1. Replacement Refs Back? πŸ˜‚

    TurfShowTimes @TurfShowTimes

    This is a fantastic picture and a fantastic get up. https://t.co/pB91ejYSMz

  2. Pettiness Level: Elite

    Stephanie Stradley @StephStradley

    #Saints fans are the right amount of petty imo. https://t.co/cN6ZDEcwKx

  3. Just in Case πŸ˜‚

    Kevin Batiste @KBatisteJr

    The replacement refs are ready just incase. #Saints @WAFB https://t.co/Db9yLqFECZ

  4. Ready to Make Their Own Calls

    Meg Farris @megfarrisWWL

    Lots of ref shirts at the game!! @saints #fb #BeOn4 https://t.co/yfahlvzuTT

  5. There's So Many of Them πŸ˜†

    Boat_Lawyer @Boat_Lawyer

    More ref shirts than Texans jerseys at the Dome. #stillmad https://t.co/A5BWykXN7o

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  7. Couples That Troll Together, Stay Together

    Sheldon Mickles @MicklesAdvocate

    The latest fashion accessory at Saints games. Check out the earrings. There are tons of fans with striped jerseys. https://t.co/gQp5YQ5E1m

  8. πŸ˜‚

    Josiah Johnson @KingJosiah54

    How NFL refs walking into the Superdome for the Saints game https://t.co/3hzsI8Bf37

  9. Ready to Sub in Any Time πŸ˜‚

    #BOOMIN @ftbeard_17

    Saints fans are ready with their refs gear on LMAOOOO! Man.... https://t.co/dFOPx7UX4r

  10. This Should Be an Interesting Game

    SB Nation @SBNation

    hey you think the Saints forgot about that game vs the Rams? https://t.co/g8WOwPlbDh

  11. Fit of the Night

    Jeff Nowak @Jeff_Nowak

    Lost count somewhere past 200 ... but there are undoubtedly thousands of folks here wearing ref shirts. Saints fans have Reffed Up the Superdome https://t.co/DDy2dJbqyO