UFC on Fox 26: Live Highlights, Updates and Reactions

9:30pm UTC Dec 16, 2017Winnipeg, Canada
Craig Amos

UFC on Fox 26 is in the books. Rafael dos Anjos defeated Robbie Lawler in the main event, winning every round of their five-round affair. The victory positions dos Anjos near a title shot, but whether the opportunity materializes now or requires an additional victory remains to be seen. In the co-main event, Josh Emmett upset Ricardo Lamas, knocking him out in the first round. The result functions as an announcement that a new player has arrived on the featherweight title scene. Scroll down for Bleacher Report's play-by-play coverage of the full event.

  1. December 17, 2017
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    Dos Anjos Speaks After the Match

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    Dos Anjos Gets His Hand Raised

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  6. December 17, 2017
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    The Win Would Seem to Put Dos Anjos Pretty Close to the Title

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    Rafael Dos Anjos Def. Robbie Lawler, Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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    Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos: Round 5

    Lawler looks to move forward at the beginning of the round, but some pushback from dos Anjos sees him back towards the cage. Dos Anjos takes Lawler down, but both fighters request to be stood up when they hit a stalemate and the referee obliges. Back up, dos Anjos continues to hammer away on Lawler, who has been rendered defensive for the entirety of the round. The action remains there, allowing dos Anjos to stretch his striking edge out for the final minute of action.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 5: 10-9 dos Anjos Bleacher Report scores the fight: 50-45 dos Anjos

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    Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos: Round 4

    Dos Anjos goes to the body with a couple kicks, then adds one to the leg. The Brazilian adds a bodyshot and a punch up top, drawing out a counter right hand from Lawler. A couple more leg-kicks from dos Anjos highlight the limp in Lawler's step, which seems to have limited his mobility. Dos Anjos is taking advantage by keeping his opponent penned in along the cage. Lawler fires off a hard left hand to remind dos Anjos he's still dangerous, but he's beginning to fall behind in terms of volume as time trickles off the clock.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 4: 10-9 dos Anjos

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    Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos: Round 3

    Lawler ushers dos Anjos over to the fence and racks the body with punches. Dos Anjos finds relief with a takedown, but Lawler quickly advances to a sitting position, then stands and gets back to his assault on the body. A big elbow from dos Anjos allows him to recapture momentum, spilling Lawler onto the mat. He follows up with some more hard elbows from half-guard, finishing the round on top.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 dos Anjos

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    Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos: Round 2

    Lawler traps dos Anjos near the fence and forces the action by winging some heavy punches. Dos Anjos weathers the storm and works his way off the perimeter. The Brazilian takes advantage by unleashing a varied combination that staggers Lawler and forces him to the fence. The former champion somehow withstands the barrage and gets back into open space. The pace tapers off some, Lawler pumping his jab, dos Anjos keeping with the leg-kick. Lawler puts in some nice clinch work through the final minute of the frame.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 dos Anjos

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    Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos: Round 1

    The main event begins with a couple of leg-kicks from dos Anjos, which is followed by a heated exchange in which both fighters connect. After they complete the exchange dos Anjos tallies three more leg-kicks, then a series of knees to the body within the Thai clinch. The Brazilian is teeing off on his opponent's legs, and is mixing in punches upstairs nicely as well. Lawler forces a clinch, leading the combatants to trade punches and knees from close quarters.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 dos Anjos

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    Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

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    Emmett Did What Max Holloway and Jose Aldo Couldn't by Finishing Lamas

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    Josh Emmett Def. Ricardo Lamas, Knockout (Round 1, 4:33)

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    Ricardo Lamas vs. Josh Emmett: Round 1

    Both fighters open with leg-kicks, Emmett following his up with a hard right hand. Emmett continues to throw heavy punches, hitting with impact on Lamas' forearms and hands. Lamas stays the course, weathering the assaults and focusing on chopping down his opponent's legs. A murderous left hook comes out of nowhere from Emmett to floor Lamas, leaving him dreaming on the canvas.

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    Ricardo Lamas vs. Josh Emmett

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    Ponzinibbio Gets the Nod

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    The Winner Calls His Shot

    And it would seem to make some sense.

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    Ponzinibbio Took Control of the Third Round with This Spinning Backfist

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    Santiago Ponzinibbio Def. Mike Perry, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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    Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Mike Perry: Round 3

    Both fighters look to maintain the hard pace set in Round 2. Perry tallies a couple nice connections early on, but he absorbs a stiff jab and leg-kick soon after. As Perry attacks, Ponzinibbio cracks him with a spinning backfist that results in a knockdown. Perry recovers fast, but is taken down after he manages to stand. He stands again and this time manages to break free. It's hardly a victory, however, because Ponzinibbo hammers him with a right hand, closes the distance and takes Perry down again. Ponzinibbio looks to set up a choke, but loses it and allows Perry to stand.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Ponzinibbio Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Ponzinibbio

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    Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Mike Perry: Round 2

    Ponzinibbio looks to be making a point of upping his aggression this round, coming out behind his jab. He lands a solid leg-kick, but eats a hard left hook from Perry. The American switches gears and completes a takedown, but Ponzinibbio springs back up instantly. Another leg-kick from Ponzinibbio looks to hurt Perry, who is reacting whenever one lands. Ponzinibbio flurries, cracking Perry with a trio of hard punches. More comes from Ponzinibbio, who has taken over in the latter part of the round. He puts the finishing touches on the frame by smashing Perry with several more heavy connections in the final minute.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Ponzinibbio

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    Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Mike Perry: Round 1

    A bodykick from Perry breaks the early inaction about 40 seconds into the bout. Ponzinibbio kicks back, targeting the leg in the next exchange. Ponzinibbio lands another kick, turning Perry's leg into a swinging door. A right hand from Perry forces Ponzinibbio back. Perry presses forward, landing again, putting his opponent in danger against the fence. Ponzinibbio scrambles away frantically, and the pace smooths out once again.

    Bleacher Report scores round 1: 10-9 Perry

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    Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Mike Perry

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    Cormier Seems Confident, Should This Come to Pass

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    Teixeira Celebrates the Win

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    Glover Teixeira Def. Misha Cirkunov, TKO (Round 1, 2:45)

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    Glover Teixeira vs. Misha Cirkunov: Round 1

    Cirkunov starts strong with a trio of heavy kicks to the legs and midsection. He begins adding his hands into the mix, connecting with a few solid punches to the face. Teixeira answers with a takedown, getting the back during a scramble. He immediately goes to work on a choke, but abandons it in favor of laying down heavy ground and pound from the back-mount. Cirkunov covers up until until the referee intervenes.

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    Glover Teixeira vs. Misha Cirkunov

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    It Wasn't Thrilling to Watch, but Blachowicz Looked Good

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    Blachowicz Gets His Hand Raised

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    Jan Błachowicz Def. Jared Cannonier, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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    Jan Błachowicz vs. Jared Cannonier: Round 3

    A big overhand right from Cannonier reminds Blachowicz this one ain't over quite yet. He lands it again, adding a third right to the body. Blachowicz looks to break up Cannonier's late rally with a takedown. Cannonier isn't having it though, and he stands up immediately afterward. Blachowicz shows that he can be just as stubborn and he commits to another takedown, completing it and establishing top-position this time. He advances from guard to half-guard.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Cannonier Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Blachowicz

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    Jan Błachowicz vs. Jared Cannonier: Round 2

    A hard leg-kick from Cannonier marks an auspicious beginning to the round for him. He adds another that wobbles Blachowicz before adding a left hand. The Pole responds with a jab and a takdown, but he's unable to prevent Cannonier from standing up. Blachowicz puts Cannonier back on the mat, though this time with a punch instead of a takedown. Cannonier recovers quickly and once again gets back to his feet despite the effort from Blachowicz to keep him down. But that doesn't deter him from taking Cannonier right back down. Time expires with Blachowicz in the guard.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Blachowicz

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    Jan Błachowicz vs. Jared Cannonier: Round 1

    Both fighters begin cautiously, Blachowicz landing the first significant strikes 50 seconds in when he puts together a bodykick and punch to the face. Cannonier gets him back with a leg-kick moments later, but he's cracked with a kick up top soon after. Blachowicz continues to utilize kicks, landing again to the ribs. The final minute passes without much in the way of action.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Blachowicz

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    Jan Błachowicz vs. Jared Cannonier

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    Marquez Establishes Himself as a Fun Fighter...

    And a character on the mic.

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    Here's the Finish from Marquez

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    To Sum That Battle Up...

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    Julian Marquez Def. Darren Stewart, Submission (Round 2, 2:42)

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    Julian Marquez vs. Darren Stewart: Round 2

    Marquez looks for a standing guillotine after a brief exchange of punches. He releases the choke to land a couple knees. Stewart fires back with a pair of punches that wobble Marquez. The men then mimic rock em' sock em' robots near the fence, before Marquez ties up in search of a takedown. Stewart then looks for a takedown, but it too fizzles out when Marquez wraps on a guillotine. Stewart tries to ride it out, but eventually succumbs and taps out.

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    Julian Marquez vs. Darren Stewart: Round 1

    A right hand from Stewart is followed by a takedown, but Marquez quickly fights back to his feet. The action moves to the fence where the fighters sling punches, both landing solid connections, before Stewart takes Marquez back to the canvas. Marquez works back up, but he's welcomed to his feet by a flurry with Stewart, then another takedown. That process repeats, but Marquez is able to land a knee in the midst. A kimura attempt puts Stewart in some trouble, but he escapes before the round ends.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Marquez

  46. December 16, 2017
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    Julian Marquez vs. Darren Stewart

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    Robbie Lawler, One Half of Tonight's Main Event, Has Entered the Building

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    And the Come-from-behind Finish from Laprise

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    Here's the Early Knockdown from Bofando

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    Chad Laprise Def. Galore Bofando, TKO (Round 1, 4:10)

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    Chad Laprise vs. Galore Bofando: Round 1

    Bofando implements some theatrical footwork to open the bout. He uses it to close the distance and crack Laprise with a heavy combination of straight punches that puts the Canadian on his back. Bofando looks to finish, but Laprise recovers and works back to his feet. Laprise then opts for a takedown, positioning himself in side-control, then mount. From there, Laprise postures and flurries with punches. He continues to lay down ground and pound until the referee calls the TKO.

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    Chad Laprise vs. Galore Bofando

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    Taleb Stated His Case for a Post-fight Bonus

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    Here's the Finish from Taleb

    He scored the knockout with a punch, not an elbow as I originally wrote.

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    Nordine Taleb Def. Danny Roberts, Knockout (Round 1, 0:59)

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    Nordine Taleb vs. Danny Roberts: Round 1

    Both fighters open with kicks, but Taleb lands the big one, connecting to the head. Roberts goes limp against the fence allowing Taleb to follow up with a brutal elbow that brings a succinct end to the contest.

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    Nordine Taleb vs. Danny Roberts

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    Makdessi Earns a Clean Sweep on the Judges' Cards

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    John Makdessi Def. Abel Trujillo, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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    John Makdessi vs. Abel Trujillo: Round 3

    A left hand lands for Trujillo in the early going. He adds a leg-kick a minute later to break a chain of Makdessi jabs and crosses, but fails on a pair of takedowns. After the battle of attrition ends against the fence, Makdessi finds some space to hit with a bodykick. He adds a one-two and a hard right hand up top. He finishes up the fight with a combination at the end.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Makdessi Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27 Makdessi

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    John Makdessi vs. Abel Trujillo: Round 2

    Trujillo attempts to change the dynamic of the fight by grabbing for a leg in search of a takedown. Makdessi scampers to the fence and widens his base, preventing Trujillo from completing the maneuver. Trujillo lands a few quick punches after the scramble, but Makdessi settles back in and rallies for a series of connections. Jabs hit for Trujillo and leg-kicks for Makdessi as time winds down in Round 2.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Makdessi

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    John Makdessi vs. Abel Trujillo: Round 1

    A crisp left hand lands for Makdessi as Trujillo leans in. His next strike is an eye-poke so time is called. When we resume, Trujillo clips Makdessi with a right hand. Makdessi answers with a methodical series of counter punches over the next minute or two, then scores a quasi knockdown that looked like it was half a slip. Time is then called after Makdessi lands a lowblow. Makdessi lands a couple kicks after the reset.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Makdessi

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    John Makdessi vs. Abel Trujillo