Holly Holm Stuns Bethe Correia with a Perfect Head Kick KO at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore

Invalid DateKallang, Singapore
Nathan McCarter

Winless since her KO over Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm had her back against the wall. She got off that wall by sending Bethe Correia to the canvas in an unconscious heap of human flesh. Holm put Correia down with a brilliant headkick. She baited the Brazilian and got her to bite. The main card didn't deliver big action, but the undercard certainly did. Did you miss any of it? Check out the full recap of UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore with Bleacher Report's play-by-play.

  1. June 17, 2017
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    UFC Fight Night 111 Quick Results

    Main Card Holly Holm def. Bethe Correia by KO at 1:09 of the third round Marcin Tybura def. Andrei Arlovski by unanimous decision (29-28, 28-27, 29-27) Colby Covington def. Dong Hyun Kim by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27) Rafael Dos Anjos def. Tarec Saffiedine by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

    Preliminary Card Jon Tuck def. Takanori Gomi via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:12 of the first round Walt Harris def. Cyril Asker by TKO at 1:44 of the first round Alex Caceres def. Rolando Dy by TKO at 5:00 of the second round Ulka Sasaki def. Justin Scoggins via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:19 of the second round Li Jingliang def. Frank Camacho by unanimous decision (29-27, 28-27, 29-27) Russell Doane def. Kwan Ho Kwak by TKO at 4:09 of the first round Naoki Inoue def. Carls John de Tomas by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26) Lucie Pudilova def. Ji Yeon Kim by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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    That does it for UFC Singapore, as Holly Holm gets back in the win column by putting Bethe Correia down and out. After two rounds of inaction, Holm plastered the Brazilian with a perfect head kick and follow-up punch on the ground. Goodness.

    The UFC returns next week, and Bleacher Report will be on the call as always. Keep it locked for full coverage.

    UFC Europe @UFCEurope

    Congrats @HollyHolm!! The Preacher's Daughter is back!! #UFCSingapore https://t.co/IuzFHZ6P7c

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    Holly Holm Def. Bethe Correia by KO at 1:09 of the Third Round

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  6. June 17, 2017
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    This Should Not Be Lost in the Result

    Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani

    Huge result for not only Holm but the UFC, too. She's still one of the biggest stars in the sport. Good to see her smile in there again.

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    Michael Carroll @MJCflipdascript

    That uppercut coffin nail by Holm was sweet.

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    Gorgeous George @MMAjunkieGeorge

    Right after Bethe asked for it, she got it. Headkick and follow up punch, right on the money!!! #UFCSingapore

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    UFC Europe @UFCEurope

    WOW!!! Another HUGE headkick from @HollyHolm at #UFCSingapore!!! https://t.co/w2feuAxuDB

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    Holly Holm vs. Bethe Correia: Round 3

    Holm lands another kick. Correia calls Holm forward and starts taunting her. Correia immediately eats a fight-ending head kick.

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    Holly Holm vs. Bethe Correia: Round 2

    Holm starts the second with another sidekick. More inaction. The crowd is trying to generate some energy into this fight. It is not working.

    Correia came forward with a right and ate a counter. That's what Holm wants. More inaction. Marc Goddard halts the action to warn both fighters that they must do something. A timidity warning. Bless him.

    Holm lands a light body kick. It's almost as if there is more space now. Correia darts forward and closes the distance. She can't get a takedown, but it is something. I guess.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-10.

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    Holly Holm vs. Bethe Correia: Round 1

    A lot of movement with no strikes in the opening 90 seconds. Holm has the center of the cage, but Correia has not pushed the issue. Sidekick from Holm finds a home on the midsection of Correia. The crowd is beginning to grow restless with the tentative nature of the fight.

    Holm starting to get a bit more loose as she finds her range. The crowd begins to boo in full as the clock ticks below a minute. Not much of anything, but Holm did land a few sidekicks.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Holm.

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    UFC @ufc

    HERE WE GO! @HollyHolm | #UFCSingapore https://t.co/vhWO5GtYtM

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    Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani

    UFC's Singapore TV partner specifically lobbied to have Holm headline this card. Apparently she (and her hair) is very popular there.

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    Marcin Tybura Def. Andrei Arlovski by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 28-27, 29-27)

    UFC Europe @UFCEurope

    Biggest win of his career!! Congrats @MarcinTybura 🇵🇱 at #UFCSingapore https://t.co/xenSeI5ImS

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    🙌 Praise Be 🙌

    Seán Sheehan @SeanSheehanBA

    Only Bethe can save us now.

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    E. Casey Leydon @ekc

    Any round 3 of heavyweight MMA maybe the worse thing in sports.

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    Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura: Round 3

    Tybura initiates the clinch. The heavyweight slog is in full effect.

    Tybura completes the takedown. Three minutes to go. Tybura just needs to stay busy, and he will win. Arlovski doesn't appear to have the energy to contend with Tybura. Tybura moves to mount. One minute left in this fight. Arlovski almost spun out, but he failed.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Tybura. Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28, Tybura.

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    Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura: Round 2

    Good straight right from the former champion. Arlovski clinches. Arlovski is wearing on Tybura but not much more. Arlovski finally backs away and fires punches.

    Takedown from Arlovski is short-lived, as he cannot maintain control. Arlovski back to clinching with Tybura against the fence. One minute left in the round. The referee breaks them up. Tybura lands a knee.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Arlovski.

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    Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura: Round 1

    Big spinning back kick from Arlovski sends Tybura back a few feet. Tybura catches a kick and takes Arlovski to the canvas. Arlovski doing well to tie-up Tybura and avoid ground and pound. Arlovski gives up his back. He scrambles, but Tybura takes mount. Big hammerfists land. Huge elbow to the face. Arlovski gives up his back again.

    Tybura is not landing all of his ground and pound. Arlovski survives. Tybura takes the back again. Arlovski spins out and ends the first round by pelting Tybura with big punches.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Tybura.

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    Oh No... 🙈

    Damon Martin @DamonMartin

    Marcin Tybura out to "Can't Stop" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Andrei Arlovski to "I'm a Soldier" by Eminem #UFCSingapore

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    Robert Sargent @MMARising

    Andrei Arlovski's highlight reel consisted primarily of footage from his wins over Vladimir Matyushenko and Tim Sylvia. In 2003 and 2005...

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    Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura Is Your Co-Main Event

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    Colby Covington Def. Dong Hyun Kim by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

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    Dong Hyun Kim vs. Colby Covington: Round 3

    Kim comes forward and gets tagged by a left from Covington. Now it's Covington back in the center of the cage. They exchange light strikes of little significance. Covington is staying busy, but the shots don't have the pop they once did. Covington takes Kim back down. It's going to be difficult for Kim to win the fight now.

    Covington is staying in tight and grinding this win out. Kim is able to stand. Now he takes Covington down, but Covington is quick to move. Kim is back defending a single leg from Covington with under a minute to go. Covington scores a final takedown before the bell.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Covington. Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27, Covington.

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    Dong Hyun Kim vs. Colby Covington: Round 2

    Covington throwing low kicks early in the second. He shoots in, and Kim defends. Kim keeps his legs within range, and Covington ends up taking Kim down. Still, Covington is not doing much offensively from the top. Kim gets back to his feet with Covington attached to his person.

    They break, but for how long? Covington lands a left that forces Kim back. He tries a flying knee that misses. Covington takes Kim back down. Kim nearly throws Covington to his back, but Covington narrowly avoids it. Covington scrambles back to the back of Kim.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Covington.

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    Dong Hyun Kim vs. Colby Covington: Round 1

    Covington slips off a high kick right away. They clinch soon after. Covington put Kim on his butt, but he struggled to pull him off the fence. Covington keeping his paws on Kim and doesn't let him get away. Covington slips to the back of Kim. Covington isn't getting much offense, but he's making Kim work. Covington gets Kim back to his butt. Kim works back to his feet without taking damage.

    Covington now throwing more elbows and knees. Not a lot landing clean. They finally break. Kim walking Covington down. Kim lands a knee, and Covington takes that as a sign he needs to wrestle. They end the round clinched against the cage.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Covington.

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    Next on the Docket? Dong Hyun Kim vs. Colby Covington

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    We Are Here for This

    khabib nurmagomedov @TeamKhabib

    I want see RDA vs Masvidal. This fight will be a great match up @ufc #welterweight

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    Rafael Dos Anjos Def. Tarec Saffiedine by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

    UFC Europe @UFCEurope

    Former champ @RdosAnjosMMA gets the decision at #UFCSingapore! https://t.co/INJFeE6AtU

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    Heidi Fang @HeidiFang

    Rafael dos Anjos looked good in his welterweight debut. I give him a clean sweep for this one. 30-27.

  33. Clock Icon1:33 pm

    Tarec Saffiedine vs. Rafael Dos Anjos: Round 3

    Dos Anjos still pressuring. Nice jab from the former lightweight champ. Leg kick from Dos Anjos lands. Saffiedine needs to pick up the pace if he wants to win. They clinch and exchange knees. Hard outside leg kick from Dos Anjos.

    Dos Anjos goes to the body with kicks. Saffiedine is still throwing, but not at any rate that inspires confidence he can stop Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos is simply outworking Saffiedine in the third. They clinch again, but it's short-lived. A fun exchange to end the round, but it's a clean sweep for Dos Anjos in his welterweight debut.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Dos Anjos. Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27, Dos Anjos.

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    Tarec Saffiedine vs. Rafael Dos Anjos: Round 2

    Saffiedine starts with another inside low leg kick. Dos Anjos continually coming forward. They clinch once more. Saffiedine defends a takedown attempt as Dos Anjos looks for a leg. Now it's Saffiedine who drops for a leg. Dos Anjos gets the better of the grappling exchange and throws a knee that looks to come close to the head. Nothing from the referee.

    Saffiedine is back up to his feet and away from Dos Anjos. That doesn't last too long as they clinch again. They are intent on fighting in tight. They break up but don't back away too far. Both men starting to slow down. Saffiedine seeking a takedown, but Dos Anjos easily defends. Strange gameplan from Saffiedine against such a strong grappler.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Dos Anjos.

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    Tarec Saffiedine vs. Rafael Dos Anjos: Round 1

    Saffiedine throws a high kick early. Another high kick from Saffiedine, and this time it makes an impact even if mostly blocked. Saffiedine catches a body kick and takes Dos Anjos down. Dos Anjos has a Kimura, but Saffiedine is able to get away by being on top. Dos Anjos gets back to his feet, but Saffiedine stays tight on him and lands a knee to the body.

    They separate. Saffiedine lands a good counter shot. Dos Anjos takes Saffiedine to the mat. An early takedown is great for Dos Anjos. Saffiedine is up, and they are back to the center of the cage. Low inside leg kick from Saffiedine lands. Jumping knee from Dos Anjos is mostly blocked. They clinch. Saffiedine circles away. Dos Anjos starting to throw some power at the end of the round. Hard to score.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9, Dos Anjos.

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    Yes, Yes He Is 🙌

    The Spartan @EliasTheodorou

    Is RDA using "Fight to Survive" from Bloodsport?!? :O #UFCSingapore

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    We're Going to Start with Saffiedine vs. Dos Anjos 🍰

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    Jon Tuck Def. Takanori Gomi Via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:12 of the First Round

    UFC @ufc

    RNC submission a minute into the first by @JonCruzTuck to defeat "The Fireball Kid"!! #UFCSingapore https://t.co/zKKG1X7KVE

  39. Clock Icon11:34 am

    Takanori Gomi vs. Jon Tuck: Round 1

    A touch of gloves and we are underway in the final prelim of the morning.

    Tuck throws out a quick kick that catches Gomi. A second hurts Gomi! Tuck takes the back. He's under the chin and it's over. Quick outing for Tuck.

  40. Clock Icon11:24 am

    Jason Floyd @Jason_Floyd

    Takanori Gomi has lost 3 in a row (all by TKO) and his last win came at UFC 172 vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg (3 years, 1 month, 22 days ago)

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    UFC @ufc

    AND @TheBigTicket2015 WITH THE TKO! https://t.co/PHxA7WGXQn

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    Tommy Toe Hold @TommyToeHold

    Harris with the Ralphie ground and pound. #UFCSingapore

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    Cyril Asker vs. Walt Harris: Round 1

    Big body kick from Harris to open the fight. Asker tags Harris with a counter that stuns him. Asker gets leveled, and Harris goes into his guard. Huge ground and pound! Massive elbows and the referee stops it!

  44. Clock Icon11:08 am

    Not the Worst Idea in the World

    Fernanda Prates @NandaPrates_

    I feel this is the proper time for me to bring up the need for a backstage hugger, placed next to the doctors.

  45. Clock Icon11:03 am

    This Ain't Right...

    Champions MMA @ChampionsFight

    Doctor: Listen, you can't see out of one eye. I'm going to stop the fight. Dy: ... #UFCSingapore https://t.co/fGEnVtv4xZ

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    Alex Caceres Def. Rolando Dy by TKO at 5:00 of the Second Round

    Justin Golightly @SecretMovesMMA

    Ref called the fight because of Dy's eye. Great show of sportsmanship by Caceres. #UFCSingapore

  47. Clock Icon11:00 am

    Alex Caceres vs. Rolando Dy: Round 2

    Dy may not be able to see out of his right eye. He seemingly tried to signal to the referee who told him to fight. That was strange, but he's fighting on. Now they stop the action to check on the eye. The doctor checked on it and the action continues.

    Dy scores a takedown and gets the back of Caceres. Dy can't hold the position and they are back at a distance. They mix it up without landing anything flush, but they both connect in some fashion. Caceres starts picking up the tempo again, but they clinch shortly after. They break. Dy lands. The second is a close round. Caceres ends the round with a kick to the chest.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Caceres.

  48. Clock Icon10:53 am

    UFC @ufc

    ENDLESS combinations from @BruceLeeRoyGlow | #UFCSingapore https://t.co/XSwzkuT2x3

  49. Clock Icon10:52 am

    Alex Caceres vs. Rolando Dy: Round 1

    Caceres takes the center and Dy is circling away from "Bruce Leeroy". Caceres defends an early takedown. Caceres scores a good inside leg kick as Dy is virtually motionless against the fence. Very strange that he's not exiting when given space. High kick land for Caceres and he lands on Dy again! Dy gets leveled after another shot from Caceres!

    Caceres senses the end and jumps all over Dy. He goes for a choke, but Dy avoids the choke. What a mismatch. Caceres is going back to the rear-naked choke. Dy gets back up. I'm not sure that's a good thing considering how stationary he is on the feet. Dy clinches. That'll get him out of the round.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-8 Caceres.

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    Adam Martin @MMAdamMartin

    Three submission losses by Scoggins now in the UFC and he was in control of all 3 fights before he got choked. This guy just never learns.

  51. Clock Icon10:40 am

    Ulka Sasaki Def. Justin Scoggins Via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:19 of the Second Round

    UFC Fight Pass @UFCFightPass

    We are in fact calling that a comeback! @UlkaSasaki with the fantastic finish! #UFCSingapore https://t.co/dUJyq9fvr9

  52. Clock Icon10:37 am

    Justin Scoggins vs. Ulka Sasaki: Round 2

    Scoggins drops Sasaki with a spinning back kick to the body. Elbows reigning down from Scoggins. Sasaki starts to tie him up, but Scoggins gets free and pelts him with more big elbows. Scoggins doing a fantastic job and keeping position on the mat and winning scrambles.

    Sasaki reverses into mount! Now Sasaki has the body triangle and a rear-naked choke. Sasaki is squeezing hard! Scoggins taps! Wow!

  53. Clock Icon10:34 am


    UFC @ufc

    A BIG SLAM early from @ScogginsFlow to get us going! #UFCSingapore https://t.co/VeuTdl5oRg

  54. Clock Icon10:33 am

    Justin Scoggins vs. Ulka Sasaki: Round 1

    Whoa! Scoggins scores with a German suplex in the opening seconds, but Sasaki is right back to his feet. That's one way to start a fight. The two exchange position as they grapple about the cage. Neither man is able to hold position just yet, but Scoggins works back to top position before Sasaki stands up once more. They separate and go back to the center of the cage.

    Scoggins catches a kick and lands a left hand on the break. Scoggins drops Sasaki with a left! Scoggins trying to land some ground and pound, but Sasaki using his long limbs well to defend. Scoggins uses the knockdown and top position to take the round after a wild start.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-9 Scoggins.

  55. Clock Icon10:22 am

    Li Jingliang Def. Frank Camacho by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 28-27, 29-27)

  56. Clock Icon10:21 am

    UFC @ufc

    "The Leech" @UFCJingliang strikes back in the third! #UFCSingapore https://t.co/Fzmkjrfk9j

  57. Clock Icon10:20 am

    Li Jingliang vs. Frank Camacho: Round 3

    Camacho begins the third with more energy. He may put everything he has into the early going of the third knowing he won't have much left by the end. Jingliang is back to the leg kicks. Camacho is taking big breaths now. Good uppercut from Jingliang, and he's starting to mix up his strikes as we head into the final 2:30 of the round.

    Big straight right from Jingliang! Camacho yells trying to pump himself back up. A left from Jingliang lands. Camacho is eating hard shots. Now a right lands. Camacho may be surviving, but Jingliang is running up the score. Another big right is followed by a strong leg kick. Camacho is hanging on by a thread. Jingliang starting to slow down which is understandable after throwing as many strikes as he has in the final round.

    Bleacher Report scores the round: 10-8 Jingliang. Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-27 Jingliang.