UFC Fight Night 119: Derek Brunson Annihilates Lyoto Machida with a First-Round KO

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Nathan McCarter

Derek Brunson made quick work of the returning Lyoto Machida at UFC Fight Night 119 in Sao Paulo. He caught "The Dragon" with a left hand that put him on the mat, and he followed up with a few stiff punches on the ground to shut off the lights. The victory should move Brunson right back into the thick of the title hunt heading into 2018. In the co-main event, Colby Covington got by a fading Demian Maia. Miss the action? Check out the highlights below.

  1. October 29, 2017
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    That's a Wrap in Sao Paulo

    That'll do it for UFC Fight Night 119 with two up-and-coming contenders ousting longtime UFC contenders. Is that a sign of things to come?

    UFC Fight Night 119 Quick Results Derek Brunson def. Lyoto Machida by KO at 2:30 of the first round Colby Covington def. Demian Maia by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 30-26) Pedro Munhoz def. Rob Font via submission (guillotine) at 4:03 of the first round Francisco Trinaldo def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Thiago Santos def. Jack Hermansson by TKO at 4:59 of the first round John Lineker def. Marlon Vera by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Vicente Luque def. Niko Price via submission (D'arce choke) at 4:08 of the second round Antonio Carlos Junior def. Jack Marshman via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:30 of the first round Jared Gordon def. Hacran Dias by unanimous decision (29-26, 29-27, 30-26) Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Max Griffin by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28) Deiveson Figueiredo def. Jarr

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    Bleacher Report MMA @BR_MMA

    Derek Brunson: "Luke Rockhold, where you at, baby, let's run this!" #WouldWatch

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    🎆 Ka......POW! 🎆


    WATCH FOR THE HOOK! Derek Brunson finishes Lyoto Machida early in round one! #UFCSP https://t.co/JEiQckDhsG

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  6. October 29, 2017
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    Official Result

    Derek Brunson def. Lyoto Machida by KO at 2:30 of the first round.

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    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    My lord, Brunson just starched Machida with a big shot. Skill-wise Machida was still there, but his chin is just gone. #UFCSaoPaulo

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    MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

    The dragon has been slain. #UFCSaoPaulo

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    That KO.

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    Derek Brunson vs. Lyoto Machida: Round 1

    Brunson is starting patiently. Now Brunson is starting to come forward a bit more, and Machida is more than ready to counter. Brunson comes forward and Machida just misses connecting on the button. Halfway through the first.

    Brunson rocks Machida and puts him on the mat. A couple more shots and Machida is out cold.

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    Bleacher Report MMA @BR_MMA

    No matter who you have, Game of Thrones and Kendrick Lamar is the entrance song duo of the night. #UFCSaoPaulo

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    Colby Covington's Incendiary Post-Fight Speech

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    Main Event Time!

    Derek Brunson vs. Lyoto Machida!

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    I second that 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/rJER31lYlE

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    Mike Bohn @MikeBohnMMA

    Fighters are now 0-5 when attempting to tie Michael Bisping's all-time UFC wins record. Georges St-Pierre gets his shot next week.

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    Tim B @TB_Money

    I'm perfectly fine with heeling, even heeling crowds. But that's just incredibly stupid in that particular place.

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    Official Result

    Colby Covington def. Demian Maia by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 30-26).

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    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    Should be Covington's fight. He worked faster, landed more, handled himself wrestling-wise. #UFCSaoPaulo

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    Demian Maia vs. Colby Covington: Round 3

    Covington lands a jab. Covington lands a long right. They briefly clinch in the center with Covington landing more than Maia. Covington starting to land more frequently. He's going to run up the total on Maia here. Maia is gassed and has little left.

    Maia lands a knee with little behind it. Covington lands a combination that staggers Maia. Maia is gushing blood. Covington peppers Maia with punches until the horn sounds.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Covington. Bleacher Report scored the fight: 29-28 Covington.

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    Demian Maia vs. Colby Covington: Round 2

    Maia going for the takedown, but Covington defends. Maia changes levels and nearly gets the takedown. Covington doing well to avoid the takedown. Maia goes for the single again. Covington defends again. Maia dives again. It's not close.

    Maia lands on the eye again. Jab from Maia. Covington now finding more success with his strikes. Maia goes for the leg again. He tries to pull guard as Covington defends, but that fails too. Another takedown defended from Covington. Maia is becoming tired and desperate. One minute left in the round.

    Covington smiling at Maia. A close round as neither man landed much cleanly, but Covington may have given the best optics to the judges.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Covington.

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    Demian Maia vs. Colby Covington: Round 1

    They meet in the center. Maia lands a lead left. And another over the top. A third connects. Maia is out of range for Covington's punches. Covington getting a bit more aggressive. Covington smiles as Maia lands another left. Maia dives on a single. Covington defends.

    Maia continually touches Covington with the left. Hard outside leg kick from Covington. Another leg kick from Covington. Covington is bleeding from his right eye. Covington wiping the blood away continuously. It must be seeping into his eye.

    Covington pressuring Maia. They clinch against the fence, but it doesn't last long. Maia has taken a lot of leg kicks. Maia grabs a single, but Covington defends.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Maia.

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    Co-Main Next Up

    Can Colby Covington back up all his inane trash talk? Or will Demian Maia regain some momentum with by kicking the prospect to the end of the line? Let's find out.

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    Official Result

    Pedro Munhoz def. Rob Font via submission (guillotine) at 4:03 of the first round.

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    WHAT A MOVE! Pedro Munhoz gets the submission win with a guillotine from the top position! #UFCSP https://t.co/TdV3BV7Xz6

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    T. P. Grant @TP_Grant

    Since there will be 20-30 mins next fight because FS1, check out Munhoz teaching a guillotine entry https://t.co/SybZUIvglf

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    Matthew Wells @MrMWellsArt

    DC is putting the jinx out with his commentary tonight. #UFCSP

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    RJ Clifford @RJcliffordMMA

    You shoot into Pedro Munhoz hurt, you're tapping to a guillotine 100% of the time.

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    Pedro Munhoz vs. Rob Font: Round 1

    Font comes right out firing away. Munhoz not shying away and starts to come forward himself. Munhoz lands a hard leg kick. Font lands a good body shot. Munhoz lands a couple more kicks to the calf, and Font responds with a few punches that connect.

    Munhoz is already getting busted up. Font catches a kick and Munhoz began looking for a leg. Font got free and decided to keep it standing. A left from Munhoz sneaks through. Font connecting with straight punches. Munhoz is able to get inside range to land his own punches, but Font has certainly landed more through the first four minutes.

    Munhoz hurts Font. Munhoz jumps on a guillotine and it's over. Quick. Excellent submission.

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    Back to 135 We Go...

    Pedro Munhoz vs. Rob Font inches us closer to the main event. Underappreciated fight due up next.

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    Official Result

    Francisco Trinaldo def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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    Adam Martin @MMAdamMartin

    I’m surprised Miller gassed harder than Trinaldo. Somehow Trinaldo has gotten better cardio as he’s aged.

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    Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jim Miller: Round 3

    In between rounds, Miller told his corner that he "has nothing." That's certainly not a good sign, but he comes out in the third looking to fight.

    Trinaldo comes in with a step-in knee, Miller catches it and tries to take him down. He cannot complete it. Body shot from Trinaldo. Strong leg kick from Miller. Trinaldo has Miller against the cage. Now they move to the center of the cage. Trinaldo keeps looking for an elbow over the top. Perhaps he hurt his hand.

    They clinch and Trinaldo lands a short knee to the body. Trinaldo breaks and backs away. Trinaldo catches a leg kick and takes Miller down. 90 seconds left and this may be the end of Miller's chances to take this fight. Trinaldo is clearly winning this round. The fight closes with Trinaldo pounding away from half-guard.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Trinaldo. Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Trinaldo.

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    Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jim Miller: Round 2

    Trinaldo lands a left early in the second. Trinaldo touches him with a front kick as well. Trinaldo is getting his hands going. Miller has eaten several shots but primarily the left hand. Miller comes forward with a takedown but abandons it quickly.

    Trinaldo with another left hand. Miller throws a body kick. Trinaldo lands an outside leg kick as Miller enters and it almost sweeps Miller off his feet. Miller takes a right hand to the cheek as he comes inside the distance of the Brazilian. Miller gets a takedown, goes for a guillotine when Trinaldo springs up but loses position.

    Trinaldo now works from half-guard with just over a minute remaining. Trinaldo nearly traps Miller's arm, but Miller gets it back just in time. Excellent round for Trinaldo.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Trinaldo.

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    Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jim Miller: Round 1

    Miller catches a kick, a scramble ensues as Trinaldo goes for a kneebar and Trinaldo wins the scramble. Miller tries to regain full guard and does. Trinaldo has Miller against the cage. Trinaldo backs away and lets Miller stand.

    Miller lands a low leg kick and Trinaldo responds with a left. Miller changes levels and scores an easy takedown. Full guard for Trinaldo. Trinaldo stifles Miller and the crowd boos. The referee stands them up with 10 seconds left. Trinaldo tries a jumping knee but it misses. Close round.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Miller.

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    Lightweight Action on Deck

    Francisco Trinaldo welcomes Jim Miller to Brazil for the next bout.

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    Thiago Santos finishes off Jack Hermanssonin round one! That uppercut. That finish. Wow. #UFCSP https://t.co/5wLUpuLo2X

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    Official Result

    Thiago Santos def. Jack Hermansson by TKO at 4:59 of the first round.

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    Sneaky Impressive

    Mike-Ghoul Carroll @MJCflipdascript

    Most UFC Knockouts, Middleweight A. Silva, 8 Thiago Santos, 7 Bisping, 7 Leben, 7 #UFCSP

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    Dave Doyle @davedoylemma

    Holy crap ... that was like Santos heard the 10-second warning and thought he had no choice but to finish it before the horn.

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    Thiago Santos vs. Jack Hermansson: Round 1

    Hermansson starts bouncing in and out on the outset of the fight. Santos switches stances. Santos is the first to open up, but nothing lands cleanly.

    Hermansson drops for a double, but Santos defends. They break and Santos starts firing away with reckless abandon. Hermansson covered up well to avoid damage. Now they go back to errant strikes or being very tentative. Lots of movement with minimal action. Almost like a Clay Guida fight.

    Santos darts forward with a blitzkrieg. He drops Hermansson out of nowhere and finishes right before the bell. Whoa!

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    Dave Doyle @davedoylemma

    World Series game started an hour after UFC and is going to the 8th inning with five fights left

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    Dave Doyle @davedoylemma

    Kings and Bruins played a full game and overtime during the UFC's prelim card

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    Middleweight hopefuls Thiago Santos and Jack Hermansson look to take the next step forward when they meet in the cage next.

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    Official Result

    John Lineker def. Marlon Vera by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

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    John Lineker vs. Marlon Vera: Round 3

    Lineker goes right after Vera and forces him against the fence again. Vera ties him up. They separate. Vera goes high with a kick that just brushes Lineker's face. Vera gets the clinch again and lands a knee up the center. Linker moves him back to the cage before they break.

    Vera's output is winning him the round, but there's still 2:30 to go.

    Lineker misses on a spinning attack and Vera just missed taking his back in the process. Lineker attacks the body and lands to the head. Vera grabs the Thai clinch again only for Lineker to push him to the cage. Vera throws another step-in knee that misses. Vera did a great job of not getting clipped, but he just didn't do enough to win.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Vera. Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Lineker.

  47. Clock Icon2:26 am

    John Lineker vs. Marlon Vera: Round 2

    Lineker is turning it up more in the opening minute. He's still be patient, but his output is higher than in the first round. He wants Vera on the cage, but Vera is able to get away.

    Vera tries a Thai clinch. Lineker bullies him to the cage. They separate. Lineker starting to chase Vera a bit. Frustration may be setting in. Lineker lands a kick and a left hand. He misses a spinning back kick. Lineker smiles after a leg kick from Vera.

    Vera goes to the body with a kick. Lineker tries to pressure again but Vera circles. Vera just misses eating a winging left hook. Lineker trips Vera to the mat off a leg kick. Lineker goes into his guard. Big elbows from Lineker.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Lineker.

  48. Clock Icon2:21 am

    John Lineker vs. Marlon Vera: Round 1

    Not surprising there is a slow start. Vera does not want to make a mistake and get iced.

    Lineker steps in and attacks the body. Not a whole lot of action. Lineker coming forward with Vera circling away without much thrown. Lineker lands some hard leg kicks as he's stuck on the outside. Now Lineker comes in with a left to the head. He's opening up a bit more with under two minutes remaining in the first.

    Right to the body, left to the head. Vera covered up enough to not eat it flush. Lineker fires away and gets Vera on the cage. Now he starts unleashing. Vera does well to cover up.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Lineker.

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    Iain Kidd @iainkidd

    John Lineker is a normal human who was exposed to too much gravity. Everything became compressed & he got mega-punching superpower. #UFCSP

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    👊 of 🗿

    John Lineker starts the main card against Marlon Vera.

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    Significant Strikes. Significant Submission. Vicente Luque finishes the job with the win vs. Niko Price! #UFCSP https://t.co/Pt0hNRzUNn

  52. Clock Icon1:50 am

    Grab Your Snacks...

    The main cards starts at the top of the hour. Get ready.

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    Official Result

    Vicente Luque def. Niko Price via submission (D'arce choke) at 4:08 of the second round.

  54. Clock Icon1:47 am

    Mike-Ghoul Carroll @MJCflipdascript

    Vicent Luque is now tied for the 2nd-most UFC finishes since 2015 with five. #UFCSP

  55. Clock Icon1:46 am

    Connor Ruebusch @BoxingBusch

    Wow. Terrific finish from Luque, and much better pacing leading up to it.

  56. Clock Icon1:46 am

    Adam Martin @MMAdamMartin

    Amazing finish by Vicente Luque. Give that man a 50k bonus!

  57. Clock Icon1:45 am

    Vicente Luque vs. Niko Price: Round 2

    Luque lands a nice left-hand counter. Price is starting to up his tempo a touch. He may be feeling the pressure after the first round.

    Another strong leg kick from Luque. Those are adding up. Luque scores with a left-right combination and then throws a jumping knee. Price is not eating the crisp, fight-altering kind of shots but he is taking a lot of punishment. Now Price is starting to wear it on his face. Luque has drawn blood.

    Luque's forward pressure is wilting Price. Luque drops Price and he's all over him. Hard shots. He jumps on a d'arce! Price tries to escape but it's tight. He taps! What a performance from Luque!

  58. Clock Icon1:40 am

    Vicente Luque vs. Niko Price: Round 1

    They meet in the center. Now Price starts circling on the outside. Hard low outside leg kick from Luque. Price pumping his jab. Luque mixing up his strikes well early. There's a slower pace to this fight thus far.

    Nice jab from Price. Price catches a kick but cannot take Luque down. Luque scores with a clean right over the top. Price goes to the body as Luque throws a leg kick. Now Luque lands a left. Competitive first round. Leg kick-left hand combo from Luque. Luque took the opening round with his diverse striking.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Luque.

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    Antônio Carlos Júnior locks in the rear-naked choke on Jack Marshman for the huge win! #UFCSP https://t.co/M7jL1SvIHh

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    The Featured Prelim

    Vicente Luque vs. Niko Price is your final preliminary contest tonight.

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    Official Result

    Antonio Carlos Junior def. Jack Marshman via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:30 of the first round.

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    caposa @Grabaka_Hitman

    Shoeface took his sole