1. Internet Loves Jared Dudley

    Nets' Dudley has become NBA Twitter's hero in 1st round of playoffs

  2. 76ers-Nets Get into It 👊

    • Butler and Dudley get ejected • Joel Embiid gets a flagrant-1

  3. NBA Players Weigh in

    Channing Frye @channingfrye

    Dudley!!!!!!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  4. Michael Carter-Willi @MCW1

    Wow both ejected. No more @JaredDudley619 He was lock-in up!

  5. Matt Barnes Don't Know How to Chill 😂

    Matt Barnes @Matt_Barnes22

    I thought I was the only one to get ejected for pushing someone. This is the playoffs you don’t kick players out for pushing. #Bullshit


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  7. Dudley Talks Trash to Simmons 🌶

    Jared Dudley flexes ALL over Ben Simmons

  8. Twitter Loving Dudley Right Now

    Grant Goldberg @GrantGoldberg


  9. Joey🗿🎒 @PlayoffDudley

    @BleacherReport https://t.co/cq5nd7njd3

  10. Elliott @a_elliott2000

    Jared Dudley exiting the stadium heading towards his Honda Civic with the custom rims https://t.co/vxviyOtIQ2

  11. Josh Eberley 🇨🇦 @JoshEberley

    Jared Dudley found his viral moment and the man is running with it

  12. Winter Is Here

    Kofie @KofieYeboah


  13. 🔥🔥🔥

    Shahbaz Khan @ShahbazMKhan

    The Game of Zones for this Dudley versus Sixers beef really might win an Emmy. Drop it ASAP, @BleacherReport

  14. Dudley Already Keeping Receipts 👀

    adam @SixersAdam

    Jared Dudley is on Twitter reading his mentions during the game LMAO (h/t @pivettahype) https://t.co/pJzloZXLhR

  15. Cassidy Hubbarth @CassidyHubbarth

    Jared Dudley chants now breaking out... this feud is gloriously ridiculous.

  16. Taryn Hatcher @TarynNBCS

    Nobody: Literally no one at all: Dudley: https://t.co/l4EWcxW5b0

  17. Same

    JustAnotherNBAFan™ @AnotherNBAFan

    I think I’m a Jared Dudley stan now???

  18. Dr. Phil Mike Hunt @Pockit7

    Jared Dudley sacrificing himself to get a star ejected https://t.co/yqwNPQYJd2

  19. SB Nation @SBNation

    Jared Dudley leaving the court realizing that Jimmy Butler got ejected too. https://t.co/xPxLkUYKlA

  20. isaac gutierrez @ByIsaacG

    Jared Dudley when he sees a 76ers do anything: https://t.co/Tin21XK2zy

  21. 😅

    Max Correard @max_13_correard

    Jared Dudley looks like a middle aged franklin the turtle https://t.co/uGUrdHZwOg

  22. Cousin Steez @AndrewDoxy

    Build Jared Dudley a statue outside the Barclays

  23. GOLD TOWN @Stephsgonasteph

    Nobody: Jared Dudley: https://t.co/zrLv3IdCai

  24. David Gardner @byDavidGardner

    I’m pretty sure Dudley just unlocked an incentive in his contract btw

  25. pat muldowney @patmuldowney

    When u realize u just let Jared Dudley get you kicked out of an important playoff game. https://t.co/xPNaYaJOIh

  26. 🍿

    GOAT🐐🐐 @goat_soslamy23

    These playoffs have so much beef going lillard Westbrook, Durant Beverley, Dudley Simmons 😂

  27. NBA Twitter Loves the Drama 😂

    David Gardner @byDavidGardner

    Me watching these NBA stars getting heated during the playoffs https://t.co/ff4Al2IPEc

  28. Barflaan Tedoe @The_Barftender

    *Girl deletes pics of her bf from IG* Her DMs: https://t.co/mmv6JU9SQB

  29. next question @CountOnVic

    “Kobe got carried by Sh-“ Me: https://t.co/nXbu1j0spQ

  30. Smiling Through It All

    Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie

    lmao, king troll Joel smiling during the whole thing. https://t.co/OOOntAXOwN

  31. SI Extra Mustard @SI_ExtraMustard