1. Baseball is BACK

    Players returned to their home parks today with workouts beginning this week

  2. Bryce Is BACK

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Okay, it's happening! Everybody stay calm! https://t.co/UCQqElDdXy

  3. Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers

    The boys are back in town. #WelcomeBackCam #ThisIsMyCrew https://t.co/dDoYkKSqln

  4. Red Sox @RedSox

    .@MichaelChavis11 is a MOOD. https://t.co/THS04en7iU

  5. Miami Marlins @Marlins

    👁👄👁 https://t.co/utGdmMJfCO

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  7. Red Sox @RedSox

    📍 Summer Camp 2020 https://t.co/pi8Nu5Rbuq

  8. New York Mets @Mets

    🐃 sighting at @CitiField. 👀 (via @WRamosC3’s Instagram) https://t.co/zPCENSACHu

  9. Arizona Diamondbacks @Dbacks

    The Marte Part-ay is back. 🙌 @StarlingMart and @ketel_marte4 arrive in Arizona with their families from the Dominican Republic in Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick's plane. https://t.co/18LQ8pwZNg

  10. Kansas City Royals @Royals

    The boys are back in town. #AlwaysRoyal https://t.co/H9FXDa6FQ3

  11. Arizona Diamondbacks @Dbacks

    And we're bringing our home to you for #WallpaperWednesday. https://t.co/Tt8be0I4tu

  12. Pirates @Pirates

    Report Day 2.0 https://t.co/m8wwhHwQHX

  13. Cincinnati Reds @Reds

    Man, we have missed that sound. ⚾️💥 https://t.co/hBk5A5vt54

  14. Cleveland Indians @Indians

    Watching. Waiting. https://t.co/FwLH3ongj3

  15. Red Sox @RedSox

    Reporting for duty! https://t.co/NTreMM631H

  16. Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers

    Home is where the park is. 😍 https://t.co/ExSUK4qbph

  17. Martin Perez @MartinPerez54d

    Happy to be in this city again, but this time it’s not for visiting, it’s to stay👍🏻 Let’s go Sox!!💥 https://t.co/tDZHgUMC3l

  18. Detroit Tigers @tigers

    Try to stay calm Try to stay calm Try to stay calm Try to stay calm Try to stay calm Try to stay calm https://t.co/MtaMxn8zhY

  19. Houston Astros @astros

    Time to set up camp! 🏕 #ForTheH https://t.co/DVwhNDWgMu

  20. Pirates @Pirates

    📍Pittsburgh https://t.co/Q0uOUEyP7t