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  1. What's Your Transfer Portal Name?

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  2. Transfer Portal Mood

  3. The Official Transfer Portal

  4. How a Transfer Actually Goes Down

  5. Perfectly Executed

  6. A Little Crowded in Here

  7. Time to Declare: Transfer!

  8. Live Look at the Transfer Portal:

  9. 😂

  10. It's Portal Time!

  11. Coaches Are Ready for the Portal

  12. Tis the Season

  13. 👽👋

  14. It's a Different Place Out Here

  15. Transfer Portal Is Wild

  16. Real Footage from the Transfer Portal

  17. The Portal Has Arrived

  18. Get in Line for the Portal

  19. It Can't Stop

  20. Once You're In, You Can't Get Out

  21. Did Doctor Who? Enter the Portal?

  22. How Everyone Imagines How Its Looking Like

  23. Assemble the Portal!

  24. Could Possibly Look Like This