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  2. Nolan Arenado Opting In

    Cardinals star plans to play out the five years and $144M remaining on his contract (The Athletic)

    Nolan Arenado Opting In
    Nolan Arenado logo
    Nolan Arenado

    Nolan Arenado Opting In

    Cardinals star plans to play out the five years and $144M remaining on his contract (The Athletic)

    Adam Wells
    via Bleacher Report
  3. Nolan Barehands at 3rd 🤝

    The best in the business

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Nolan makes it look SO easy 🥱 https://t.co/ZovgZQ4Kcs

  4. Arenado's Unreal Throw Home 😱

    Nolan Arenado makes incredible play from the ground to get the out

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Another day at the office for Nolan Arenado 🥱 @Cardinals https://t.co/p99he4hfKz

  5. Arenado's Show-Stopping Play 😱

    Nolan's nightly highlight is a perfect dart home after wicked short-hop

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Give Nolan the Gold Glove now! https://t.co/36aIjBgfbF


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  10. Nolan Keeps This One Fair 😤

    MLB @MLB

    Nolan wills it fair! https://t.co/7zJDeE42RY

  11. Arenado Ropes 2-Run Shot 💥

    Cards star and new father takes Braves deep to make it one-run game

    MLB @MLB

    Nolan's got that dad strength! https://t.co/g6KY0NUvOg

  12. Team USA Stacked for WBC ✨

    Trout, Harper, Betts, Alonso. Here's the full potential lineup of All-Stars on Team USA's squad in March

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Team USA really stacking up 🇺🇸 https://t.co/QEdq0nz5Uj

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  16. Arenado Cold Barehand Out ❄️

    Left side of the St. Louis infield is a hitter's worst nightmare

    MLB @MLB

    Nobody is doing what Nolan is doing this year. https://t.co/FJ89YVtPfT

  17. Nolan: Goldy Is Best in MLB

    Arenado had high praise for his Cardinals teammate

    Nolan: Goldy Is Best in MLB
    Nolan Arenado logo
    Nolan Arenado

    Nolan: Goldy Is Best in MLB

    Arenado had high praise for his Cardinals teammate

    Rob Goldberg
    via Bleacher Report
  18. Nolan and Goldy Make Great Play 🤝

    Cardinals' Gold Glovers combine for vintage infield out

    MLB @MLB

    Nolan and Goldy combine to make some magic! 😱 https://t.co/ZfceMlFCK4

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  22. Goldy, Arenado Back-to-Back 💥

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    The NL MVP leaders go back-to-back! https://t.co/UFf5Ia30rM

  23. Nolan Over-the-Shoulder Snag 😱

    Arenado reminding Rockies fans what they're missing

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    #NolanBeingNolan https://t.co/CbnAnIQ0iC

  24. Nolan HR in Familiar Territory 🗻

    MLB @MLB

    Nolan returns to Colorado and goes deep! https://t.co/bTQ5ofFkd9

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  28. Arenado Hammers Go-Ahead HR 🔨

    Cardinals star takes Yankees 405 feet to left to send Busch Stadium into a frenzy

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    NOLAN. ARENADO. https://t.co/a74VcF3Kfm

  29. Nolan Arenado Ridiculous Snag 😳

    The guy is not from this world


    Phenomenal play by Nolan Arenado 👏 https://t.co/jUimN9GOf0

  30. Arenado Crushes HR for Lead 💪

    Elite sound off this bat for Cardinals star

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Arenado smashed his 19th dinger of the season! https://t.co/mEWQIwLzQ4

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  32. Richard Justice @richardjustice

  33. Arenado to Play for Team USA 🇺🇸

    Cardinals star will represent USA in World Baseball Classic next March

    USA Baseball @USABaseball

    He helped us win 🥇 in 2017, now he's all in to defend the title. Nolan Arenado is ready #ForGlory🇺🇸 https://t.co/gLazsHixFI

  34. Arenado Ropes 2-Run HR 💥

    Cards star makes Redbirds the first team to put up four runs on Tony Gonsolin all year

    Bally Sports Midwest @BallySportsMW

    Nolan Arenado goes deep for the 18th time this year and the #STLCards have a four-run lead! TV: Bally Sports Midwest Stream: https://t.co/cXpcPVowlj https://t.co/S8yEZQ9MqK

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  37. Cards Smack 4 Straight HRs 😳

    Safe to say Phillies are having a nightmare 1st inning of baseball

    MLB @MLB


  38. Nolan Arenado Hits for Cycle 🌀

    Single. Double. Triple. Dinger. Cardinals star is now 4-for-4 with three RBI vs. Phillies

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    For the second time in his career, Nolan Arenado has hit for the cycle! https://t.co/hPedQh87Wc

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  41. Arenado Two-Run Bomb 👊

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Nolan heating up with the temps! https://t.co/aT8nRMSP5f

  42. Arenado Go-Ahead HR 😤

    Cards star comes up big again for lead vs. Brewers

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Arenado for the lead! ⭐https://t.co/8EZhynYoGy https://t.co/4gWrXqZdjB

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  45. Arenado Clears Monster Again 🧱

    Nolan Arenado eats Green Monsters for breakfast

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Nolan loves the Monster! https://t.co/OatpjVX2hx

  46. Nolan Rope Over Monster ⛓️

    Arenado puts a charge into hanger from Wacha

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    A MONSTER SHOT! https://t.co/2yDGdWqh8I

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  49. Nolan Arenado 2-Run Jack ☄️

    Cardinals star adds some insurance in the 3rd

    MLB @MLB

    Nolan Nuke https://t.co/2vknxGyLtZ

  50. Arenado Ties It at 2 💥

    Cards star with an MVP campaign of his own ties it up

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Nolan ties it up! https://t.co/3fGFDMBpYX

  51. Matt Eddy @MattEddyBA

  52. Matt Eddy @MattEddyBA

  53. Arenado's Perfect 10th 🙌

    Cards star putting together another All-Star season

    MLB @MLB

    Nolan Knock. That's his 10th of the year. https://t.co/5F0u6UuA6t

  54. Arenado Hustle Double Play 😤

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    2 outs. 1 defender. #NolanBeingNolan https://t.co/kybGzoBKzi

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  57. Cardinals Chase Rodon Early

    Nolan Arenado's two-run blast gives Cards 9-0 lead vs. Giants

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    Nolan giving a whole new meaning to the Sunday Scaries! https://t.co/cJrXN26IQR

  58. Arenado Crushes HR 🔥

    Cardinals come back on D-backs as Arenado's sixth brings his average to .368

    Bally Sports Midwest @BallySportsMW

    And now Nolan joins the home run party! TV: Bally Sports Midwest Stream: https://t.co/Q73GzmHcuu #STLCards https://t.co/kvibHtS77P

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  61. Correa, Arenado Win Platinum Gloves

    Rawlings Baseball @RawlingsSports

    Your AL and NL Rawlings Platinum Glove Award Winners: Carlos Correa and Nolan Arenado! #PlatinumGloveAward https://t.co/6m1vPZXC5w