1. Albert Haynesworth @haynesworthiii

    I’m just going to say this if we hire Greg Schiano as our next head coach my options will be open to which college program I will Be donating my TIME and MONEY to. (No disrespect to GS) but if UT leaders don’t take football serious then I will find the program that will!!!

  2. WWE Star Asks Tennessee AD Not to Hire Schiano

    WWE Star Asks Tennessee AD Not to Hire Schiano
    Tennessee Fans Do Not Want Schiano

    WWE Star Asks Tennessee AD Not to Hire Schiano

    Joseph Zucker
    via Bleacher Report
  3. Ric Fagan @RicFagan

    If UT hires Schiano then the description is accurate. https://t.co/7HI5t05KH7

  4. Mike Wilson @ByMikeWilson

    Let's check in on the Tennessee football wikipedia page ... https://t.co/wmSdrkgYBl

  5. Fired Before Hired?

    Trendsmap Knoxville @TrendsKnoxvl

    #firegregschiano is now trending in #Knoxville https://t.co/5hkoQDKtkh https://t.co/DwODY9Mf9q


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  7. UTKnocksville @UTKnocksville

    If #SchiaNO is hired, then i attended the last ever #VolNation supported UT football game yesterday. https://t.co/cgHX2X8kX1

  8. SEC Mike @MichaelWBratton

    Goodness, check out The Rock on Tennessee’s campus https://t.co/R9EwVGVGkh

  9. Travis Haney @travhaney

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some type in all caps. https://t.co/gzXf7K2spS

  10. gmannVOLS @gmannVOLS

    The people's champ - pt 2 @Jon__Reed @FOXSportsKnox "Greg Schiano, you are NOT welcome in Knoxville" https://t.co/9oOyMN4eGI

  11. The International @IntlKnox

    Greg Schiano is not allowed in our venue

  12. SEC Country Vols @SECCountryVols

    Security called to Tennessee athletic center amid Greg Schiano protests https://t.co/J9euc83FXT #VFL https://t.co/BebsnCVYSE

  13. Remedy Coffee @remedy_coffee

    Greg Schiano is not allowed in our establishment.

  14. Donovan Long @WVLTDonovan

    Big orange fans continue to protest the possible hire of Greg Schiano as UT’s next head football coach https://t.co/Rku6YxCaza

  15. RedditCFB @RedditCFB

    Meanwhile in Knoxville... #Vols https://t.co/dklYIsWZNx

  16. shannon @Shannonlocke02

    Greg Schiano leaving Knoxville after looking at twitter. #schiaNO https://t.co/c4sXnXrUjd

  17. RedditCFB @RedditCFB

    4* DB Jaycee Horn decommits from Tennessee before the Schiano hiring is even announced. https://t.co/O6AhhdX6SC

  18. Rep. Jason Zachary @JasonZacharyTN

    I have reached out to @John_Currie and others in administration at UT expressing that WE as a TN Community do not approve of Schiano. #higherstandards

  19. Amanda Bock @theamandabock

    Currie: Lets hire Greg Schiano Vol Fans: LetS hIre gReg sChIaNO https://t.co/MWpNXAk6sn

  20. Jeremy Faison @JeremyFaison4TN

    @UTKnoxville if you hire him, the backlash will be insurmountable and devastating to the University and the state.

  21. Amanda Bock @theamandabock

    UT Athletic Dept right now #SchiaNO #Vols https://t.co/dgrpXrzGOy

  22. Santa Baby 🎄🎉 @hannah_nelsen

    @John_Currie this is the view outside your office right now. Still thinking about hiring Schiano? #SchiaNO https://t.co/KHwYLn0RKE

  23. Adam @KingAdam

    Every UT fan's reaction to hiring Greg Schiano https://t.co/zrpHrlXLuT

  24. Britton Thornberry @BThornberry23

    Schiano leaving Knoxville... https://t.co/luQljCDh2v

  25. David Cobb @DavidWCobb

    Not exactly a large-scale protest, but there is a gathering of anti-Schiano Tennessee fans outside Neyland Stadium right now. https://t.co/9wEExpCzbc

  26. Barrett Y. Bogue @BarrettBogue

    Live shot inside @Vol_Football athletic department. This has been the worst #PR disaster by #UTK since Prez. Shumaker resigned in '03. #SchiaNO https://t.co/2oZa3kb6n3