WWE WrestleMania 33 2017: Live Updates, Results and Reaction

9:00pm UTC Apr 2, 2017Orlando, Florida
The Doctor Chris Mueller

Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of WWE WrestleMania 33. This is the biggest show of the year, and WWE has put together a card filled with great matches and heated rivalries. The Undertaker will have his yearly match against Roman Reigns, Goldberg will defend the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt will defend the WWE title against Randy Orton. The card has tons of other matches to look forward to, so keep it locked right here for live updates of all the action from the pre-show to the final bell of the night.

  1. April 3, 2017
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    WrestleMania 33 Breaks Attendance Record

    WrestleMania 33 Breaks Attendance Record
    WrestleMania 33 logo
    WrestleMania 33

    WrestleMania 33 Breaks Attendance Record

    Joseph Zucker
    via Bleacher Report
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    That Is How You End a Show

    Win or lose, Taker left WrestleMania a hero. After more than seven hours of action, Mania 33 is in the books.

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  6. April 3, 2017
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    The Gloves Are Off

    The Undertaker removes his gloves and leaves them in the ring. He also removes his jacket and lays it on the gloves before finally taking off his signature hat and putting it down. This is clearly symbolic of his retirement, but don't assume he is done forever. If he is able to get his hip repaired, he could be back by next year.

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    Thank You Taker

    The Undertaker finally sits up as the crowd chants "Thank You Taker" almost like they know it will be his last match in a WWE ring. That may not be the case, but if it is, he went out doing a good piece of business by purring someone else over.

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    Reigns Leaves His Fallen Foe

    Reigns leaves the ring and slowly makes his way up the huge ramp as Taker lays motionless in the ring. Reigns looks back after about 30 feet and poses as pyro goes off behind him.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Part 6

    Taker tries to sit up, but he falls back. Reigns looks down at him wondering how to finish the match as Taker struggles to get to his feet. Reigns hits another Spear after taking three bounces off the ropes to finally get the win and defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Let the complaining begin.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Part 5

    Reigns counters Taker, but he can't lift him up to hit the Tombstone himself, so he settles for a Superman Punch. Reigns lines up and hits the Spear, but Taker grabs him in the Hell's Gate submission when he goes for a cover. Reigns rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Reigns picks up the chair and starts demolishing The Undertaker with it. He can't believe Taker keeps trying to get back up. He hits another Spear, but Taker finds a way to get his shoulder up. Reigns lines up for another Spear and nails it, but still can't get the pin. Roman hits a Superman Punch to set imself up for another Spear.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Part 4

    The Undertaker brings a chair into the ring and rams Reigns in the ribs with it. He signals for a Chokeslam on the chair, but Reigns rolls out of the ring. He nails a Superman Punch, but Taker stays standing. He grabs Reigns by the throat and Chokeslams him on the chair for another close two count. Taker calls for the Tombstone and hits it right in the middle of the ring, but Reigns kicks out.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Part 3

    Reigns hits a running dropkick and lands on the announce table, but it doesn't break. Taker catches him and Chokeslams him onto a different table that also doesn't break. Reigns hits a Spear off one table and puts Taker through the Spanish announce table in a monumental crash. Taker eventually sits back up, but Reigns is right back on him in the ring. Taker grabs him and delivers the Last Ride, but only gets a two count.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Part 2

    They end up outside the ring again and Taker gets shoved into the ring post. Reigns follows up with a drive by dropkick. Taker gets the upper hand again and beats on Reigns in the corner. He hits snake eyes in the corner followed by a big boot and a leg drop for a near fall. Reigns runs into a right hand outside the ring that totally lays him out .Taker starts taking apart the announce table.

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    Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker Part 1

    Both men come out swinging and Undertaker sends Reigns out of the ring, saying "This is my yard."Reigns comes back in, and gets sent right back out. Roman takes his time getting back in the ring, but he still gets met with an uppercut. He staggers Taker and clotheslines him out of the ring, only for Taker to land on his feet. He pulls Reigns out of the ring and whips him into the steps. Back in the ring, Reigns hits a Samoan drop.

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    It's Good Ole JR!

    Jim Ross comes out to a great response to call the final match of the evening. It's great to see him in high spirits.

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    One Match Left

    The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns is all we have left on the card. Who do you think will walk out with the win?

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    SmackDown Women's Championship Match Part 3

    Naomi puts Bliss in a submission hold, and she gets the champion to tap out to win the women's title for a second time. Naomi deserves this after years of being overlooked. Good for her.

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    SmackDown Women's Championship Match Part 2

    Becky hits everyone, including Ellsworth, with a Bexploder suplex. Natalya ends up locking in a double sharpshooter on Naomi and Carmella until James hits the Mick Kick to break it up. She hits the MickDT on Lynch, but Carmella breaks up the pin and hits her with a superkick. Everyone starts trying to pin each other, but someone else keeps breaking it up.

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    SmackDown Women's Championship Match Part 1

    Everyone goes after a different person after the bell. When the ring gets cleared, it's down to Mickie and Becky, who are both festively dressed for the match. Nattie and Alexa work together outside the ring while Becky and Mickie fight inside. Ellsworth grabs becky's leg, allowing Carmella to his a hurricanrana in the corner for a two count. A fight breaks out between Alexa and Carmella.

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    Time for the SD Women's Title Match

    Naomi is out to a cool entrance for her return to WrestleMania.

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    Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship) Part 2

    Lesnar hurdles a Spear and starts taking Goldberg back to suplex city. He gets to 10 German suplexes before grabbing him for an F5. He covers Goldberg to become the new universal champion.

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    Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship) Part 1

    The bell rings and Lesnar immediately hits a German suplex, followed by another and another. Goldberg pops up and Spears him out of his boots. He hits a second Spear and the crowd explodes. They go outside and Goldberg Spears him through a barricade. He rolls Lesnar into the ring and grabs him for the Jackhammer. Lesnar counters, but Goldberg hits him with another Spear. He hits the Jackhammer, but Lesnar kicks out at two.

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    Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (WWE Championship) Part 3

    Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, but Orton finds a way to kick out. Bray looks confused and looks to the crowd for guidance. He leans back into his spider walk as an image of cockroaches comes over the mat. Orton pops up and hits another RKO and get the win to become WWE champion.

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    Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (WWE Championship) Part 2

    Another image of worms appears on the mat and Wyatt pounces on Orton. After a little while, Orton rolls out of the ring to get some breathing room. Wyatt misses a clothesline and Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere. He rolls Bray back in, but doesn't cover him. He takes his time planning and lines up for the punt kick. Wyatt avoids it, but can't avoid the backbreaker.

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    Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (WWE Championship) Part 1

    After a glitch with the network, we return to see Wyatt running Orton down with his whole body. the lights go out and an image of maggots appears on the ring. Orton rolls out and Wyatt looks at him with a smile. That was weird and the crowd doesn't seem to know how to respond. Both men avoid the other's finisher and Wyatt lays out Randy with another body check.

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    Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Part 5

    When they get back in the ring, Rollins hits a kick to the head to get a break. He picks up the hammer and looks at Triple H. Steph grabs it from his hands, allowing Triple H to hit the Pedigree for a close two count. Trips brings Rollins to the corner for a super Pedigree. Rollins back drops him and hits a phoenix splash for a near fall. After several Pedigree counters from both men, Triple H takes out the knee again. Triple H accidentally knocks Steph off the apron through the table, and he turns around into a Pedigree to give Rollins the win.

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    Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Part 4

    Rollins hits a superplex into a falcon's arrow, but he only gets a two count. Stephanie attacks Rollins, allowing Triple H to apply the Indian deathlock. Rollins breaks the hold with a few punches and locks in the crossface. Trips gets out by going after the knee again. Triple H puts him in the Indian Deathlock again outside the ring, and then he sees a sledgehammer on the ground.

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    Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Part 3

    Cross Fit Jesus stands on top of the ring post and flies off onto Triple H, hurting his own knee when he takes out The Game. He still gets up and sends Hunter into the ring post. Rollins grabs some chairs, but Triple H uses it against him to go after the knee again. Stephanie yells at her husband to break Seth's leg, so he wraps up the leg in the chair and heads to the top rope. Rollins pops up and sends the chair into Triple H's face.

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    Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Part 2

    Trips grabs a chair and hits Rollins in the bad knee. Trips drives his knee through the back of Seth's bad leg while it is up on a table. Rollins tries to fight back as Triple H continues punishing his knee. Seth sends Hunter's face into the turnbuckle to give himself some breathing room. Rollins goes for the sunset flip powerbomb, but he grabs his knee like he hurt it again. Trips goes for the Pedigree, but Rollins counters and powerbombs him into the buckle.

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    Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Part 1

    They start off trading punches with Rollins quickly getting the upper hand. It doesn't take long for the fight to spill out into the crowd. Rollins back drops Trips back toward the ring. Trips goes after the bad leg, but Rollins keeps finding ways to stop him. The Architect hits a suicide dive, followed by another. Rollins cleans off an announce table and sets up for a Pedigree. Triple H counters and spikes him on the table with a DDT.

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    John Cena and Nikki Bella Get Engaged!

    John Cena and Nikki Bella Get Engaged at WrestleMania
    WrestleMania 33 logo
    WrestleMania 33

    John Cena and Nikki Bella Get Engaged at WrestleMania

    Joseph Zucker
    via Bleacher Report
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    Is He Gonna Ask Her?

    Cena grabs a mic and compliments Nikki for working hard to make a comeback. He talks about the moment before she went into surgery and how she has no idea what he asked her. He says he told her he would marry her one day. Then he asks her to say yes one more time. She agrees and they are engaged, just like everyone predicted weeks ago.