1. jason @nosaj___

    when i heard VVD was stopping messi https://t.co/RzyD4cmu0F

  2. Jay Koke @iamjaykoke

    Being a Liverpool fan and then seeing Messi score a worldie. https://t.co/9w1YDLwYf3

  3. Squawka News @SquawkaNews

    You don't make Lionel Messi angry. You won't like Lionel Messi when he's angry. https://t.co/Sa2LmqwxwF

  4. FootballFunnys @FootballFunnnys

    Pique’s had so much faith in Messi that he’s left the pitch to watch the greatness unfold from the stands. https://t.co/WqDNuSCrdw

  5. Messi FC @MessiFCB_FR

    IT'S COMING HOME https://t.co/x2VD6wknBI


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  7. 0 @6weedy

    Oh my God Messi https://t.co/ZemCznzd4V

  8. FootballFunnys @FootballFunnnys

    Exactly 14 years ago Messi scored his first goal for Barcelona. Today he scored his 600th. Greatest 🐐 https://t.co/TVmeJllOUe

  9. Football Tweet @Football__Tweet

    Lionel Messi for Barcelona: 🏟 Games: 683 ⚽ Goals: 600 🏆 Trophies: 33 The greatest ever. 🐐🙌 https://t.co/u61mTOQHTn

  10. Bleacher Report Live @brlive

    🐐 https://t.co/5bzskEFMik

  11. CaughtOffside @caughtoffside

    The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and you get to be alive at the same time to watch Lionel Messi. https://t.co/a8LT2RETpr

  12. Paul Coleman @AltirV

    Someone would still tell me that Messi needs to leave Spain to be the best ever. https://t.co/HGNxB4TFoy

  13. Fayo @FayojimiO

    https://t.co/oJI5vOeyFG Van Djik really spent the whole game running away from messi so he wouldn’t get dribbled 😂😂

  14. FootballFunnys @FootballFunnnys

    Anyone who loves football watching Messi like https://t.co/FYontiBRmo

  15. Jr.™ 💭 @CRichard_Jr

    Liverpool fans: “Messi’s never scored against us” Messi: https://t.co/RBojLi6u0O

  16. Robbie Dunne @robbiejdunne

    I look forward to being 75 and being asked how good Messi was and just shaking my head and saying with utter confidence that he was the best there ever was and ever will be.

  17. Troll Football @TrollFootball

    Van Dijk: You can't get beaten by Messi if you just run away from him. https://t.co/AVtpJSQ90q

  18. James Maddison @Madders10

    Im honestly so grateful to be in the same era as Lionel Messi and to watch him live on my television 😂🐐

  19. Cheryl❤ @Cherylprms

    VVD the best CB they said !? Messi : Hold on ..just a minute.. https://t.co/H2DIg70U4Y