1. Fan Really Switched Teams at HT 🤣

    Jack Follows @JFOLLOWS_29

    Before and after half time. You can’t make it up https://t.co/IQTyDh4Iwg

  2. Ouch ☠️

    Matt Scott @Matt5cott


  3. It Do Be Like That Sometimes

    george @StokeyyG2

    Roy Keane’s gonna be going on a tantrum at fulltime but none of this would be happening if he just went for Alfie Haaland’s testicles instead of his knee

  4. Haaland Ties CR7 Hat Trick Total 👀

    Three Premier League hat tricks each... but Erling did it in 224(!) fewer matches

    B/R Football @brfootball

    Premier League hat tricks: 3—Erling Haaland (8 matches) 3—Cristiano Ronaldo (232 matches) https://t.co/um8moufg2s

  5. No Need 😭

    Troll Football @TrollFootball

    Ronaldo on the bench watching Martial score a penalty https://t.co/mvhBxi2fpP


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  7. Another One, Thank You 😂

    Footy Accumulators @FootyAccums

    Haaland FPL owners checking the score every five minutes: https://t.co/dL14DeyICl

  8. Look at the Evolution 📈

    Out Of Context Football @nocontextfooty


  9. Fergie's Face Though 😬


    A tough watch for Man United fans. https://t.co/8kg2Frnd6M

  10. What's the Point?!

    Solyman Jami @Jitokeze

    Man Utd really paid £70m for Casemiro so Ronaldo could have a friend on the bench https://t.co/eecsZKHVDQ

  11. It's...Not Good

    Troll Football @TrollFootball

    Man Utd fans watching the Manchester Derby https://t.co/LIr3UMJJGU

  12. Please Make It Stop 😩

    FUN88 @fun88eng

    Horrible scenes at the Etihad as stewards force Man Utd fans to stay and watch the game. #MCIMUN | #PL https://t.co/QgBeWShF76

  13. Not Wrong 🤣

    B/R Football @brfootball

    Summary of Manchester United's defending: https://t.co/SxlbfNnbKr

  14. Bad Take?

    Filipe Orlando @MrFilipeOrlando

    This aged like milk https://t.co/h7S7UVugYB

  15. Been a Minute 😵

    Richard Jolly 🇺🇦 @RichJolly

    This is the first time Manchester United have conceded four goals in the first half since August.

  16. Eeeeesh

    Not Match of the Day @NOT_MOTD

    This app is too much. 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/kabg4nkUza

  17. Ha Ha Ha

    Carl Anka @Ankaman616

    They bringing on Mahrez and Alvarez? https://t.co/iSTlMGFvXh

  18. Just a Destruction

    B/R Football @brfootball

    HT—Man City 4-0 Man Utd The Manchester derby: https://t.co/UOFxWXM5Fm

  19. It Was Ruthless

    Out Of Context Man Utd @ManUtdNoContext


  20. Man Utd Fans Leave at HT 👋

    Some supporters have seen enough after 4-0 first-half deficit 🎥

    Sky Sports Premier League @SkySportsPL

    "They've seen enough..." 🔴 https://t.co/mA0eO5RzV7

  21. Yikes

    EPL Bible @EPLBible

    Manchester United fans taking the Emptihad jokes into their own hands 🤣 https://t.co/YJ3w9lpEpe

  22. 👀

    Footy Accumulators @FootyAccums

    "Martinez will handle Haaland no problem" Martinez: https://t.co/jnOFVGLqRj

  23. Done and Done

    GOAL @goal

    Manchester City burst United's bubble 💥 https://t.co/q6iSqPA3ma

  24. Time for Roy

    Tom Williams @tomwfootball

    United preparing another substitution https://t.co/Lqb0AoXy1w

  25. Not Good Enough

    Liam Canning @LiamPaulCanning

    10 years of negligence summed up in one game.