1. Kaveh Solhekol @SkyKaveh

    81% of Manchester United supporters think Paul Pogba should now be sold. 80% willing to drive him to Madrid in his Rolls Royce.

  2. Agent: Pogba Wants to Leave Man Utd

    Mino Raiola says 'everyone within the club, from the manager to the owner, knows Paul's wishes'

    Agent: Pogba Wants to Leave Man Utd
    Pogba Wants Out and Man Utd Fans React logo
    Pogba Wants Out and Man Utd Fans React

    Agent: Pogba Wants to Leave Man Utd

    Mino Raiola says 'everyone within the club, from the manager to the owner, knows Paul's wishes'

    Matt Jones
    via Bleacher Report
  3. Samuel Luckhurst @samuelluckhurst

    What’s pathetic is some United ‘fans’ will still defend Pogba. That he wants out isn’t an insult - #mufc are worse than when he joined three years ago - but attempts to defend his undermining two managers and destabilising the club are inexplicable.

  4. Uche Jombo Rodriguez @uchejombo

    I personally can’t wait for this Pogba nonsense to end. Seriously no point in keeping a player that wants to leave even if he's the best in the world (which he is not) Zero attitude. Since him and his agent can't keep their mouth shut 🙄they should both piss off.

  5. Pilib De Brún (Phil Brown) @Malachians

    Pogba is desperate to leave, the problem is, nobody is desperate to sign him, he's overpriced & hasn't justified the price tag Utd paid never mind 100m +. Utd at some point have to respect themselves & end this circus, he needs to be moved on & a replacement signed immediately.

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  7. Khalifa @KhalifaThirteen

    Paul Pogba wants to leave the club. #MUFC #ManUtd Mino Raiola: Everyone knows the willingness of Paul to move on. My thoughts: https://t.co/BQkMW3Fl9F

  8. COLLINS SAKWAH, Author. @author_sakwah

    It is my wish that Paul Pogba is the last Mino Raiola client that Manchester United is ever going to buy. It's also my wish that clubs stop following Raiola's clients just to show him how he hurts football fans. Such a greedy man. FIFA should ban Mino Raiola from football.

  9. Mark Goldbridge @markgoldbridge

    United's stance on Pogba not going is just plain embarrassing if it's true. He doesn't want to be here. It's been publicly leaked twice. You think the fans want a player like that here anymore? United is bigger than Pogba. Start acting like it and let him go

  10. Mark Nicholson @Markleshark

    Get Paul Pogba out of my club now.

  11. Ceré Aspanu Vicentín @Cerebrone

    Raiola taking Pogba out of Manchester the same way he brought him in. You shouldn’t be mad at it if you cheered him doing it in 2016 when it got him into your club.

  12. Football Madness @FootbalIMadness

    Pogba Playing In Midfield For Man Utd Like https://t.co/yN2uCajMqU

  13. Josh @ManUnitedMedia

    Sell Romelu Lukaku (75m) & Paul Pogba (130m) for a huge fee, maybe get a player in return depending on his next location. Invest that money wisely with 4/5 strong additions and move on. This would be the most likely outcome if we didn’t have a banker in charge.

  14. Barney @Red News @barneyrednews

    I was bored of the Paul Pogba saga last summer, let alone this. Mufc > any player who doesn’t want to be here. Get a ridiculous fee and move on and try and build a team who want to hang around come rain or shine.

  15. Tim Long 🎙 @timlongsports

    To those fearing a lack of MF investment - I think #MUFC will pursue deals for Bruno Fernandes & Sean Longstaff regardless. But IF the club decides to sanction sale of Pogba, I’m sure they’ll either get a player in return (eg. Kroos/Ceballos), or they’ll pay Saul’s release clause

  16. FergieTime™️ @ForzaFemi

    United replaced Neville after 8 years ago and United finally replaced him, they never replaced Ronaldo, so my guess United will have replaced Pogba by the time cars can fly.

  17. KASHIMAWO @boboskylarme

    Bought Matic to unlock pogba, bought Fred to unlock pogba, now the pogba is leaving what happens to all the unlocking tools they bought? Ikeja Computer village FC!

  18. Mark Goldbridge @markgoldbridge

    So Pogba is going and Tielemans about to sign for Leicester. Snooze you lose and United have been snoring for a month thinking Pogba didn't want to go

  19. Blaine Heughan @blaineheughan

    @Malachians Get him sold £120m replace him with Saul, tielemans and Bruno 🤷‍♂️

  20. Tom McDermott @MrTomMcDermott

    1/2 We’ve all read Woodward’s (PR) email. What we also know is that Pogba has wanted out for roughly two years. This is a departure that should have been arranged one month ago, in a similar fashion to when Hazard left #CFC, or when Ronaldo left #MUFC in 2009.

  21. Tom McDermott @MrTomMcDermott

    2/2 at same time as this, club should have all but secured 2/3 replacements. We’re now in a position where we’re waiting for a bid from another club & it could disrupt Solskjaer’s plans. Other clubs know #MUFC are rich, they now also know that there’s circa £140m coming for Pogba

  22. AGE OF SLANDER @Sch00lyou

    @MrTomMcDermott The board isn't capable of doing anything right, can't keep players unless they overpay them... getting new players in time another problem. oh well but we shouldn't be negative I was told by some die hard united fans.

  23. Jimmy @EntireDesign_

    Raiola advertising Pogba wanting to move is basically him saying... https://t.co/swIllINYbm