1. Tom Williams @tomwfootball

    People say United aren’t an entertaining watch under Mourinho, but much of this has been hilarious.

  2. Tim Smallbone @TimSmallbone

    I know this is funny, but we don’t want United to implode and fire Mourinho too quickly. They might replace him with someone competent. So long as he’s there, the discontent, bitching, pissing money up the wall and infighting continues, and that suits me just fine.

  3. Match of the Day @BBCMOTD

    Jose Mourinho right now... #BRIMUN https://t.co/KFgYUInyeK

  4. Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

    Mourinho’s 3rd season looks like following a familiar pattern.

  5. 👑 @AnfieldAn

    I don't know why all of you want Mourinho to be sacked, I for one really hope he stays and continues doing this to United.

  6. bet365 @bet365

    A reminder that since joining Manchester United two years ago, Jose Mourinho has signed 11 players - including two centre-backs - for a total of £380m. https://t.co/6AMzBE6hg9

  7. RTB @RichardTheBurns

    Reckon Mourinho should have been working on preparing for the match rather than binge watching City documentaries.

  8. Whoops, Fred

    🎥 US only

    NBC Sports Soccer @NBCSportsSoccer

    OH NOOOOO 😂 https://t.co/xfMbzupLAM

  9. Rafael Hernández @RafaelH117

    Who to appoint if Mourinho is sacked doesn’t even matter, he just needs to get out of Manchester United immediately.

  10. Matt Guest @Guesty22

    Mourinho not getting his players this window is no excuse for the shite they’re churning out? Still a bloody mega expensive massive squad. Underachieving end of #mufc

  11. JOE.co.uk @JOE_co_uk

    Brighton 3-2 Manchester United Jose loses his 100% league record after the second game of the season 💀 https://t.co/6psYmA2V5F

  12. - @AnfieldRd96

    Mourinho hates Man Utd more than me.

  13. Ovie @OvieO

    I ended my total (blind) support of Mourinho after Sevilla last season. I end what’s left of my support of Mourinho today. Officially #MourinhoOut.

  14. Aaron Mitchell @aaronleemitchel

    I can't even get excited when United score anymore because I'm so bored by mourinho's pathetic tactics. I want to be excited by football and that won't happen under mourinho. #mourinhoout #BHAMUN

  15. Liam Canning @LiamPaulCanning

    This isn't a defence for Mourinho. Blame is certainly with him too, but there's a wider problem than just this Brighton game for Manchester United that stems down to how they handle their business. Saying that, this team should be swatting the likes of Brighton aside.

  16. Jordan Clarke @FourFourJordan

    De Gea at fault for the third goal and I’m not having any other excuse. Needlessy stitches Fred up with a chest-high pass in midfield, then should comfortably save that penalty. Just because he’s been so incredible time and time again, doesn’t mean he’s never at fault.

  17. Is This Really Man Utd?

    The Man Utd Way @TheManUtdWay

    That has actually been one embarrassing half of football. Eric Bailly doing his best to lose the trust of Mourinho with that first half showing.

  18. Ciaran Kelly @MENCKelly

    Brighton did not even muster a shot on target on opening day vs Watford yet United's defence, including two Mourinho-bought centre-backs, crumbling when tested. Only three survivors from the May defeat but, clearly, few lessons have been learnt #mufc

  19. Mark Ogden @MarkOgden_

    For all of Mourinho’s complaints about needing a centre-half, the two that he signed are playing today. And playing pretty badly.

  20. Samuel Luckhurst @samuelluckhurst

    Safe to say, for those with any lingering doubt, Mourinho was right and Woodward was wrong about #mufc needing another defender.

  21. Anna_MUFC @mufc_anna

    I don’t know how you can blame Mourinho for this one. Yes he is the manager but my god not one of these players have turned up today.

  22. Daniel Harris @DanielHarris

    Strange to think that José Mourinho knows more about what United need in defence than Ed Woodward. Who could possibly have predicted that?

  23. Tom McDermott @MrTomMcDermott

    I was abused, laughed at, and worse in June when I highlighted several problems at #MUFC. I don’t want Mourinho to fail, and people said ‘judge when season starts,’ but the manager set the tone on tour. Players are making mistakes but overall he’s failing to get best from them.

  24. The Peoples Person @PeoplesPerson_

    What a fucking shambles. No movement up front, midfield isolated, defence all over the place. No urgency or style. Honestly, I don't know why anyone thought it would be any different. This team isn't going to improve under Jose Mourinho. It's agonising to watch.