WWE Raw: Live Updates, Results and Reaction for February 11

1:00am UTC Feb 12, 2019Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Welcome to Bleacher Report’s live coverage of WWE Raw on February 11. This is the final Raw before Elimination Chamber on Sunday, so expect most of the segments to be used to build the PPV. The McMahon family has invited Becky Lynch back to Raw, Ruby Riott will face Ronda Rousey for the Raw women’s title at Elimination Chamber, Kurt Angle will talk about the next chapter in his career and Finn Balor will continue pursuing the IC title. Keep it locked right here for live updates of all the action.

  1. February 12, 2019
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    Full Recap of Raw 👉

    WWE Raw - February 11 2019 logo
    WWE Raw - February 11 2019

    Full Recap of Raw 👉

    Erik Beaston
    via Bleacher Report
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  6. February 12, 2019
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    Is This Really Happening?

    Vince McMahon comes out and tells Becky and Ronda they have bad attitudes. He immediately suspends Becky for 60 days, which puts her out of WrestleMania. He says they need a replacement and names Charlotte Flair as Ronda's new challenger. The Queen comes out on the stage and poses as Becky throws her mic to the ground. The show ends with Vince and Charlotte standing next to each other smiling.

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    Two Words Is All It Took

    Becky says she has received advice from everyone backstage about what to do. She relents and says she is sorry after a long pause. She immediately says if anyone gets in her way on the road to WrestleMania, she will take them out. Triple H shakes her hand and she asks if that's it. He says it is and Becky addresses Rousey, who makes her way to the ring.

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    Will She or Won't She?

    Becky Lynch, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring after the break. Steph and Trips plead with her to think about what her match at WrestleMania means and apologize to them.

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    Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs. the Revival (Tag Titles) Part 3

    Roode tags in right when we return. He singlehandedly takes on both members of The Revival for quite some time. Dawson makes a blind tag and they hit a Gory special into a facebuster for a close two count. Gable and Roode hit Wilder with a blockbuster/German suplex combo, but Dawson breaks up the pin. The Revival hit a modified Doomsday Device on Gable, but this time it's Roode's turn to make the last-second save. The crowd chants "This is awesome" as all four men try to recover. After a few more close calls, The Revival hit Gable with the Shatter Machine out of nowhere for the pin and the win. The Revival have finally won the titles!

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    Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs. The Revival (Tag Titles) Part 2

    We return to see Roode making the hot tag to Gable. The former Olympian takes out both men with a combination of speed and power moves. He throws Wilder with a belly to belly suplex and hits Dawson with a German suplex for two. The Revival manage to take control with some double team tactics and Wilder scores a two count. Dawson makes the blind tag but Gable still manages to hit him with a German suplex.

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    Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs. The Revival (Tag Titles) Part 1

    Wilder and Dawson take control early, but Gable uses his quickness to turn things around with an arm drag. Roode gets the tag and they hit simultaneous belly to belly suplexes. Gable hits a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.

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    Dean Ambrose vs. EC3

    Ambrose rushed EC3 after the bell and pounds on him in the corner. Carter rolls out of the ring to regroup and suckers Ambrose into chasing him. Dean hits a flying elbow and EC3 responds with a clothesline. EC3 hits a jumping elbow drop before Ambrose sends him into the ring post. Dean hits a side slam for two and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Carter knocks him down but Ambrose rolls him up for the pin. Carter looks shocked.

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    Did Ambrose Just Endorse Rollins?

    Ambrose comes down to the ring and tells Rollins to slay the beast at WrestleMania before he takes a seat at ringside. WWE might be building toward reconciliation before Ambrose leaves in April.

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    Spoiler Alert

    Rollins says he won't stand for Lesnar holding the universal title hostage anymore and says he is willing to do anything to make sure Brock doesn't keep his title.

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    We Know Your Name, Paul

    Paul Heyman comes out and teases Brock Lesnar's entrance before revealing he is not in the building. Rollins, like all of us, isn't surprised. Heyman gives his usual promo to hype his client.

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    Can the Architect Slay the Beast?

    Seth Rollins comes out and talks about what the last year has been like for him.

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    Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riott

    The bell rings when we return. They lock up and fight for control. Nikki hits a crossbody for a quick two count before putting Ruby in a front facelock. Riott backs her to the corner to break a sleeper hold. They cut to backstage where Ronda tries to convince Becky to apologize to the McMahons so they can have their match. Cross hits a headbutt before Riott takes her down with an STO for a near fall. The leader of the Riott Squad hits a running kick to the ribs. Nikki hits a reverse DDT on the apron before leaping off with a crossbody on the floor. She traps Ruby in the ring skirt and unloads with forearms to the face. Riott kicks her off of the top rope before hitting the Riott Kick for the pin and the win.

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    He Doesn't Have a Future as a Pro Bowler

    Kevin Owens is shown at a bowling alley spending time with his family as he talks about being about a month away from returning to Raw or SmackDown. He throws a quick gutter ball at the end. Back in the arena, Nikki Cross makes her entrance.

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    Kurt Angle, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre Part 3

    Corbin is holding Balor down in a submission when we return. Lashley gets the tag and continues targetting the ribs with a corner spear. The Demon counters his finisher and hits a double stomp. Strowman finally crawls back onto the apron so Balor can tag him. The Monster Among Men runs over everyone on the opposing team with ease. Lashley gets in a few good shots before Braun scoops him up for a running powerslam. He tags Balor so he can hit the Coup de Grace for the pin and the win.

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    Is This Ever Going to End?

    Another ref comes down and tells the other referee about Balor having his foot on the rope. The ref calls for the match to be restarted as we head to a break. This is going to be a four-segment match if you count the initial singles bout with Balor and McIntyre.

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    Kurt Angle, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre Part 2

    Balor gets the tag right when we return from the commercial. He goes after all three opponents at once, but he is quickly hit with a chokeslam backbreaker by Corbin to halt his momentum. Lashley comes in and goes for a powerbomb. Balor counters and hits a low dropkick. McIntyre takes out Strowman at ringside with a Claymore to prevent him from making a tag. Lashley sets up for a Spear on Balor but hits the ring post. Finn takes down Corbin and McIntyre with a dive and Rush with a right hand. Bobby crotches him on the top turnbuckle and hits his finisher for the pin despite Balor getting his foot on the bottom rope. The ref apparently did not see it.

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    Kurt Angle, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre Part 1

    We return to see Braun tagging in Angle so he can stomp on McIntyre. Balor tags in and is forced to the other corner so Drew can make a tag. Angle gets the hot tag and hits a few suplexes. He hits the Angle Slam on McIntyre and Corbin breaks up the pin. The heels beat on the Olympic Gold Medalist for a long time before the break.

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    Everyone Wants to Fight

    Kurt Angle's music hits and he runs down to the ring to make the save for Balor. He suplexes McIntyre and Lashley before locking Rush in the Ankle Lock. Baron Corbin attacks Angle from behind. The heels focus their attention on Kurt until Braun Strowman comes out to even the odds.

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    Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre

    Lashley and Rush distract Finn so McIntyre can get an early advantage. He beats Balor down with a series of punches to the face. Finn avoids him on the apron and Drew hits the ring post. Lio and Bobby trip Balor as he prepares for a dive, so Balor dropkicks them through the ropes. He takes out McIntyre with a sling blade but Lashley shoves him off of the top rope to cause a disqualification.

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    Fire and Desire 🔥

    WWE plays a quick video for Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose before we head back to the ring for Finn Balor's entrance.

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    Lucha House Party Walks with Elias

    After the break, Elias complains to LHP about not being able to play his song due to the constant interruptions. Kalisto says they want to walk with Elias, so he prepares to sing his song again. He trashes the WWE Universe and Grand Rapids, Michigan during his song. LHP give him a thumbs down and he yells at them about how hard it is to be him. Kalisto asks if he can play the guitar and Elias lets him. Kalisto plays something really simple and Elias acts impressed. He asks if they can perform a duet and Kalisto agrees. Elias grabs another guitar and smashes it over Kalisto before leaving the ring.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Elias' intro is interrupted twice by a backstage segment with Finn Balor and Becky as well as a video package for Seth Rollins. It almost feels like someone is pranking him.

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    Jax and Tamina vs. Boss N Hug Connection vs. Riott Squad Part 2

    We return from the break to see Morgan holding Bayley in a headlock. Several officials and doctors are checking on Sasha at ringside. The Hugger dodges a superkick and rolls Tamina up for a two count. Bayley tags Morgan and she doubles teams Tamina with Morgan. They hit a series of kicks and knees for a near fall. Tamina finally tags in Jax so she can dish out some punishment to Logan. The Viking avoids a charging Jax but Tamina prevents Logan from making a tag. She climbs up for the Superfly Splash and lands on a pair of knees. Morgan and Bayley tag themselves in and The Hugger goes on a rampage. She hits a big elbow from the top rope, but Logan breaks up the pin at the last second. Bayley hits her finisher before Tamina hits her with a superkick. Tamina drags Morgan to the corner and makes her tag Jax, who finishes Bayley with a Samoan drop for the win.

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    Jax and Tamina vs. Boss N Hug Connection vs. Riott Squad Part 1

    Nia and Sasha start the match. The Boss slaps the taste out of Jax's mouth and then tags in Morgan to face an angry Samoan. Jax runs her over and Liv tries to tag Bayley or Banks with no success. Liv pops up and hits an enziguiri before tagging in Logan. She hits a series of headbutts and Nia fires right back with her own headbutt. Tamina and Morgan tag in and fight for a bit before Nia comes back in to continue dominating the match. Morgan hits a flurry of strikes to get Jax on her knees. Bayley tags herself in and Jax flattens her. Ruby Riott and Logan take out Banks at ringside as we head to a break.

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    The Man Has a Choice to Make

    Becky says she doesn't trust the McMahons because they have been screwing people over for decades. She tells them to shove their apology where the sun doesn't shine and Steph gets in her face until Triple H calms everyone down. He tries to talk some sense into Becky and convince her to apologize. He gives her until the end of the night.

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    A Simple Apology Is All It Takes

    Triple H takes the high road and apologizes to Becky for what he said on SmackDown. He confirms Lynch's knee should be fine by Mania. She shakes his hand when he lifts her suspension. Then Steph reveals this will only happen if Becky apologizes to them for hitting them last week.

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    Will the Man Make It to WrestleMania?

    Trips and Steph discuss what has been going on with Becky Lynch lately and how she has put her own title match at WrestleMania in jeopardy. Lynch comes to the ring as Stephanie is trying to introduce her.

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    Bow Down to the Game

    Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring when the show goes live. Steph hypes Elimination Chamber PPV.

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    Full Preview for Monday Night Raw

    WWE Raw - February 11 2019 logo
    WWE Raw - February 11 2019

    Full Preview for Monday Night Raw

    Erik Beaston
    via Bleacher Report
  45. February 11, 2019
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    Monday's Lineup

    Ruby Riott prepares for Ronda Rousey. Dana Brooke and Natalya may face each other. Becky Lynch is invited to Raw. More buildup for Elimination Chamber.