1. Patrick Mahomes II @PatrickMahomes

    Respect the heart! But you can’t let that man be out there! https://t.co/QqaXYQ1EEX

  2. AJ Brown @Brown1arthur

    Waddle future so bright . They gone win . Just chill lil homie.

  3. Dez Bryant @DezBryant

    Keep waddle out of the game... I know you love the game brotha but you not playing tonight is best for your future

  4. Darius Leonard @dsleon45

    Cmon nick don’t let Waddle do this, he’s hurt and shouldn’t be out there! Cmon bro! Sometimes you gotta protect players from themselves!

  5. Charles James II @CJDeuce_

    Jaylen Waddle go take off your helmet and call your agent get ready for the 1st round my boy. JOB WELL DONE

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  7. Jalen Ramsey @jalenramsey

    I really hope all these kids can stay healthy this game. A lot of good NFL talent on that field.

  8. Clarence Hill Jr @clarencehilljr

    Waddle should not be playing. This is wrong

  9. DeShon Elliott @OfficialShon_4

    Waddle is forcing this game , get healthy for the NFL.

  10. Darius Slayton @Young_Slay2

    Waddle making me nervous🥴 they needa take him out

  11. Alphonse “Shank” Taylor @SHANKK50

    Waddle not ready 🥺 I respect it though man!

  12. Emmanuel Acho @EmmanuelAcho

    Now goodbye Jaylen Waddle. You’re hurt. We know you’re tough, you got nothing to prove. https://t.co/mev5B2uvTE

  13. Aaron Murray @aaronmurray11

    Love that Waddle wants to compete but he is not ready! Giving me a mini heart attack watching him out there

  14. Kenneth Murray @KennethMurray

    Bro should not be playing!!!!!