UFC 215 Results: Live Updates, Highlights, and Reaction

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Craig Amos

UFC 215 is in the books. Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes retained her title by outpointing Valentina Shevchenko via razor-thin split decision, though the outcome will do little to definitely end their rivalry. Rafael dos Anjos made a statement in the night's co-main event, putting Neil Magny away in the first round. The win puts him on course for a title run at 170 pounds, as he moves to 2-0 in the division. Check out the quick results below for a recap of the night's action, or scroll down to read Bleacher Report's full account of the action.

  1. September 10, 2017
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    UFC 215 Quick Results

    UFC 215 Main Card

    Amanda Nunes def. Valentina Shevchenko, split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47) Rafael dos Anjos def. Neil Magny, submission (Round 1, 3:43) Henry Cejudo def. Wilson Reis, TKO (Round 2, 0:25) Ilir Latifi def. Tyson Pedro, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) Jeremy Stephens def. Gilbert Melendez, unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-25)

    Prelims on Fox Sports 1

    Ketlen Vieira def. Sara McMann, submission (Round 2, 4:16) Sarah Moras def. Ashlee Evans-Smith, submission (Round 1, 2:51) Rick Glenn def. Gavin Tucker, unanimous decision (30-25, 30-24, 29-27) Alex White def. Mitch Clarke, TKO (Round 2, 4:36)

    Prelims on UFC Fight Pass

    Arjan Bhullar def. Luis Henrique, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Kajan Johnson def. Adriano Martins, knockout (Round 1, 0:49)

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    Nunes, Dos Anjos Headline Winners at UFC 215

    Nunes, Dos Anjos Headline Winners at UFC 215
    UFC 215 2017-09-09

    Nunes, Dos Anjos Headline Winners at UFC 215

    Alex Ballentine
    via Bleacher Report
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    Shevchenko Is Displeased with the Decision

    Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani

    Shevchenko is fired up. Never seen her like this in UFC. "I really don't understand why. She didn't win this fight. Look at her face."

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  6. September 10, 2017
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    Nunes Retains Her Title Via Razor-thin Decision

    UFC Aus/New Zealand @UFC_AUSNZ

    #AndStill @Amanda_Leoa w/ split decision win! #UFC215 https://t.co/Ls3qnXpuMS

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    Amanda Nunes Def. Valentina Shevchenko, Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47)

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    Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko: Round 5

    Nunes opens aggressively and Shevchenko answers the call, staying in the pocket, slipping a punch and firing back. After the action subsides for a minute, Nunes commits to a takedown, but fails to complete it when Shevchenko makes a stand against the fence. The challenger pushes off and lands a knee. Nunes again looks for a takedown, which Shevchenko attempts to reverse into a throw. Instead, Nunes winds up on her back. Shevchenko is able to stand, but Nunes manages to get her back to the mat. Shevchenko lands some shots off her back, but finishes the match with Nunes in her guard.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 5: 10-9 Nunes Bleacher Report scores the fight: 48-47 Nunes

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    Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko: Round 4

    Nunes pressures Shevchenko to the edge of the cage and hits her with a push-kick to the body. When Shevchenko tries to answer back, Nunes clips her with a hard counter left hand. The next time Shevchenko attacks is more successful though, as she hits cleanly with a right hook and a leg-kick. Both women are letting their hands go a bit more now, Shevchenko mixing in kicks and knees. The challenger finishes strong with a combination.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 4: 10-9 Shevchenko

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    Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko: Round 3

    Shevchenko takes a turn leading the exchanges, moving in, throwing and backing off. Nunes continues to own the center of the Octagon and defends the territory with straight kicks to the gut and extended jabs. Shevchenko attempts to clinch up a couple of times, but Nunes shoves her back each time. Time is halted by the referee, who warns Nunes not to extend her fingers. Shevchenko follows the pause with a couple of low-kicks.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Nunes

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    Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko: Round 2

    A hard left hand scores for Shevchenko after the women spend 30 seconds bandying leg-kicks. The challenger then jumps for a superman punch that hits the target. Her subsequent takedown effort comes up short and the fighters settle back into striking range. A kick to the body from Nunes is followed by a jab, but the connections are not enough to appease the crowd, which is growing restless with the limited activity through two rounds.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Shevchenko

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    Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko: Round 1

    Both fighters look to work leg-kicks in early, exchanging tentatively through the first minute of action. Shevchenko slips in a few straight punches over the next minute, while Nunes continues to focus mostly on the lower half of her opponent. The champion adds a kick to the ribs, then defends a takedown after Shevchenko catches her kick. Nunes then catches a kick in return and trips up Shevchenko at the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Nunes

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    Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko

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    Possible Matchups for RDA

    Shaheen Al-Shatti @shaunalshatti

    Without an obvious top contender at 170lbs, dos Anjos may very well be next for Tyron Woodley. RDA-Lawler also sounds pretty fantastic.

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    The Former Lightweight Champ Is Looking Like a Possible Future Welterweight Champion

    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    Dos Anjos is maybe the worst stylistic matchup for Woodley in the division - pressure, pace, power, nasty streak. #UFC215

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    Rafael Dos Anjos Def. Neil Magny, Submission (Round 1, 3:43)

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    Neil Magny vs. Rafael dos Anjos: Round 1

    Magny looks to establish his reach advantage early with a jab and leg-kick, but dos Anjos solves it with a leg-kick that puts Magny on the mat. The Brazilian pounces and begins working from half-guard. After landing some short shots he moves to side-control then full-mount. Dos Anjos hops off and starts squeezing for an arm-triangle. Magny squirms and writhes, but he cannot escape. Instead he taps.

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    Neil Magny vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

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    Cejudo Celebrates His Victory

    #UFC215 @ufc

    THAT. IS. IT. @HenryCejudo finishes Reis is round 2!!! #UFC215 https://t.co/8nL1fjbyVR

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    This Version of Cejudo Looks Like a Real Threat

    Mike Chiappetta MMA @MikeChiappetta

    Henry Cejudo, just over 4 years into his MMA career, looks like a finished product. Some real improvements over last 2 fights. Impressive.

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    Henry Cejudo Def. Wilson Reis, TKO (Round 2, 0:25)

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    Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis: Round 2

    Cejudo quickly gets back to work, smacking Reis up with a straight right hand that puts th Brazilian on the floor. The finish comes soon after, when Cejudo pounces and the referee intervenes.

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    Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis: Round 1

    The fighters trade kick early on, Cejudo hitting with greater impact. Cejudo also sneaks a couple of right hands by his opponent's defenses, and continues to swarm, hitting Reis with myriad strikes, targeting head, body and legs. Reis grabs for a leg, but he's not able to complete the single-leg takedown. He pays for it with a head-kick and left hand, followed by a right hand that puts a stagger into his step. Cejudo puts a bow on the round with a late takedown.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-8 Cejudo

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    Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winner

    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    Ilir Latifi cruises to a decision. God, I love him. #UFC215 https://t.co/0UWMeSdwfS

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    Latifi Gets Some Love from His Fellow Swede

    Alexander Gustafsson @AlexTheMauler

    Ilir Latifi 🏆🏆🏆

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    Ilir Latifi Def. Tyson Pedro, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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    Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro: Round 3

    Pedro starts the final round strong with a impactful leg-kick. He lands another one as Latifi digs to the body with a couple of punches. Latifi follows up with a two-punch combination that lands upstairs. Pedro continues to utilize the leg-kick, but soon finds himself on his back. Latifi divides his focus between ground and pound and controlling Pedro on the mat. Time expires with Latifi working short shots from the guard.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Latifi Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27 Latifi

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    Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro: Round 2

    A right hand lands for Latifi before Pedro hits with a kick to the gut. The connection sets off a tit-for-tat trade of kicks that sounds like a single slap echoing a few times. Latifi breaks the chain with a couple of straight punches to the face and follows it up with a takedown. Pedro works his way up, but eats some solid punches on his way. Latifi keeps his opponent penned in against the fence for the final 45 seconds of the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Latifi

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    Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro: Round 1

    The combatants touch gloves and we get underway. Pedro opens with a leg-kick, then scuttles away when Latifi grabs for a leg. That sequence repeats, but Latifi gets a hold of Pedro the third time and takes him to the mat. Pedro is able to scramble up before absorbing any damage, and the fighters trade shots on the break. Soon after, Latifi is able to catch a kick and place Pedro back on the canvas. Again the Aussie stands before any damage is done.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Latifi

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    Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro

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    Stephens Gets His Hand Raised

    UFC Canada @UFC_CA

    Outstanding performance from @LiLHeathenMMA, but how tough is Melendez!? #UFC215 https://t.co/TMQv2MM1Mn

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    The Leg-kicks from Stephens Defined That Win

    Stephens incapacitated Melendez early in the fight, and just kept going to it. Excellent performance from him.

    #UFC215 @ufc

    THOSE LEG KICKS!! @LilHeathenMMA #UFC215 #AmericanAssassin https://t.co/jlveS8wxRL

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    Jeremy Stephens Def. Gilbert Melendez, Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-25)

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    Jeremy Stephens vs. Gilbert Melendez: Round 3

    Stephens goes up top to begin the final round, scoring with a hard cross before tallying another kick. Even Melendez's right leg is looking swollen now, and he's struggling to avoid Stephens' shots. Two more leg-kicks send Melendez back to the mat, but he's up as quickly as he goes down, earning applause from his counterpart. He admiration does not turn to mercy though, as Stephens reels off a pair of murderous bodyshots that draw a wince from Melendez. A couple more leg-kicks puts Melendez back on the floor, and Stephens decides to follow him down this time, ending the fight in top-position.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-8 Stephens Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-26 Stephens

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    Jeremy Stephens vs. Gilbert Melendez: Round 2

    Melendez is given clearance from the doctor at the beginning of Round 2, and he makes the most of it by attacking immediately. Stephens weathers the attack and looks to increase the damage he's done to the leg, but Melendez is hiding it by going southpaw. When Melendez makes the mistake of going back to a conventional stance, Stephens immediately drops him with another kick. After Melendez stands, Stephens pops him with a cross straight to the nose. Stephens then fells Melendez with another chopping kick to conclude the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Stephens

  38. Clock Icon2:26 am

    Jeremy Stephens vs. Gilbert Melendez: Round 1

    A strong leg-kick from Stephens opens the bout. He follows it up with a right hand then circles off for another couple of leg-kicks. Melendez retaliates with a right hook, then a left hook, before Stephens resumes his assault on the lead leg of his opponent. After another leg-kick from Stephens, Melendez stumbles and falls. Stephens welcomes him back up and Melendez obliges, coming forward with some big punches. Melendez is forced back to the mat when Stephens connects with another kick. This time Stephens follows Melendez down and lands a few punches before time expires.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Stephens

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    Jeremy Stephens vs. Gilbert Melendez

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    The Bantamweight Lineup Behind the Main Event Fighters Is Looking Messy

    McMann was in position to stake her claim, but no longer. Vieira made up some ground, but it's hard to see her getting a title shot so quickly.

    Michael A Wellman @mikewellman88

    Huge upset win for Ketlen Viera over Sara McMann. Wins by arm-triangle in R2. McMann now much farther from a title shot than she was #UFC215

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    Vieira Celebrates Her Submission Win

    UFC Brasil @ufc_brasil

    O Fenômeno de Manaus volta a atacar! @ketlenvieiraufc foi ESPETACULAR no #UFC215 https://t.co/MFxr7xbRZ0

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    Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira, Submission (Round 2, 4:16)

  43. Clock Icon1:47 am

    Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira: Round 2

    The fight stays in striking range for the first minute of the round, but McMann is able to close the distance with a double-leg attempt. Vieira defends with the help of the fence and she parlays the support into some damaging elbows. As McMann works short knees in close, Vieira executes a beautiful trip, putting McMann on her back. Vieira looks to set up a head-and-arm choke, and despite not making it out of the half-guard, she manages to draw the tap some McMann.

  44. Clock Icon1:42 am

    Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira: Round 1

    McMann punches her way into a clinch and starts working for a takedown. Vieira defends, but eventually succumbs, allowing McMann into her guard. The American drops a hard elbow, adding some more work afterwards. McMann advances to half-guard, then climbs into the mount. She drops some punches, but Vieira is able to throw her legs up and wrestle McMann into a leg-lock. Time expires while the Brazilian works on the submission.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 McMann

  45. Clock Icon1:27 am

    Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira

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    Before the Fight She Just Wanted to Talk About Her Cats

    The thrill of the fight apparently incited some blood lust.

    Simon Head @simonhead

    Joe Rogan: "It looks like you might have dislocated her arm" Sarah Moras, grinning: "Oooh I hope so!" Moras is a savage. #UFC215

  47. Clock Icon1:22 am

    The Finish from Moras

    UFC Canada @UFC_CA

    Welcome back, 🇨🇦 @SarahCheesecake! Submits Evans-Smith at #UFC215 https://t.co/ZSN976FtOv

  48. Clock Icon1:20 am

    Sarah Moras Def. Ashlee Evans-Smith, Submission (Round 1, 2:51)

  49. Clock Icon1:16 am

    Sarah Moras vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith: Round 1

    Moras quickly runs Evans-Smith to the fence, where the fighters jostle for position. Evans-Smith drags Moras to the mat and drops an elbow from side-control. Moras recovers full-guard and starts working on an armbar. The cage interferes, helping to preserve Evans-Smith for a time, but Moras rolls, extends and gets the tap from her opponent.

  50. Clock Icon1:04 am

    Sarah Moras vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith

  51. Clock Icon1:03 am

    The Writing Had Been on the Wall for Awhile

    Glenn acknowledged post-fight that he was expecting the referee to intervene. I think everyone else watching can relate.

    Karyn Bryant @KarynBryant

    Show of hands: who else was screaming "Stop the fight!" like Adrian Balboa? Congrats to @Gladiatorglenn, but damn. #UFC215 #UFC

  52. Clock Icon1:00 am

    That Was a Long and Vicious Beating

    Brad Tavares @BradTavares

    That ref just cost tucker some time off his career🙄🙄🙄 dudes tough, but he was obviously beat and done.

  53. Clock Icon12:59 am

    Rick Glenn Def. Gavin Tucker, Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-24, 29-27)

  54. Clock Icon12:56 am

    Gavin Tucker vs. Rick Glenn: Round 3

    Tucker comes out for the final round, looking to recover momentum with a big shot. Glenn walks through the incoming artillery and tackles his opponent to the canvas. Tucker offers some offense with leg-lock attempts, but the match has devolved into a beating. Glenn postures and starts putting some extra power behind his shots. Tucker scores a moral victory by working to his feet, but that's the only victory he's likely to find tonight.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-8 Glenn Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-25 Glenn

  55. Clock Icon12:49 am

    Gavin Tucker vs. Rick Glenn: Round 2

    Glenn opens with a kick that Tucker absorbs and calls for more. Tucker then looks for a takedown, but winds up with Glenn hitting him with some over-the-shoulder punches as he works back to his feet after a scramble. Glenn continues to swarm, not giving Tucker an inch, beating him up against the fence. He rips Tucker to the mat and continues to thrash his opponent until he stands. Glenn then yanks Tucker right back down and continues to batter him with punches and elbows.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-8 Glenn

  56. Clock Icon12:43 am

    Gavin Tucker vs. Rick Glenn: Round 1

    Glenn rushes out and mauls Tucker in the center of the cage, elbowing him and trying to choke in on the feet. Tucker breaks loose and the men settle into a more tempered pace. Tucker pieces together a nice combination, ending the attack with a leg-kick. Glenn fires back with a right hand and a kick of his own, then adds another left that results in a flash knockdown. The Canadian pops back up and looks to have recovered instantaneously.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Glenn

  57. Clock Icon12:26 am

    Gavin Tucker vs. Rick Glenn

  58. Clock Icon12:25 am

    Clarke Leaves His Gloves in the Cage

    He thanks the Edmonton fans before announcing his retirement from the sport.

    Heidi Fang @HeidiFang

    Clarke says his toughness has pushed him to do things beyond what his body could do. He's retiring from the sport in Edmonton.

  59. Clock Icon12:24 am

    Here's the Finish by White

    Mike Dyce @mikedyce

    Alex White gets the win over Clarke at #UFC215 https://t.co/FFyElvLcJy

  60. Clock Icon12:22 am

    White Cashed in on His Potential Tonight

    White looked excellent at 155, moving up from 145.

    David Sandine @DaveSandine

    @bokamotoESPN That was freaking gnarly work in the clinch.

  61. Clock Icon12:22 am

    Alex White Def. Mitch Clarke, TKO (Round 2, 4:36)

  62. Clock Icon12:18 am

    Mitch Clarke vs. Alex White: Round 2

    Clarke opens the middle frame with some leg-kicks. White finds the answer with some counter punches to the head. The men tie up again, Clarke bouncing some elbows off White's head. Thre next time the fighters tie up, White returns the favor, putting Clarke on wobbly legs. He adds a knee to the ribs that momentarily sends Clarke to the mat. When he gets back up he's welcomed by another barrage from White, who has painted Clarke's face red. After another knockdown, Clarke is invited back up by White. The Canadian looks for a takedown, but it's prevented and followed with some hard elbows. White scores yet another knockdown, and this time the referee dives in to save Clarke.

  63. Clock Icon12:13 am

    Mitch Clarke vs. Alex White: Round 1

    The fighters slowly pick up the pace through the opening minute, clinching up and trading from in close. Clarke hits with a couple hard knees before hitting with a cross on the break. White puts together a nice combination, then lands again a few seconds later. Clarke tries to cover what is beginning to looks like a striking disadvantage with a takedown, but his attempt is rebuffed. Clarke manages to make the best of it anyway, landing a couple clean punches, including a hard right hook. Clarke adds a couple of knees from the clinch.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 White