Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Parade 2017: Live Updates, Highlights and Reaction

7:00pm UTC Jun 15, 2017Oakland
Andy Bailey

The Warriors Championship Parade is wrapped. Scroll below for updates and highlights from the event.

  1. June 15, 2017
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    Watch the Parade Here!

    You can watch the parade as it unfolds here or on NBA TV.

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    That's a Wrap!

    The festivities have wrapped up in Oakland.

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    Draymond Drops the Mic 🎀

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  6. June 15, 2017
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    Shots Fired!

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    Draymond Came Prepared!

    Draymond just called out LeBron for saying he's never been on a superteam. And he came with some numbers, namely the draft positions of the Warriors' core guys compared to those of the Heatles.

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    Draymond Trying to Temper Expectations

    First words out of Draymond's mouth were an attempt to squash some of the hype for his speech. "I was in a different place back then," he said of his 2015 speech.

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    Hearing from the Front Office Now

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    Fitz Is Introducing the Players Now!

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    ...And Dray Fired Back

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    So, LeBron Responds to Draymond's Shirt...

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    Aaaand Draymond Fires Back...

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    Coming Up!

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    Kerr on Having to Fit Kevin Durant in on the Warriors

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    The King Responds to Draymond!

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    Zaza on the Warriors' Team-first Mentality

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    Curry on the Blue Carpet

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    The Full Draymond Interview

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    Draymond on the Q

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    Another Classic Interview

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    Kevin Durant on Vindication

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    Klay Thompson on Having to "Sacrifice"

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    To the Stage!

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    What a Scene

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    Draymond Is Now Running on the Street

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    Draymond Has Ditched the Bus

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    Finals MVP Kevin Durant

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    Steph, Larry, and Family

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    The Real MVP

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    Mike Brown Is Living the Dream

    Both the Cavs and Lakers are still paying their former coach, Mike Brown, who's now an assistant for the Warriors.

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    Two-Time MVP, Two-Time Champion

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    Zaza going old school.

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    Bay Area Legends

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    Star Power

    The parade features a bunch of buses. Each one has two players and loads of celebrities. Barry Bonds, Ricky Henderson, Dancing Mom, etc...

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    Draymond Still Getting Shots Up

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    Shades of Mad Max in Oakland Today

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    Bold Move, Sir

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    2 Legit

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    Now That's Team Spirit

    Future Warriors fan on deck!

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    Caw! Caw!

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    Shirts Galore

    The players are launching plenty of tees into the crowd. That'd be a heck of a souvenir to come away with.

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    Larry's on His Way

    The players are loaded into the top of a double-decker bus, soaking in all the love from the thousands in attendance.

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    And We're Off!

    Clydesdales and trolleys and buses, oh my!

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    Toaster Guy!

    The Warriors only lost two games after Klay Thompson signed a toaster in February. Two games.

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