Daniel Cormier Defeats Anthony Johnson at UFC 210 Before Johnson Retires; Mousasi Defeats Weidman in Bizarre Ruling

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Craig Amos

Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson reenacted their 2015 bout, with Johnson taking an early lead before succumbing to a rear naked choke. The victory keeps Cormier on the light heavyweight throne, with Jimi Manuwa and Jon Jones circling. After the bout, Johnson retired from mixed martial arts. If Johnson's departure was a shock, then the outcome of the co-main event was stupefying. After time was called for an illegal knee, the referee was informed the knee was actually legal, and that rather than be given time to recover, Chris Weidman was declared to have lost to Gegard Mousasi. It was an unfortunate and bewildering end to what had been an entertaining bout. Also of note, Patrick Cote retired after losing to Thiago Alves.

  1. April 9, 2017
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    UFC 210 Quick Results

    UFC 210 Main Card

    Daniel Cormier def. Anthony Johnson, submission (Round 2, 3:37) Gegard Mousasi Def. Chris Weidman, TKO (Round 2, 3:13) Cynthia Calvillo Def. Pearl Gonzalez, Submission (Round 3, 3:45) Thiago Alves def. Patrick Cote, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Charles Oliveira def. Will Brooks, submission (Round 1, 2:30)

    Prelims on Fox Sports 1

    Myles Jury def. Mike De La Torre, TKO (Round 1, 3:30) Kamaru Usman def. Sean Strickland, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26) Shane Burgos def. Charles Rosa, TKO (Round 3, 1:59) Patrick Cummins def. Jan Blachowicz, majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)

    Prelims on UFC Fight Pass

    Gregor Gillespie def. Andrew Holbrook, knockout (Round 1, 0:21) Desmond Green def. Josh Emmett, split-decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27) Katlyn Chookagian def. Irene Aldana, split-decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) Magomed Bibulatov def. Jenel Lausa, unanimous decision (29-26, 29-26, 29-26)

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    And Still!

    UFC @ufc

    #ANDSTILL @DC_MMA gets it done at #UFC210 https://t.co/u9AefOAfGr

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    Cormier on Jon Jones

    Nathan McCarter @McCarterN

    "When he gets his academics in order he can come back to the classroom." Beautiful.

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  6. April 9, 2017
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    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    "So what if they boo? I'm getting money and championship belts." Hell yeah, DC. Do you. #UFC210

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    Cormier Wins Again

    It sets up a showdown with either Jimi Manuwa or Jon Jones.

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Aaaaaaand still! Daniel Cormier defeats Anthony Johnson via submission in Round 2 #UFC210 https://t.co/rmUNsxw6EA

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    That Makes Two...

    Fighters hanging it up tonight. Patrick Cote called it quits earlier tonight, and now Johnson announces his decision to walk away.

    Chamatkar Sandhu @SandhuMMA

    Anthony Johnson just retired from MMA. He's in tears. He said this was his last fight. He said he gave his commitment to another job.

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    Johnson's Strategy Left Much to Be Desired

    Whenever he got space Johnson was able to land, but he was insistent on grappling with Cormier. That led him straight down the course of the last fight.

    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    That was the most predictable outcome after Johnson initiated that first clinch. He gave Cormier exactly the kind of fight he wanted.

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    Daniel Cormier Def. Anthony Johnson, Submission (Round 2, 3:37)

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    Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson: Round 2

    The fighters open Round 2 with an exchange of kicks. Cormier is able to close the distance and take Johnson to the fence. He lands some short punches there before Johnson turns him to the fence and takes him down. Cormier pops back up, takes Johnson down and hops onto his back. Cormier pesters Johnson with punches, then changing to the choke. Johnson quickly taps.

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    Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson: Round 1

    Johnson comes out with a kick to the body, but he's sent back by a right hand from Cormier. Johnson looks to catch Cormier off guard with a takedown, but is fizzles out against the fence. Cormier bothers Johnson with elbows, but Johnson remains committed to trapping his opponent against the chain-links. Cormier turns Johnson and now had him pressed to the cage. Cormier uses a headlock to keep Johnson stationary for his knees and dirty boxing. The referee separates the men when Cormier is called for holding the fence. Johnson uses the space to land a pair of hard connections before initiating another clinch. Time expires as he finally manages to get Cormier to the ground.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Johnson

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    Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson

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    And This...

    It's a perplexing decision that, as the commentary team pointed out multiple times, occurred because the commission doesn't know the rules, so improvised. Not what you want at the highest level of competition in a sport.

    Jonathan Snowden @JESnowden

    If there is no replay in New York, why did Mirgliatta change his ruling based on replay? This sucks New York. #ufc210

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    Daniel Cormier Somehow Loses 1.2 Pounds in 2 Minutes at UFC 210 Weigh-Ins

    Daniel Cormier Somehow Loses 1.2 Pounds in 2 Minutes at UFC 210 Weigh-Ins
    UFC 210 logo
    UFC 210

    Daniel Cormier Somehow Loses 1.2 Pounds in 2 Minutes at UFC 210 Weigh-Ins

    Nathan McCarter
    via Nathan McCarter
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    Basically This

    Nathan McCarter @McCarterN

    Wow. I don't know how Weidman gets a TKO loss when the referee stops the fight for what he thinks is illegal knee.

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    Unfortunate end for all involved, most of all Weidman who loses the fight because a legal shot was called legal, and because the fight as halted, he loses. Weidman was still completely coherent. He is clearly irritated, but shows restraint in his post-fight interview.

    Mauro Ranallo @mauroranallo

    NYSAC IS A JOKE!!! #UFC210

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    Gegard Mousasi Def. Chris Weidman, TKO (Round 2, 3:13)

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    Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi: Round 2

    A pair of jabs hit for Mousasi and he follows it up with an uppercut. Weidman covers up against the fence as the barrage continues. Mousasi opts for a takedown, which Weidman stuffs easily and uses the clinch to recover. The referee quickly separates the fighters allowing Weidman to complete a takedown in the center of the cage. It's Mousasi looking to strike despite being on the bottom, but Weidman advances to half-guard, then mount. Mousasi rolls, forfeiting his back. He manages to scramble and both guys end up on their feet. Time is called when Mousasi lands a knee that is deemed illegal. The replay shows that the connection is legal. When the referee is informed that the knee was legal, the fight is awarded to Mousasi as a TKO (even though the action was stopped because the knee was called illegal, not because Weidman was out).

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    Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi: Round 1

    Mousasi lands a stepping right hand then slips a left past Weidman's defenses. The former champion answers with a jab and leg-kick before taking Mousasi down to the mat. He looks for a guillotine as Mousasi attempts to stand. It looks dangerous, but Mousasi escapes. Weidman shoots again and this time it's Mousasi looking for a choke, but he too loses it. Mousasi is able to quickly work up to his feet, though. Weidman wants the action back on the ground, but Mousasi defends successfully this time. Weidman hits with a hard pair of punches before refocusing on the takedown. This time he forces Mousasi to a sitting position, but cannot establish top-position. He's gifted the spot when Mousasi slips soon after, but the round ends before he can do much with it.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Weidman

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    UFC 210 Preview: Chris Weidman Faces Do-or-Die Situation Against Gegard Mousasi

    UFC 210 Preview: Chris Weidman Faces Do-or-Die Situation Against Gegard Mousasi
    UFC 210 logo
    UFC 210

    UFC 210 Preview: Chris Weidman Faces Do-or-Die Situation Against Gegard Mousasi

    Chad Dundas
    via Chad Dundas
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    Mortal Enemies...

    UFC @ufc

    Sitting comfortably @SugaRashadEvans and @JonnyBones? 😉 #UFC210 https://t.co/idM60RgMS3

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    Calvillo Wins Again

    For the second time in a row she looks impressive and ends with a submission.

    Damon Martin @DamonMartin

    "I'm not surprised, motherf--ker" ~ Cynthia Calvillo just went full Nate Diaz #UFC210

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    Cynthia Calvillo Def. Pearl Gonzalez, Submission (Round 3, 3:45)

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    Cynthia Calvillo vs. Pearl Gonzalez: Round 3

    After almost a minute of tempered exchanges Gonazles grabs for a takedown, much to the chagrin of her corner. She is unable to get it, but Calvillo decides she wants to return to the mat and executes a beautiful trip. Calvillo takes about 45 seconds to gain the mount, then the back. The women arm-fight and Gonzalez prevails, preventing the choke. She can't shake Calvillo from her back, though, and the next time Calvillo plays for the choke she isn't denied. Calvillo picks up her second UFC win.

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    Cynthia Calvillo vs. Pearl Gonzalez: Round 2

    Gonzalez once again claims the center of the Octagon, Calvillo circling. Gonzalez lands a hard leg-kick, but Calvillo extends her edge in volume biting back with a few of her own, albeit lighter ones. Gonzalez charges forth and tackles Calvillo to the mat, landing in mount. Calvillo somehow slips out and makes it into top-position. Gonzalez tries for an armbar, but she can't hold it. Calvillo wins the ensuing scramble, climbing on her opponent's back. She looks for a choke, but can't get under the chin. Calvillo spends the last 30 seconds of the round tallying points with punches.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Calvillo

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    Cynthia Calvillo vs. Pearl Gonzalez: Round 1

    Calvillo circles and touches her opponent with skirmishing shots. Gonzalez is covering up, absorbing shots on the forearms and offering the occasional counter. Calvillo sneaks a pair of punches past the defense, including a kick to the ribs. Gonzalez lands a left hand and reaches of a single-leg, pushing Calvillo to the fence. Calvillo wraps on a headlock and lands a series of uppercuts and knees, making Gonzalez pay for committing to the takedown. When Gonzalez finally gets it, Calvillo immediately threatens with a triangle that appeared locked, Gonzalez surviving by the grace of the bell.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Calvillo

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    Cynthia Calvillo vs. Pearl Gonzalez

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    MMA Fighter Was Nearly Pulled from UFC 210 Main Card Due to Breast Implants

    MMA Fighter Was Nearly Pulled from UFC 210 Main Card Due to Breast Implants
    UFC 210 logo
    UFC 210

    MMA Fighter Was Nearly Pulled from UFC 210 Main Card Due to Breast Implants

    Steven Rondina
    via Steven Rondina
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    Cote Announces His Retirement After the Fight

    The UFC mainstay laid his gloves down and thanked the fans for their support.

    UFC @ufc

    Thank you @patrick_cote! 🇨🇦 #UFC210 https://t.co/p5WtG756BN

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    Vintage Alves

    Tonight marked his best performance in years.

    Michael Stets @Michael_Stets

    Great performance by Alves, who picked up a unanimous decision victory.

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    Alves' Round-one Knockdown

    Cote narrowly escaped the end and came back to last the distance.

    UFC @ufc

    Pitbull @ThiagoAlvesATT connects but @patrick_cote is always durable! #UFC210 https://t.co/MDgsjbJ1gy

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    Thiago Alves Def. Patrick Cote, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  35. Clock Icon3:00 am

    Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote: Round 3

    A lowblow from Alves draws a momentary halt to the bout, but Cote is waves off the referee quickly. He pens Alves in against the cage and lands a hard punch to the body, then another to the head. Cote looks for a takedown, but it's rebuffed. Alves then ties up and trips Cote. Alves starts in half-guard, but he's pushed to the full. From there, Cote searches for an armbar, but Alves defends until he can push off and get back to his feet. With a minute remaining, Alves extends his lead with another trio of kicks. Cote hits back with a pair of hard uppercuts. Alves jumps up and lands a knee right at the end of the contest.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Alves Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-26 Alves

  36. Clock Icon2:53 am

    Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote: Round 2

    The action quickly moves to the edge of the Octagon where the fighters bite down on their mouthpieces and sling leather. Both land solid shots before separating and returning to the center of the cage. Cote lands a crisp right hand before Alves touch him with a leg-kick and right hand combination. Cote tries to walk through some leg-kicks and it seems to work as he lands a nice right hand. Immediately though, the counter comes, and Cote is dropped to his knees. He quickly recovers and circles away. Alves hits with a pair of leg-kicks at the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Alves

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    Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote: Round 1

    Cote opens with a pair of leg-kicks. Alves is fine playing that game and gives a much harder one back to Cote. After the pair exchange a few more low-kicks, Alves goes up a level, hitting Cote in the gut with a knee followed by a kick. The Brazilian adds a sharp right hand that snaps Cote's head back. The Canadian answers with a hard right of his own. A big left hand from Alves crumbles Cote, who composes himself on the mat and prevents Alves from narrowing in on the finish. Cote makes it to the end of the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-8 Alves

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    Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote

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    Faber Is Inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame

    A well-deserved honor for the featherweight and bantamweight pioneer.

    UFC @ufc

    Congrats @UrijahFaber on making it into the UFC Hall of Fame! 📰 https://t.co/GsxkZztk2i https://t.co/Nl0eJEttgi

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    UFC @ufc

    We got @buffalobills in the house tonight at #UFC210! 🙌 https://t.co/yjhQspcix4

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    Oliveira Celebrates the Upset

    UFC @ufc

    Charles Oliveira isn't hanging around! Incredible performance by @CharlesDoBronxs at #UFC210! https://t.co/wHR6x0Owdc

  42. Clock Icon2:26 am

    Oliveira Pulls Off the Upset

    Brooks is now a loss away from being chased from the promotion he once looked poised to overthrow.

    Ariel Helwani @arielhelwani

    Charles Oliveira subs Will Brooks in the first. What a win. That's 2 straight losses for Brooks. Oliveira needs to stay at 155.

  43. Clock Icon2:24 am

    Charles Oliveira Def. Will Brooks, Submission (Round 1, 2:30)

  44. Clock Icon2:21 am

    Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira: Round 1

    After a brief feeling out process, Oliveira shoots and puts Brooks on the mat. Brooks scoots over to the fence and uses the wall to stand. Oliveira sweeps the leg and jumps on Brooks' back when he tries to stand a second time. The Brazilian wraps on a choke while riding his opponent's back. Brooks tries madly to gut it out, but eventually taps.

  45. Clock Icon2:03 am

    Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira

  46. Clock Icon2:02 am

    Dana White @danawhite

    Here we go!!!! Main card starts NOW on PPV! #UFC210 https://t.co/tL1RHTLJfy

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    Bloody Elbow @BloodyElbow

    It'll be 20 minutes before the next #UFC210 bout (Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira), but 7 minutes until we all sing Face the Pain together!

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    UFC 210 Predictions: Bleacher Report Main Card Staff Picks

    UFC 210 Predictions: Bleacher Report Main Card Staff Picks
    UFC 210 logo
    UFC 210

    UFC 210 Predictions: Bleacher Report Main Card Staff Picks

    Scott Harris
    via Scott Harris
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    Jury Uses His Time on the Mic to Make a Profound Proclamation

    The victory sets him on the right track to regather momentum and re-initiate a run up the ladder.

    Suzanne Davis @SoozieCuzie

    "I feel like us fighters are the best thing in the wooooooooorld." - M. Jury

  50. Clock Icon1:49 am

    Jeff Wagenheim @jeffwagenheim

    After two straight losses and a year-plus layoff, Myles Jury came back like Myles Fury.

  51. Clock Icon1:48 am

    Myles Jury Def. Mike de la Torre, TKO (Round 1, 3:30)

    UFC @ufc

    How impressive was that from @FuryJury! #UFC210 https://t.co/LfXPG8t4Tk

  52. Clock Icon1:46 am

    Myles Jury vs. Mike De La Torre: Round 1

    Jury ducks a jab and completes a quick single-leg takedown. He lands a right hand before spinning to the back and placing his hooks in. Jury changes to a body-triangle and he looks to soften de la Torre with punches. Rather than pursue the choke, Jury flattens de la Torre and postures, dropping punches that open a gash on his opponent's face. Jury continues to hammer away until the referee intervenes.

  53. Clock Icon1:37 am

    Myles Jury vs. Mike de la Torre

  54. Clock Icon1:34 am

    What's Next for Usman

    He states that he wants Neil Magny in the post-fight interview.

    Patrick Wyman @Patrick_Wyman

    Kamaru Usman looked fantastic. That dude has the look of a future title contender. #UFC210

  55. Clock Icon1:33 am

    Kamaru Usman Def. Sean Strickland, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

  56. Clock Icon1:30 am

    Kamaru Usman vs. Sean Strickland: Round 3

    After passing the doctor's inspection between rounds, Strickland is permitted to answer the third bell. Usman tries to make him regret it by attacking with right hands and leg-kicks. When Strickland gives him a mobile target Usman changes course and completes a takedown. He patters Strickland with punches for a bit, but he's unable to keep his opponent grounded for more than a minute or so. Despite losing position, Usman continues to pursue the finish. He follows Strickland and wings power punches his way. Despite his opponent's persistence, Strickland survives to the last horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Usman Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-26 Usman

  57. Clock Icon1:24 am

    Kamaru Usman vs. Sean Strickland: Round 2

    Usman feints a takedown and throws some smoke with his hands. Strickland avoids the impact, but Usman comes right back and manages to land a hard right hook. Strickland is having difficulty seeing out of his right eye, a cut obscuring his vision, and it's clearly tempering his offense. A big right hand from Usman puts Strickland down for a moment. He tries to stand, but Usman tackles him and takes top-position. Strickland does well to avoid further damage and manages to stand up with 30 seconds to go. He eats a leg-kick for his trouble before time expires.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-8 Usman

  58. Clock Icon1:18 am

    Kamaru Usman vs. Sean Strickland: Round 1

    Usman looks to close the distance, Strickland circling on the outside. Usman wins the battle of space and wrestles Strickland to his knees. The fight reaches something of a stalemate, though Usman tallies some points by kneeing his opponent's legs. The takedown finally materializes for Usman, who lands a hard right hand from the top. Strickland toys with the idea of doing something offensive, but his proximity to the fence disrupts the course. Strickland finally stands at the bell.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Usman

  59. Clock Icon1:01 am

    Kamaru Usman vs. Sean Strickland

  60. Clock Icon12:59 am

    Burgos Moves to 2-0 in the UFC

    Tonight's TKO marks his first finish.

    UFC Canada @UFC_CA

    .@HurricaneShaneB becomes the first fighter to stop Rosa at #UFC210. https://t.co/a30U5AnU1x

  61. Clock Icon12:57 am

    Rosa Was in Serious Trouble

    He was up and he protested immediately, but it felt like the end was near.

    Sherdog.com @sherdogdotcom

    Rosa complains about ref Todd Anderson's stoppage, but it was nothing heinous. He was getting wailed on, clean, knocked down twice. #UFC210

  62. Clock Icon12:55 am

    Shane Burgos Def. Charles Rosa, TKO (Round 3, 1:59)

  63. Clock Icon12:53 am

    Shane Burgos vs. Charles Rosa: Round 3

    After a couple of indecisive exchanges Rosa grabs for a single-leg takeodwn, but Burgos defends and lands a series of hammerfists that make Rosa reconsider. An uppercut and left hand from Burgos send Rosa to the mat. He stands, but Burgos continues to batter him. Eventually the referee steps in to ensure Rosa's safety.