WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results: Live Updates, Results and Reaction

11:00pm UTC Jul 9, 2017Dallas, Texas
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Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of WWE Great Balls of Fire. Every Raw title is set to be defended for the first time since WrestleMania 33. Brock Lesnar will put the Universal Championship on the line against Samoa Joe in what is sure to be a brutal contest. The biggest non-title match on the card will see Roman Reigns battle Braun Strowman in an ambulance match. Keep it locked right here for live updates of all the action throughout the night.

  1. July 10, 2017
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    WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

    WWE Great Balls of Fire 7-9-2017

    WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

    Ryan Dilbert
    via Bleacher Report
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    Another PPV in the Books

    Renee Young and Pete Rosenberg host Raw Talk after the PPV is over.

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  6. July 10, 2017
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    Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship) Part 3

    Brock starts taking Joe to Suplex City as he gets his strength back. Joe hits a low blow behind the ref's back before delivering a big side slam for a near fall. He puts Lesnar back in the Coquina Clutch, but Lesnar refuses to go down. He pops up and hits a sidewalk slam to break the hold for a second time. Brock starts hitting German suplexes again as he builds a head of steam. He tries for an F5, but Joe counters back into the Coquina Clutch. Brock almost goes out, but he pops up and hits an F5 out of nowhere to get the pin and retan his title.

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    Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship) Part 2

    The crowd chants "Joe is gonna kill you" as Lesnar struggles to get back in the ring. The bell rings and Joe rushes him in the corner to continue the beating he started. Brock hits a few knees before Joe puts him in the corner for some shoulder thrusts. Lesnar turns the tables and hits some shoulders of his own. Joe fires back with a headbutt. Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Lesnar drives his head into the turnbuckle to break the hold. He grabs Joe and delivers a German suplex

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    Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship) Part 1

    Paul Heyman refuses to let Jojo introduce Lesnar, so he does it instead. Joe attacks Lesnar during the intro and knocks him out of the ring. He sends Brock into the barricade before slamming him through an announce table. This just got a lot more interesting that expect with the amount of time left in the show.

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    Heath Slater vs. Curt Hawkins

    For some reason, WWE has Hawkins and Slater have an impromptu match, which means the main event is going to be disappointingly short. They trade offense until Hawkins hits a big elbow to the back of the head. A fire truck and ambulance arrive backstage to help get Strowman out of the ambulance. They don't even show Slater get the win because we are seeing firemen pry the door open with the jaws of life.

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    Reigns puts Strowman into the ambulance and gets in the driver's seat. He brings the vehicle to the backstage area and throws it into reverse, crashing it into the back of a trailer. The camera cuts were obvious, but it still looked awesome. Angle comes to check on Strowman as Reigns walks away. Several officials and producers try to get into the ambulance to check on Braun.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match) Part 5

    Reigns uses a lighting fixture to hit Strowman in the head, but when he goes for a Spear, Braun sidesteps him and throws him right into the ambulance to get the win out of nowhere. What a finish! Both men gave it everything they had. Reigns opens the doors and Spears Strowman from inside the ambulance.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match) Part 4

    Reigns sticks him with a Superman Punch, followed by another. Strowman is almost in the ambulance at this point, but he refuses to let Reigns push him all the way in. The big man grabs a backboard from the vehicle and uses it as a weapon. He throws Reigns back onto the stage with authority, but Reigns is able to shove Strowman through part of the LED Wall to completely destroy it. Roman tries to drag Strowman toward the ambulance, but he ends up getting shoved off the stage.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match) Part 3

    They end up on the stage where Braun throws Roman into the LED wall. He starts ripping apart the announce table to set up something special for Reigns. The Monster Among Men sets up for a powerbomb, but The Big Dog escapes his grasp and starts unleashing a flurry up punches to the face. Braun grabs him and throws him into the side of the ambulance. Strowman opens the doors and tries to put Reigns inside, but Reigns makes a comeback and slams him into the ambulance.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match) Part 2

    Strowman picks up Reigns and starts walking toward the ambulance, but Roman escapes and heads back to the ring. He avoids Braun in the corner and lifts him up for a Samoan drop. Reigns starts going after the arm Strowman recently had repaired after the big man runs himself into the ring post. Roman grabs a chair from under the ring and hits Strowman's arm a few times against the post. He tees off with a shot to the shoulder and Braun looks at him like it was nothing. Reigns is shocked as he hits him again and it does nothing. Braun rips the chair out of his hands and whips him from barricade to barricade in the aisle.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Ambulance Match) Part 1

    Roman uses his speed to get in the first few hits, but one shoulder block from Braun puts him down. Strowman crushes him in the corner with a running splash. His speed is always surprisingly impressive. He takes Reigns outside the ring and drives him into the ring post and the steel steps. He picks up the top half of the steps and rams it into Roman's face several times. When they get back in the ring, Reigns starts to build some momentum.

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    Someone Is Leaving in an Ambulance

    WWE airs the video package for Strowman vs. Reigns, which means the Ambulance match is up next.

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    The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose (IC Title) Part 3

    Axel and Dallas end up creating enough mayhem to allow Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win and retain his title.

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    The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose (IC Title) Part 2

    Ambrose hits a superplex, but he fails to get the pin. The Miz recovers and eventually locks Dean in the Figure Four. The Lunatic Fringe reaches the rope to force a break. Miz starts to hit the Yes Kicks, or It Kicks as Corey Graves calls them. Ambrose starts to build a head of steam as he hits an elbow from the top rope for a near fall. Maryse distracts the ref while Dallas and Axel attack Ambrose, but he ends up fighting off everyone and hits a splash from the top rope to all three men on the floor. Ambroe hits Dirty Deeds, but Maryse puts Miz's foot on the bottom rope to save the match.

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    The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose (IC Title) Part 1

    Ambrose rolls out of the ring and attacks Curtis Axel immediately. He hits a few moves to Miz before going back out and attacking Bo Dallas. Axel provides a distraction so Miz can take over with a running kick to the face. The A-Lister hits a short DDT for a quick two count. Miz continues to keep Ambrose on the mat with kicks and punches until Dean rolls him up for a two count. Miz hits his signature corner clothesline, but Ambrose recovers and hits a swinging neckbreaker.

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    The Boss Gets the Last Laugh

    Banks chases Bliss down and runs her into the LED wall on the stage. Bliss gets the upper hand and tries to DDT her through the table. Sasha pushed her off to the floor and hits a flying double knee to put her down for good. Banks celebrates on top of the table. That was a good way to add some intensity to what some will call a bad finish.

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    Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks (Women's Title) Part 3

    Bliss goes for the Twisted Bliss, but Banks gets up her knees to block and locks in the Bank Statement. Bliss is able to escape and both women end up outside the ring. She yells at Sasha before The Boss throws her into the barricade. Bliss ends up getting herself counted out to keep the title. Some will call that a weak ending, but it fits with Bliss' character and everything leading up to it was great.

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    Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks (Women's Title) Part 2

    Bliss suckers Sasha out to the apron and trips her to send Banks crashing down to the floor. Alexa hits a standing STO followed by a couple of knees to the back for a near fall. Bliss hits a vicious backbreaker for another two count. The champ is looking great in this match. Sasha blocks a suplex and reverses it to send Bliss into the corner so she lands on her head. The Boss kicks Alexa before taking her out with a running knee to the face for her own close two count.

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    Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks (Women's Title) Part 1

    They lock up and Banks gets pushed to the corner. They struggle for control until Bliss hits a shoulder tackle. Sasha hits a stiff dropkick to send Alexa out of the ring. Banks hits a running double knee for a quick two count. Bliss fakes and arm injury with her double jointed elbow. She nails a hard elbow to the face to knock Banks down hard. Banks recovers and hits a backstabber, but Alexa rolls out of the ring before she can lock in the Bank Statement.

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    A Little Color

    Matt was busted open toward the end of the match the hard way. All four men showed their toughness tonight. Great effort from everyone.

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 7

    Jeff goes to the top rope and takes out both men outside the ring with a big dive. He rolls Sheamus back in the ring and the Hardys hit a double splash from both sides of the ring. Cesaro saves his partner once again. Jeff makes a blind tag and hits the Swanton, but he doesn't know Cesaro is legal and the Swiss Superman pins Jeff out of nowhere. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate, but he fails to get the pin before the time runs out. Sheamus and Cesaro win 4-3 to retain. The crowd can't believe it. What a match!

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 6

    Matt takes out Cesaro on the top turnbuckle while Jeff hits a series of moves to Sheamus for a two count. Matt tags in for a tornado DDT to get another two count. He sets up for the Twist of Fate, but Cesaro distracts him. Sheamus puts him on the top turnbuckle, but Matt fights him off and hits a moonsault. Cesaro barely manages to save his partner from being pinned. Matt hits a Twist of Fate from the top rope to tie things up at 3-3.

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 5

    The champions keep Matt on the defensive with brutal efficiency. Sheamus starts the 10 Beats of the Bodhran, but he stops at three and pushes Matt off the apron. Matt hits a side effect out of nowhere, but Sheamus is able to kick out. Cesaro takes out Jeff on the apron before locking Matt in a Sharpshooter. Jeff breaks up the hold, but Sheamus ends up pulling him back off the apron afterwards. Cesaro unloads with uppercuts in the corner. Jeff gets a tag and ends up pinning esaro with a unique combination.

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 4

    The Hardys hit Poetry in Motion followed by a side effect and Twist of Fate to get their first fall of the match. The Celtic Warrior tags in, but Jeff is able to keep the upper hand and beat him down in the corner. Matt tags in at exactly the halfway point in the match. They hit a double suplex, but Cesaro breaks up the pin. The champs end up outside the ring, so Jeff jumps off Matt's back and takes out both men with a flip over the top rope. After a scuffle at ringside, Cesaro runsMatt into the ring post and he gets counted out to put the champs up 3-1.

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 3

    Jeff continues to struggle against the power of Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro knocks Matt off the apron so Jeff has nobody to tag when he finally breaks away. The champs grab Jeff for a double White Noise to go up 2-0 over the challengers. We are only 10 minutes in at this point. Sheamus hits his own shoulder into the post, giving Jeff room to make the tag to Matt, who comes in hot. He slams Cesaro into all three turnbuckles multiple times before hitting a corner clothesline/bulldog combo for a near fall.

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 2

    Jeff tries to get them back in the fight, but Sheamus and Cesaro maintain control. Matt recovers and tags in to slam Sheamus' head on the apron several times. The brothers keep Sheamus isolated until he is able to throw Jeff out of the ring. Cesaro takes a cheap shot and Matt makes him pay for it. Cesaro tags in for a double team on Jeff. He prevents Jeff from making the tag and lifts him off the mat for a gutwrench suplex. The champs cut the ring in half by using frequent tags and double team moves.

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    The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (Ironman Tag Titles) Part 1

    Thanks to a distraction from Cesaro, Sheamus is able to hit the Brogue Kick on Matt to get the first fall right away.

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    Who Will Leave with the Titles?

    Matt and Jeff Hardy are out first for the tag title Ironman match.

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    Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass Part 1

    Enzo goes right after Cass, but the big man easily throws him to the side. Enzo keeps going at him, but Cass eventually takes control. Big Cass throws him around in a submission hold before tossing him to the side. He hits a fallaway slam before crushing Enzo with a splash in the corner. Enzo hits a few kicks, but Cass just brushes them off and keeps on beating up his former partner. The crowd chants for Enzo as he gets choked by Cass' boot.

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    Enzo comes out and talks about his split from Cass and how they debuted on Raw in the same arena they are in now. He quotes Sinatra during his promo, which kind of lines up with the whole retro feel of the Great Balls of Fire theme.

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    The Loudmouth and the Giant

    After a quick interview with Matt and Jeff, we get a video for Enzo vs. Big Cass, which is up next.

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    Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins Part 3

    Wyatt nails a massive clothesline, but Rollins is able to hit the falcon arrow to get another near fall. Wyatt brings Rollins off the top rope with a unique neckbreaker to get his own two count. Wyatt slaps Rollins and tells him to get up and fight. Seth obliges and unloads with a series of strikes. Wyatt pokes him in the eye before hitting Sister Abigail to get the pin and the win.

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    Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins Part 2

    Wyatt slows the pace down while he punishes Rollins in the corner. He puts The Kingslayer on the top rope for a suplerplex. He makes the cover, but Seth kicks out. Wyatt plants Rollins' face into the apron with a huge DDT, but he still can't get the three count. Seth avoids a running senton to give himself time to recover. He kicks Wyatt out of the ring so he can hit the suicide dive he was unable to connect with earlier. A springboard elbow gets Rollins a quick two count. He follows up with a blockbuster, but still fails to score the pin.

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    Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins Part 1

    They lock up and Rollins takes control with a kick to the back. Wyatt rolls to the corner and laughs a bit as he gets to his feet. Bray does his back bend in the corner, but then he runs right into a kick to the gut. Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but Wyatt hits him before he can get through the ropes. Rollins sends his face into the middle turnbuckle. They end up on the apron where Rollins gets sent into the steel steps. Bray drives him into the barricade as Seth holds his nose from the hit to the stairs.

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    Right to the Action

    Bray Wyatt is out first for his match against Seth Rollins.

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    Here We Go

    Great Balls of Fire has begun. The show opens with a video hyping all the big matches.

  56. July 9, 2017
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    Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Title) Part 3

    Neville lines up and hits a running forearm in the corner. He climbs to the middle rope for a phoenix splash, but Tozawa avoids it and rolls him up for a close two count. Tozawa nails a shining wizard before going to the top rope for a flying senton. Neville rolls out of the ring to avoid being pinned. Neville crotches him on the top rope and kicks the rope to make things even worse. Titus encourages his client, but he ends up being pinned after a kick to the gut.

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    Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Title) Part 2

    We return to see Neville still in firm control. Tozawa tries to draw strength from the crowd, but he gets stomped into the mat. Tozawa gets to his feet and starts hitting chops to the chest followed by a punch to the face. A quick side suplex puts the champion down, but he avoids the senton from the top rope. Tozawa makes him pay with two suicide dives. Neville catches Tozawa, but he ends up in an octopus stretch. He gets to the ropes to force a break. The King of the Cruiserweights hits a few precision kicks, but Akira kicks out.

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    Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Title) Part 1

    Titus is at ringside to support his client. They lock up and Neville forces Tozawa to the ropes. The King of the Cruiserweights gets taken down with an arm drag. Akira follows up with a dropkick to the face and a senton. The champ gets kicked off the apron, but he fires back with his own kick when Tozawa goes for a suicide dive. Neville tries to establish his dominance while Titus gives his client a pep talk. Neville runs Tozawa into the barricade before we go to a break.

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    Social Media Lounge

    Paul Heyman admits Samoa Joe is Lesnar's most dangerous opponent. He says even if Lesnar wins, Joe wlll take a piece of him tonight.

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