WWE SmackDown: Live Updates, Results and Reaction for May 7

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Welcome to Bleacher Report’s live coverage of WWE SmackDown on May 7. This week’s show will feature Shane McMahon crowning new tag team champions after the Hardys were forced to relinquish the titles due to an injury. We will also see Ali take on Andrade, a big six-woman tag match, Kevin Owens respond to Kofi Kington and four stars from Raw show up under Vince McMahon’s new wildcard rule. Make sure to keep it locked right here for live updates of all the action.

  1. May 8, 2019
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    Raw Fallout: Reigns, Kofi Bring the 'Wild Card Rule'

    Raw Fallout: Reigns, Kofi Bring the 'Wild Card Rule'
    WWE SmackDown 5 7 2019 logo
    WWE SmackDown 5 7 2019

    Raw Fallout: Reigns, Kofi Bring the 'Wild Card Rule'

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    Until Next Time

    The show ends with Kofi celebrating his win with Woods at ringside. Woods is nursing his shoulder after being sent into the steel steps by KO. Kayla Braxton interviews Kofi and he says Owens is not in his head and there will be hell to pay at Money in the Bank.

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    WHAT'S THE BIRTHDAY BOY DOING OUT HERE?!? #SDLive #WWEChampionship @FightOwensFight (Poor @XavierWoodsPhD 😔) https://t.co/VRwXtjRXSq

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    Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn (WWE Title) Part 2

    We return to see all three men still in the fight. Zayn hits a huge superplex to Kingston for a close two count. All three men are involved in a DDT/SOS combo and all three Superstars go down. Kofi knocks AJ off of the apron with Trouble in Paradise. Kevin Owens comes out of the crowd an attacks Woods at ringside. Zayn runs in and hits Kofi with the Blue Thunderbomb for a close two count. He hits it again for another near fall. He hits a third and Kofi still finds a way to kick out. Sami lines up for the Helluva Kick and runs right into Trouble in Paradise. Kingston makes the cover and gets the win to retain his title for the second night in a row.

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    .@TrueKofi FLATTENS @AJStylesOrg like a pancake with the #WWETitle on the line in a Triple Threat Match on #SDLive! @SamiZayn https://t.co/sQU5g3ZRcX

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  6. May 8, 2019
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    Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn (WWE Title) Part 1

    Styles surprises Kofi with a kick to the face after the bell. AJ goes after Zayn and throws him out of the ring. Kofi hits Styles with a dropkick for two. He gets another near fall with a splash before Zayn comes back in. Sami gets knocked back out right away and AJ goes after Kingston with a backbreaker. Every time Zayn comes back in, someone sends him right back out. Kofi hits a splash to AJ's back for two. Zayn prevents Kofi from hitting Trouble in Paradise as we head to a break.

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    Let the pancakes hit the floor. Let the pancakes hit the floor. Let the pancakes hit the FLOOOOOOOORRRRR!!! #SDLive @TrueKofi https://t.co/xrvTtZiExO

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    😧😧😧 #SDLive @LarsSWWE @RonKillings https://t.co/cDHnaouZqb

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    Carmella and Ember Moon vs. Fire and Desire

    Mella takes down Sonya with a spinning headscissors for two. Carmella knocks Rose off of the apron before Deville nails her with a spear for another near fall. Moon gets the tag and takes control of Mandy. She hits a springboard crossbody but Deville breaks up the pin. Deville takes a suicide dive for Rose so she can hit a knee to the head followed by her finisher on Moon for the pin and the win.

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    The WAR GODDESS @WWEEmberMoon teams with @CarmellaWWE against @SonyaDevilleWWE & @WWE_MandyRose RIGHT NOW on @USA_Network's #SDLive! 🔥 https://t.co/RboxHgdIBg

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    One Chair Shot for Another

    While Shane is talking about MITB in the ring, The Miz comes out of the crowd to attack him. He beats up Shane for a long time before Axel and Dallas come to help McMahon. Shane hits Miz with a chair when he gets the better of Dallas and Axel.

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    👑CROWNED👑 @WWEDanielBryan & @ERICKROWAN are your #New #SDLive #TagTeamChampions! #AndNew #TagTeamTitles https://t.co/QUlj6pCBge

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    Sam Roberts @notsam

    Oh my God. Mercy the Buzzard is Waylon Mercy. Know what I mean? @WWEBrayWyatt #SDLive https://t.co/Mcz7ftGzHr

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    The Usos vs. Bryan and Rowan (SD Tag Titles) Part 2

    We return to see Uso starting to build some momentum. Bryan blocks a splash with his knees and puts him in the Lebell Lock. He rolls Uso to the middle of the ring and it allows Uso to roll him into a pin for two. Jimmy sticks him with a superkick. Rowan tags in and both Usos work together to his a series of superkicks. Jimmy climbs up and hits the Superfly Splash on Rowan for a close two count. Bryan prevents a double splash and Rowan catches both Usos during a suicide dive. Bryan takes out one with a flying knee while Rowan finishes off the other with the Iron Claw for the pin and the win. Bryan and Rowan are the new tag team champions.

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    The Usos vs. Bryan and Rowan (SD Tag Titles) Part 1

    Bryan and Jey start the match. Bryan gets backed to the corner so Jimmy can tag in and hit a double team. The Usos continue to use tandem offense until Bryan is able to escape to his corner and tag Rowan. The Redwood comes in and nails a big boot to take control. Bryan comes back in now that Uso has been softened up. Bryan and Rowan keep Uso isolated for a long time.

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    .@WWEUsos wanna get this work? @WWEUsos vs. @WWEDanielBryan & @ERICKROWAN for the #SDLive #TagTeamTitles NEXT on @USA_Network! https://t.co/ZQF3FDSZoc

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    The next, DESERVING #SDLive #TagTeamChampions are... @WWEDanielBryan & @ERICKROWAN?!? #SDLive https://t.co/C8rmuZ2xKh

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    Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary 👮

    The Usos comes out as part of the wildcard rule while Shane is trying to hand over the titles. Shane says they aren't on SmackDown anymore. The Usos say Roman told them to drop by anytime because this is his yard. They tell Shane that people should have to earn the tag titles and suggest they fight Bryan and Rowan for the belts right now. Shane agrees and books the match for right now.

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    Who will be crowned the new #SDLive #TagTeamChampions? @shanemcmahon is up NEXT! https://t.co/upvuWQ5odr

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    Who Will Be the New Tag Team Champions?

    Shane comes to the ring and talks about what The Miz did to him last night. He says Miz failed to get the job done last night just like he will in their cage match at MITB. He says picking new champions was easy and invites them to the ring. Daniel Bryan and Rowan come out to loud boos.

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    UP NEXT: @ShaneMcMahon crowns the NEW #SDLive #TagTeamChampions! Who do YOU think they are? 🤔 https://t.co/PmaTMGWbOa

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    .@RandyOrton's #RKOOuttaNowhere cannot get any cooler... #SDLive @AliWWE https://t.co/eGXf3pYnpM

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    Ali vs. Andrade Part 2

    Andrade slams Ali as we return from the break. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and Ali jumps up with him to hit a huge Spanish fly. Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and attacks both men. Vega helps Andrade avoid a DDT. Ali and Andrade each deliver a kick to The Viper. Orton counters a superkick but Ali is able to avoid the RKO. Orton propels him into the air to deliver an RKO. Andrade leaps off the top rope right into another RKO. The Viper looks up at the briefcase, which is basically the equivalent of pointing to the WrestleMania sign for this PPV.

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    Ali vs. Andrade Part 1

    They lock up and Andrade backs Ali to the corner to deliver a chop. Ali responds with a superkick to the face. He kicks Andrade out of the ring. Ali gets tripped on the barricade thanks to a distraction from Vega at ringside. We head to a break with Andrade in control.

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    "As long as you see the light, you must fight." Words to live by by @AliWWE. #SDLive 💡💡💡 https://t.co/rXSITF2PcX

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    Per @ShaneMcMahon, @TrueKofi will defend his #WWEChampionship against @AJStylesOrg AND @SamiZayn TONIGHT on #SDLive. This could change EVERYTHING! https://t.co/3iUnViMIEA

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    UP NEXT: @AliWWE vs. @AndradeCienWWE. Let's goooooo! #SDLive https://t.co/a5RoiMsE1S

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    A New No. 1 Contender to Be Announced

    Kofi says he is a fighting champion and will defend the title against anyone. It doesn't look like we will find out who will challenge him right now. New Day's music hits to end the segment.

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    Speaking of WILD CARD, #RAW's @SamiZayn is here... and he's NOT happy about it. #SDLive https://t.co/fASLmkh16z

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    Sam Roberts @notsam

    Sami Zayn is getting friend zoned out of a title match. #SDLive

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    Will We See Two Titles Matches in Two Nights?

    After Sami trashes the crowd, Woods and Kofi head to the ring and ask why they are both on SmackDown when they should be at Raw. Kingston says AJ might have built this house but he doesn't live here anymore. AJ reminds Kofi that he was on Raw last night, too. Sami tells them to shut up because he doesn't want to see Kofi offer AJ a title match.

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    OF COURSE, @AJStylesOrg would be the first to take advantage of the WILD CARD rule! It's his 🏠 after all. #SDLive https://t.co/tOtZSH74Rj

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    A Phenomenal Return

    AJ says he missed SmackDown even though he was only gone a couple of weeks. He talks about the new wildcard rule and says he wanted to be the first Raw star on SmackDown because it's the house he built. This brings out Sami Zayn.

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    HE'S BACK in the house HE BUILT! Welcome back, @AJStylesOrg! #SDLive https://t.co/dmtynEYKIb

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    We Are Live 📺

    SmackDown opens with AJ Styles making his way to the ring under the new wildcard rule.

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    .@MickieJames will be ready to ROCK when she opens for country music's @bigandrich at the All-Star Country Jam on Monday, July 8, at the @RichmondRaceway! https://t.co/9Raydkc3h7

  27. May 7, 2019
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    Tuesday's Lineup

    Andrade vs. Ali Shane McMahon crowns new tag team champions. Six-woman tag team action. More buildup for Money in the Bank.

    Zelina Vega @Zelina_VegaWWE

    Don’t miss this.. #SDLive https://t.co/tQhhWefepd