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  1. Lefkoe Came in Hot 🗣️

    🔥 Rodgers: Greatest we've ever seen 😡 Packers wasted him 👀 Mahomes on Rodgers' level

  2. The Lefkoe Show Shirt — Grab the Merch 🛒

    Simms And Lefkoe

    The Lefkoe Show Shirt — Grab the Merch 🛒

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  3. OBJ Undercover Crossing Guard

    Simms and Lefkoe disguised Odell, and these fans had no idea 🕺😂

  4. Simms and Lefkoe SB Special

    🤔 T.O.’s middle name is Eldorado? 😂 Rams, Pats s--t on Lefkoe 👀 Derwin James names ideal secondary

  5. Vick Cried Over PHI QB Battle

  6. D-Jax Wants to Be a Ram

  7. Simms & Lefkoe: The Show Episode 21 📺


  8. T.O. & Ochocinco's WR School 👀

    Ochocinco was hype getting WR draft prospect Riley Ridley ready for the combine 😤

  9. Simms: Chiefs, Reid Can't Abandon Run vs. Pats

  10. NFL Ref Owns Chris Simms 😂

    Simms takes us inside the moment he became a meme on the sideline at Colts-Chiefs

  11. Simms Knew He Messed Up 😆