UFC Fight Night 104: Live Results, Play-by-Play and Fight Card Highlights

Invalid DateHouston, Texas
Craig Amos

UFC Fight Night 104 is now in the books. Chan Sung Jung, affectionately known as the Korean Zombie, returned from a three-year hiatus to steal the show, knocking out Dennis Bermudez in the evening's main event. Bermudez was anything but a gimme that would allow Jung to ease back into things, but he made short work of his opponent nonetheless. In the co-main event, Felice Herrig upset Alexa Grasso, handing the prospect the first defeat of her career. The win puts Herrig on a two-fight win streak and potentially sets her up for a big match later this year. Check out the quick results below for a recap of the action. For a thorough account of the event, scroll down to read Bleacher Report's play-by-play coverage of the full event.

  1. February 5, 2017
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    UFC Fight Night 104 Quick Result:

    Main Card on Fox Sports 1 (10 p.m. ET)

    Chan Sung Jung def. Dennis Bermudez, knockout (Round 1, 2:49) Alexa Grasso vs. Felice Herrig def. Alexa Grasso, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) Abel Trujillo vs. James Vick def. Abel Trujillo, submission (Round 3, 0:49) Volkan Oezdemir def. Ovince Saint Preux, split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Marcel Fortuna def. Anthony Hamilton, knockout (Round 1, 3:10) Jessica Andrade def. Angela Hill, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    Prelims on Fox Sports 1 (8 p.m. ET)

    Curtis Blaydes def. Adam Milstead, TKO (Round 2, 0:59) Chas Skelly def. Chris Gruetzemacher, submission (Round 2, 2:01) Ricardo Ramos def. Michinori Tanaka, unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) Tecia Torres def. Bec Rawlings, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    Prelims on UFC Fight Pass (7 p.m. ET)

    Niko Price def. Alex Morono, knockout (Round 2, 5:00) Khalil Rountree def. Daniel Jolly, knockout (Round 1, 0:52)

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    The Finish

    Chan Sung Jung knocks out Dennis Bermudez.


    WORLD WAR Z! A shocker of a KO from The Korean Zombie over Dennis Bermudez in tonight's main event. #UFCHouston https://t.co/Qj2mRHSmX8

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    Didn't Miss a Beat

    It's not typical for a fighter to return from a three-year layoff and do it, but Jung just made up for a lot of lost time.

    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    That was absolutely vintage Korean Zombie. He's always been great at picking and placing shots, and that was gorgeous. #UFCHouston

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  6. February 5, 2017
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    Tommy Toe Hold @TommyToeHold

    Korean Zombie's after party is gonna be lit. #UFCHouston https://t.co/h7WtvYpZbe

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    Chan Sung Jung Def. Dennis Bermudez, Knockout (Round 1, 2:49)

    #UFCHouston @ufc

    What layoff? @KoreanZombieMMA #UFCHouston https://t.co/tUs7jWe615

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    Chan Sung Jung vs. Dennis Bermudez Round 1

    Bermudez looks for an early takedown, but his effort is rebuffed. Jung takes a turn looking for a takedown, but he too is unsuccessful. Bermudez comes at him with a big right hand, then adds a two-punch combination after the men clinch for a moment. Bermudez isn't able to get the takedown and Jung makes him pay with a nasty uppercut. Bermudez collapses in a heap. That's a knockout for the Korean Zombie.

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    Chan Sung Jung vs. Dennis Bermudez

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    Grasso's Reaction to the Decision

    Clearly she was not expecting Herrig's name to be called after the scores were read.

    Zombie Prophet @ZPGIFs

    #UFCHOUSTON https://t.co/dHcN5DlFGK

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    Herrig Calls for an Opponent...

    Sh'e looking to avenge her loss to Paige VanZant or to take on Michelle Waterson.

    Karyn Bryant @KarynBryant

    . @feliceherrig calls out @karatehottiemma or @PaigeVanzantUFC. I like when a fighter has names ready! #UFCHouston

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    Felice Herrig Def. Alexa Grasso, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

    Herrig pulls off the upset, handing Grasso the first defeat of her career in the process. Bulldog now has her first multi-fight win streak as a UFC fighter.

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    Alexa Grasso vs. Felice Herrig Round 3

    Grasso establishes her jab in the opening minute of the final round. Herrig takes her down and goes to the mount. Grasso writhes free and scramble to her feet. Back up, she pumps another couple of jabs and attacks Herrig's thigh with a pair of kicks. Herrig begins to work her own jab, landing two in succession. She looks for a takedown, but Grasso stuffs it emphatically. Grasso tallies a pair of nice combinations, appearing to hurt Herrig near the end of the match.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Grasso

    Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Grasso

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    Alexa Grasso vs. Felice Herrig Round 2

    Herrig scores with a heavy right hand to open the middle frame. She puts her right hand right back into Grasso's face. The clock dwindles to 3:00, Herrig continuing to lead, Grasso offering counters to similar effectiveness. Herrig tallies a few connections in a row, changing levels from head to body to legs. Grasso responds with some quick connections of her own, but Herrig once again tags her with that right hand. Herrig dives for a takedown, but Grasso defends. Herrig scores a trip to end the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Herrig

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    Alexa Grasso vs. Felice Herrig Round 1

    Herrig takes the center of the cage and looks to pressure Grasso. The Mexican fighter fires off a bodykick and a cross to buy some space. Grasso jumps for a headkick, but slips. She transitions immediately to a heel-hook, but Herrig escapes and both women stand. A right hand lands for Herrig, who continues to throw more and lead the exchanges. Grasso is avoiding most of the shots, but isn't offering a ton in response. Grasso lands a knee at the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Grasso

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    Alexa Grasso vs. Felice Herrig

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    This is going on.

    #UFCHouston @ufc

    #Shaqtagon https://t.co/fy9PK1S5A1

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    The Knee That Started It All

    Vick landed the knee, then easily turned Trujillo's takedown into a d'arce choke. He wasn't able to complete the submission in either of his attempts from Round 2, but the third time was the charm for the Texan.

    #UFCHouston @ufc

    Beautiful Knee by @JamesVickMMA! #UFCHouston https://t.co/1jjbbE4j4O

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    James Vick Def. Abel Trujillo, Submission (Round 3, 0:49)

    Vick nabs the 10th win of his professional career, moving to 6-1 as a UFC competitor. For Trujillo, the loss brings an end to a three-fight win streak

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    Abel Trujillo vs. James Vick Round 3

    Vick lands a huge knee right at the outset of the round. Trujillo stumbles back across the Octagon before flailing for a desperation takedown. Vick sprawls and once again ties on a d'arce choke. This time Trujillo is unable to defend.

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    Abel Trujillo vs. James Vick Round 2

    A couple of left hands land for Trujillo early in the second round. Vick fires back with a cross before Trujillo adds another connection of his own. Trujillo gets deep on a shot, but Vick uses the fence to support himself in order to foil the effort. Vick launches a takedown of his own and rolls for a d'arce choke. Trujillo appears to be in some trouble, but he is able to defend long enough that Vick abandons the attempt. After a 15 second break, Vick once again tries for the choke. This time Trujillo breaks free and stands up.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Vick

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    Abel Trujillo vs. James Vick Round 1

    The already antsy crowd is having their patience tested after the opening 75 seconds of the bout yields essentially no action. Vick begins working his jab and mixing in some leg-kicks. Trujillo decides he'd rather grapple so takes Vick to the mat. The Texas native prevent Trujillo from doing any damage by threatening with a guillotine. Vick, though, uses the fence to stand up then lands a bodykick 30 seconds later. Vick then connects with a hard right that puts Trujillo off balance, causing him to look for another takedown as time expires.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Vick

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    Abel Trujillo vs. James Vick

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    Saint Preux Finished Strong...

    But two judges decided the late onslaught was not enough. The crowd sounds displeased in the wake of the decision, but some of it might be their opinion of the fight itself.

    Adam Martin @MMAdamMartin

    It's Texas. There's always one controversial decision in Texas.

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    Volkan Oezdemir Def. Ovince Saint Preux, Split-Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

    Oezdemir makes good in his UFC debut, outpointing Saint Preux, who has now dropped three in a row.

  27. Clock Icon4:30 am

    Ovince Saint Preux vs. Volkan Oezdemir Round 3

    OSP seeks an early takedown, but the fatigued Oezdemir has enough fight left in him to shut it down decisively. Oezdemir comes forward, but his attacks are sloppy. Saint Preux lands a nice counter left, then adds a one-two. He appears to be the fresher fight, but is by no means energetic. Oezdemir hits with a left as the clock shows just over a minute. Saint Preux presses forward, targeting the body. He finishes the round by wailing on Oezdemir, rattling his head around on his neck.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Saint Preux

    Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Saint Preux

  28. Clock Icon4:24 am

    Ovince Saint Preux vs. Volkan Oezdemir Round 2

    Saint Preux changes tactics early in Round 2, looking for a takedown. He nearly completes the maneuver, but Oezdemir manages to fight his way free. Saint Preux switches stances and reels off a couple of bodyshots. The pace slows, the crowd sounds its collective discontent. Saint Preux breaks the inaction with a stepping right that pushes his foe back. The uptick is short-lived, however, with the pace slowing once again soon after. The final minute passes without distinction.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Saint Preux

  29. Clock Icon4:18 am

    Ovince Saint Preux vs. Volkan Oezdemir Round 1

    Saint Preux opens aggressively, but it's Oezdemir who lands the more effective shots through the opening minute, particularly a couple of left hands. He continues to follow Saint Preux around the Octagon, displaying some impressive confidence for a UFC newcomer. He nearly completes a takedown, but OSP posts with his right hand and pushes back to his feet. Back up, Saint Preux clips Oezdemir with a hard right that tempers the latters aggression for the moment. Oezdemir comes back for a final flurry, landing a few clean connections to close out the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Oezdemir

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    Ovince Saint Preux vs. Volkan Oezdemir

    Ovince Saint Preux is looking to snap a two-fight losing streak, while Oezdemir is hoping to make his UFC debut a memorable one.

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    In Order to Get Booked...

    Fortuna told UFC reps he weighed 230 when they reached out. He came in at 210. He now plans to compete at his natural light heavyweight class.

    Bloody Elbow @BloodyElbow

    Lol. Fortuna lying about his weight to get booked at HW. Credit to the dude. #UFCHouston

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    Marcel Fortuna Def. Anthony Hamilton, Knockout (Round 1, 3:10)

    #UFCHouston @ufc

    WOW! @MFortunaMMA #UFCHouston https://t.co/WLDQ3Uy92v

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    Anthony Hamilton vs. Marcel Fortuna

    Hamilton lands a bodyshot before the men tie up for a moment. They continue to find themselves clinched up whenever they close in to engage, Hamilton eventually running Fortuna to the cage. Time is called so a doctor can come check on a cut over Fortuna's eye, which was caused by a headbutt. Fortuna is given the go-ahead and we get back to it. Fortuna lands a hard right hand, then cracks Hamilton with another, sending Freight Train face-first to the mat. That's a wrap.

  34. Clock Icon3:43 am

    Anthony Hamilton vs. Marcel Fortuna

    We move from strawweight to heavyweight now, with Hamilton welcoming Fortuna to the Octagon for the first time.

  35. Clock Icon3:38 am

    MMAFighting.com @MMAFighting

    Damn, that was great. Loved that fight. #UFCHOUSTON

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    This Sort of Sums Up the Fight:

    UFC BRASIL @ufc_brasil

    QUE LUTA!!! @jessicammapro e @AngieOverkill estão dando um show! #UFCHouston https://t.co/n7flrGaY9x

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    Andrade Def. Hill, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    Andrade continues to impress at 115, perhaps setting herself up for a title shot. Both she and Hill have a strong chance of taking home a bonus check for their battle tonight.

  38. Clock Icon3:33 am

    Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill Round 3

    Andrade launches another onslaught and Hill fires back, the women exchanging with no regard for defence. Hill clips Andrade with a left hand that sends Andrade to the mat. the Brazilian pops up immediately and decisively. She crushes Hill with a right hand that adds a little wobble to her opponent's step. Hill shoots in desperation, but Andrade shrugs her aside and continues to thrash away with looping punches. She presses forward, looking to finish the fight before the bell. Hill weathers the attack, making it to the finish line.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Andrade

    Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27 Andrade

  39. Clock Icon3:27 am

    Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill Round 2

    Hill attempts to set a distance in the middle frame, but Andrade rushes right through it and begins slugging away. Hill throws back some counters that open a cut on the face of Andrade, who is not deterred from continuing to blitz at every opportunity. A hard right hand lands for Hill, who is given no time to admire her work, Andrade firing back immediately. The Brazilian then grabs a single-leg and completes a takedown. Hill is up before much is done with the position, but Andrade gets her back to the mat before the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Andrade

  40. Clock Icon3:21 am

    Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill Round 1

    Hill bounces around the outside early on, clearly wary of the takedown. Andrade rushes her and lands a right hand, but Hill manages to avoid the clinch. Andrade lands again, then adds another hard connection. Hill answers with a right hand and a knee. The women continue to fight to a furious pace through the middle part of the round, Andrade the aggressor, Hill welcoming her in. The connections are starting to pile up for Andrade, who creates some separation over the last 90 seconds of the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Andrade

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    Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill

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    Coming Up at the Top of the Hour:

    UFC Canada @UFC_CA

    Time for the #UFCHouston Main Card! https://t.co/oasACqrxRa

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    Fightful MMA @FightfulMMA

    Watching that knee dislocation #UFCHouston https://t.co/t4cVqgr22d

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    Milstead's Corner...

    Took some flak from Brian Stann for not having his clearly vulnerable knee. Prophetically, Milstead's knee gave out soon after.

    Mike Bohn @MikeBohnMMA

    That was very uncomfortable to watch. From Blaydes' dominance to lack of corner intervention to the fight-ending knee collapse. Hate that.

  45. Clock Icon2:49 am

    Curtis Blaydes Def. Adam Milstead, TKO (Round 2, 0:59)

    Milstead suffers a knee injury that draws a close to the bout.

  46. Clock Icon2:45 am

    Adam Milstead vs. Curtis Blaydes Round 2

    Blaydes continues where he left off, quickly looking for the shot. Milstead screams in pain as Blaydes take him don again, and the referee rushes over to call the action. The replay shows Milstead's knee dislocating on his way to the canvas.

  47. Clock Icon2:43 am

    Adam Milstead vs. Curtis Blaydes Round 1

    Blaydes makes a dramatic statement right out of the gate, tackling Milstead then suplexing him twice after Milstead manages to stand. Milstead takes a little longer to stand a third time, but when he does he deals with the very same result. After Milstead stands once again he seems to fall to the mat and winces in pain. Blaydes follows him down and lands some hammerfists, but if Milstead is injured he demonstrates impressive willpower in fighting through it. Eventually Blaydes allows Milstead to stand up, but he's just toying, as he quickly takes him right back down, marking his seventh successful attempt of the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-8 Blaydes

  48. Clock Icon2:29 am

    Adam Milstead vs. Curtis Blaydes

    The UFC Fight Night 104 prelims end with a heavyweight contest. After this one we're on the the main card (which also on FS1 so the designation is largely nominal, but hey...main card!).

  49. Clock Icon2:25 am

    High Praise Is Good When It Comes from an Expert...

    So when Gilbert Burns compliments your submission it probably feels a little bit nice.

    GILBERT BURNS @GilbertDurinho

    Amazing performance to @ChasSkelly well deserved bro! Improvements in every aspect! Great job, congrats!!

  50. Clock Icon2:22 am

    #UFCHouston @ufc

    Locked in! @ChasSkelly #UFCHouston https://t.co/v5gWdBgshj

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    Chas Skelly Def. Chris Gruetzemacher, Submission (Round 2, 2:01)

    Skelly runs his UFC record to an impressive 6-2, including a current two-fight win streak. He now owns four UFC submissions, all chokes.

  52. Clock Icon2:17 am

    Chas Skelly vs. Chris Gruetzemacher Round 2

    A nice straight right hand lands for Skelly to begin the second frame. Despite the early success, Skelly refuses to abandon his gameplan of taking his opponent down. He once tries to take the back and this time succeeds. It doesn't take long for Skelly to secure the choke and end the battle.

  53. Clock Icon2:14 am

    Chas Skelly vs. Chris Gruetzemacher Round 1

    Skelly punches his way into a clinch and lands a solid knee to his opponent's face. He them looks for a takedown, but settles for pressing Gruetzemacher against the cage. Gruetzemacher manages to fight his way free, but that only allows Skelly to charge at him with another takedown, this time succeeding. Skelly looks to take the back and gets one hook in, but Gruetzemacher prevents him from gaining the leverage he needs to secure the position. Skelly instead winds up in the mount, but is then reset to half-guard. Gruetzemacher stands before the horn, but eats a couple shots on his way up.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Skelly

  54. Clock Icon2:03 am

    Chas Skelly vs. Chris Gruetzemacher

  55. Clock Icon2:02 am

    #UFCHouston @ufc

    Nothing like your first #UFC win! Welcome to the UFC, Ricardo! https://t.co/kQho1p2SEa

  56. Clock Icon2:01 am

    Ricardo Ramos Def. Michinori Tanaka, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

    Ramos edges Tanaka on the scorecards to make good on his UFC debut. The Brazilian notches his first win with the promotion at age 21.

  57. Clock Icon1:58 am

    Ricardo Ramos vs. Michinori Tanaka Round 3

    Tanaka is unable to complete an early takedown, but he's able to hit with a right hook. Ramos stalks forward, but he's not moving with the same speed and purpose as he was in the early moments of the fight. Halfway through the round the referee calls for time and warns Tanaka that he will take away a point if he continues to back off from engagements. Tanaka eventually heeds the warning, taking Ramos down with 30 seconds on the clock. Ramos tries for a guillotine, but Tanaka steps to half-guard and drops a series of punches and elbows.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Tanaka

    Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-27 Ramos

  58. Clock Icon1:51 am

    Ricardo Ramos vs. Michinori Tanaka Round 2

    Ramos begins the second round with a measured approach, not eager to pursue the finish that eluded him in the first. Tanaka uses the time to recover, leading to an actionless first minute. Ramos completes a takedown after stopping Tanaka from getting one. Ramos moves to an armbar, but Tanaka defends and winds up in the guard. Ramos is able to reverse back to the top, but Tanaka stands up almost immediately.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Ramos

  59. Clock Icon1:45 am

    Ricardo Ramos vs. Michinori Tanaka Round 1

    The first minute passes without much action. Ramos has established himself as the aggressor, but he hasn't manage to track Tanaka down. When he over-commits, Tanaka trips Ramos, but the Brazilian is able to quickly pop up. Ramos scores with some knees in close before pushing back to open space. Tanaka looks to attack but instead eats a huge right hand. Ramos scores a knockdown and tries to find the finish on the mat. Tanaka fights back to his feet and survives the final minute of the round without further incident.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-8 Ramos

  60. Clock Icon1:30 am

    Ricardo Ramos vs. Michinori Tanaka

  61. Clock Icon1:29 am

    Torres Establishing Some Solid Strawweight Credentials...

    Though clearly there remains a gap between a certain someone and the rest of the field.

    Mike Bohn @MikeBohnMMA

    .@TeciaTorres ties PaigeVanZant for 2nd most wins in UFC strawweight history with 4. Joanna Jedrzejczyk leads with 7. #UFCHouston

  62. Clock Icon1:27 am

    Tecia Torres Def. Bec Rawlings, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    Torres outworked Rawlings over the 15-minute fight, establishing an early lead that she managed to hold for the full duration of the fight.

  63. Clock Icon1:24 am

    Tecia Torres vs. Bec Rawlings Round 3

    Torres establishes some distance and blitzes Rawlings periodically. Rawlings hits with a couple of counters, but Torres is scoring more points, reestablishing the pace she began the fight with. Rawlings manages to tie Torres up with two minutes left on the clock. Torres spins her to the fence and looks to take advantage of a trip from Rawlings by jumping on the back. Rawlings is able to spin to top-position, but allows Torres up and eats a couple of hard punches before the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Torres

    Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27 Torres