1. 🌟'The Champions' Season Finale🌟

    Ronaldo gets ripped by football's elite at a comedy roast...but can he handle the heat? 👀

  2. 'The Champions' App Exclusive 🌟

    Haaland joins Mbappe in football's elite gang...but will he remember his friends at Dortmund?

  3. 'The Champions': Season 5, Episode 3 🌟

    Zlatan is ready to lead Milan back to the mansion, but is it his destiny to win the Champions League? 🎥

  4. 'The Champions': Season 5, Episode 2 🌟

    Klopp learns anger management from Mourinho after another Liverpool injury 🎥

  5. 'The Champions': Season 5, Episode 1 🌟

    The season premiere is here, and Messi is having trouble sleeping at Barca. Maybe it’s time to try another club? 🎥


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  7. 'The Champions': Season 4, Episode 5 🌟

    The mansion spends Christmas in a melee over who deserves the Ballon d'Or 🥊🎥

  8. 'The Champions': Season 4, Episode 4 🌟

    Ex-Red Lovren and his tinfoil hat try to uncover a conspiracy theory about Liverpool 😂🎥

  9. 'The Champions': Season 4, Episode 3 🌟

    The young Champions League stars have it too easy. Time for them to get scared straight 😱

  10. 'The Champions': Season 4, Episode 2 🌟

    Christian Pulisic is given a secret mission by Frank Lampard. It quickly gets out of hand 🕵️‍♂️

  11. 'The Champions': Season 4, Episode 1 🌟

    The Champions House needs fresh supplies, so Bayern's young stars (and veteran Robert Lewandowski) step up 🎥

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