11. faii @xofaii_

    Dybala to United isn’t happening and they’re stuck with Bumkaku ? THIS GAME https://t.co/aRRz7aOj0T

  12. Mod @CFCMod_

    Man Utd fans really thought Dybala was going to go down to the Europa League to play with Rashford and Matic https://t.co/uDTDzLfeGh

  13. Bhavs @bhavss14

    @SkyKaveh “We’re the biggest club in world” Well Dybala just chose the Juventus bench over you. Great banter. https://t.co/ecD31yl7Oj

  14. Ditched at the Altar

    B/R Football @brfootball

    Ditched at the altar ✌️ https://t.co/zs0diQkbrJ

  15. Tяυsτ №¹-Yahya™ @RealistYahz

    “Ed Woodward’s in London trying to sort out deals for the likes of Dybala and Bruno Fernandes” https://t.co/UnO0RjDNjl

  16. Huge Claim 😩

    a @Iiladiere

    They offered Dybala 450k a week and he still said no. I would delete my life.

  17. fire lord özil @Flaminiesta

    Dybala on the phone to Ole https://t.co/hm1L5r9wTg

  18. Bubbles @bubbIxs

    Man united: come to us Dybala Dybala: https://t.co/m24yjSEa3l

  19. Connor @ConnorAFC1

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/9ZRyBEkKRn


    Man Utd fans really thought Paulo Dybala was going to drop down to the Europa League and to play with Lingard and Matic. #MUFC https://t.co/4HuWO9HHRL

  21. 👑 DaddyMo 👑 #PepeIsHere ⚡️ @therealdaddymo1

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/bxlk3NI83D

  22. Joan Kote @Joan__Kote

    @SkyKaveh Dybala to Man Utd off the scenes: https://t.co/33ICI7qJzY

  23. Fiftee @TeeMaIzzy

    @SkyKaveh "We didn't want him anyway", "he is overrated " tweets incoming 😂

  24. Some Man Utd Fans RN

    rickeyp11 @RickeyP11

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/pUziOvInrA

  25. What Just Happened?

    bad trini @hullyamc

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/LyGo1imoMv

  26. #NextGenArsenal @felixfleming4

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/aNybiuHowv

  27. JG @JG1905

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/JMyXNsEeBs

  28. Nathan 👑 @NathanHillz_OG

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/mguEbV5qES

  29. Leon @Baskil_SZN

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/3gI3TMkvU4

  30. LEGEND💥💥💥💥 @LEGEND__M8

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/BoY4OHvAZs

  31. Robbo1892 @RobertOKeefe07

    @SkyKaveh https://t.co/bLCRknRdI4