1. Charles J. Moore @charles270

    ESPN: what D1 prospects do you have? Bishop Sycamore: https://t.co/sBdPukNUDL

  2. Rich @UptownDC_Rich

    Bishop Sycamore Athletic Director and Head Football Coach after tricking ESPN into broadcasting their game https://t.co/dU7M1z2hTE

  3. RedditCFB @RedditCFB

    Gonna tell my kids this was Bishop Sycamore https://t.co/HghJoMCrbW

  4. McNeil @Reflog_18

    SEC teams rushing to put Bishop Sycamore on their non-conference schedule. https://t.co/iguQFiWljj

  5. Ahmed 🇸🇴 @big_business_

    Bishop Sycamore players getting ready before the game. https://t.co/RnO22EiMv3


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  7. theScore @theScore

    ESPN finding out that Bishop Sycamore isn't an actual school: https://t.co/WVEnumAuen

  8. Whistle @WhistleSports

    The Bishop Sycamore offense https://t.co/wAlhs6pTxe

  9. DJ R-Tistic @DJRTistic

    Bishop Sycamore’s QB when they won the State championship in 1988 https://t.co/sL3qvJFiL9

  10. Chris Parker @chris_parker222

    Bishop Sycamore pre-game meal sponsor https://t.co/6LW1ArwK5Z

  11. Vic Damone Jr @wholesomefoxx

    Bishop Sycamore’s QB https://t.co/cAFTNzZM4p

  12. Trey Rowland @trey_rowland59

    espn exec: so where exactly is your high school again? bishop sycamore principal: https://t.co/RKRqcEduJy

  13. Patrick Simpson @_PatrickSimpson

    BREAKING: the principal, athletic director, and head coach of Bishop Sycamore will be speaking soon about the controversy https://t.co/seD39L0PyM

  14. America Is Musty @DragonflyJonez

    Thinking about how humbling it gotta be for those Bishop Sycamore k̶i̶d̶s̶ young adults to cheat and STILL get spanked. You 21 thinking you never got a fair shake bc of coaching politics or whatever just for a 16 y.o to do you like this. Time to go get that HVAC certification son https://t.co/nuz3e04RZQ

  15. 𝑳𝒂𝒖𝒓𝒆𝒏 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒍𝒆𝒚 @LastWordwithLB

    Did Manti Te'o play for Bishop Sycamore? https://t.co/gshaup5Y04

  16. FanDuel @FanDuel

    Bishop Sycamore’s newest 5 star recruit https://t.co/VSHLS62SwG

  17. John Barchard @JohnBarchard

    There is only one coach that can save this Bishop Sycamore turmoil now https://t.co/wLngPKVQ7V

  18. Tony Shiffman @CoachShiffman

    Gonna tell my kids this was Bishop Sycamore https://t.co/ESd5DsP2tz