Tyron Woodley edges Stephen Thompson to retain welterweight title at UFC 209

Invalid DateLas Vegas, Nevada
Craig Amos

Tyron Woodley retained his welterweight title in a lackluster contest, earning a majority decision over Stephen Thompson. The decision, which was met with some skepticism, at least opens up the welterweight division. That probably won't comfort Thompson, though, as he expressed the belief that he thought the win was his. Regardless, after spending 10 rounds in the Octagon together, it is pretty clear the two men are worthy adversaries.

  1. March 5, 2017
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    UFC 209 Quick Results

    UFC 209 Main Card

    Tyron Woodley def. Stephen Thompson, majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47) David Teymur def. Lando Vannata, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Daniel Kelly def. Rashad Evans, split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Cynthia Calvillo def. Amanda Cooper, submission (Round 1, 3:19) Alistair Overeem def. Mark Hunt, knockout (Round 1, 1:44)

    Prelims on Fox Sports 1

    Marcin Tybura def. Luis Henrique, TKO (Round 3, 3:46) Darren Elkins def. Mirsad Bektic, TKO (Round 3, 3:19) Iuri Alcantara def. Luke Sanders, submission (Round 2, 3:13) Mark Godbeer def. Daniel Spitz, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    Prelims on UFC Fight Pass

    Tyson Pedro def. Paul Craig, TKO (Round 1, 4:10) Albert Morales def. Andre Soukhamthath, spit-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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    Mike Fridley @mikefridley

    #UFC209 Official Scorecard: Tyron Woodley def. Stephen Thompson via Majority Decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-47) R5, 5:00 https://t.co/G7OiLjH05E

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    Classy, as Always

    I suspect Maia is also just happy to see things move along here.

    Demian Maia @demianmaia

    Congrats to @TWooodley for keeping the @ufc belt,& congrats to @WonderboyMMA for giving his best effort on 2 opportunities. Respect to both.

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  6. March 5, 2017
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    Nick Diaz @Diaz209What

    Call me

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    Jonathan Snowden @JESnowden

    Joe Rogan just said "I love the fight." I don't believe him! #UFC209

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    Woodley Was Given Three Round on Two Cards

    That comes as something of a surprise, because he almost didn't show up for three of five rounds. Welterweight contenders will be grateful the result was not another draw, however.

    Bloody Elbow @BloodyElbow

    Honestly, if anyone won that fight, it wasn't Woodley #UFC209

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    Tyron Woodley Def. Stephen Thompson, Majority Decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

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    Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson: Round 5

    Woodley comes out with a clear sense of urgency, pressuring Thompson, but not letting his hands go. When he advances, Thompson lands a kick to the ribs. Woodley reaches for a leg, but Thompson pulls himself free from the takedown attempt. The tepid pace continues through through the final round, the clock displaying just over a minute. Thompson scores with a counter right hook drawing a charge from Woodley. Woodley lands a knockdown, and smashes away on Thompson looking for the finishes. He lands again, wobbling Thompson, but the fight closes out before the finish materializes for Woodley.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 5: 10-8 Woodley Bleacher Report scores the fight: 47-47 - Draw

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    Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson: Round 4

    Thompson once again claims the center of the Octagon, Woodley circling. A minute passes without action, which draws jeers from the stands. Thompson spins for a kick that lands or the arms of Woodley. The combatants trade punches, Woodley scoring with a left, Thompson a right. Thompson goes high with a kick, Woodley just getting his arm up to partially block the strike.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 4: 10-9 Thompson

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    Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson: Round 3

    Woodley shoots, grabbing for a single-leg, then pressing Thompson to the fence. He clasps his hands and dumps Thompson onto the floor, working short left hands that Thompson is struggling to defend with one hand tied behind his back. Thompson stands and eats a pair of knees, countering with a left hand, then breaking free. Thompson goes to the body with a pair of lefts. He then steps in and lands one to the face. Woodley answers with a right hook and Thompson finishes up the round with a few more connections to the body and a heavy left to the head.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Woodley

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    Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson: Round 2

    Woodley takes the center of the cage after spending the entirety of Round 1 on the outskirts. He hits Thompson with a couple of rights to the body and chest, but forfeits the ground he'd staked a claim to coming out for the round. Woodley launches a flurry, landing a glancing blow, the only earnest offensive effort he's launched this round. Thompson hasn't done much more, but he gets in a pair of kicks to the ribs, the only connections scored in the final minute of the round.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Thompson

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    Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson: Round 1

    The opening minute passes without action. Woodley blitzes to end the stagnation, but Thompson back-peddles and escapes the change. The tactical stalemate begins to wear on the audience, who emit a few stray boos. Thompson darts in and lands a straight left hand, the most significant connection of the night, albeit a middling one. Woodley lands a hard kick to the leg about 45 seconds later.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Thompson

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    Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson

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    The Results Coming in

    Vannata reacts dejectedly while Teymur celebrates the big win.

    UFC Europe @UFCEurope

    With the decision! @DavidTeymur 🇸🇪 made a statement at #UFC209 tonight! https://t.co/RHdPLdScn1

  18. June 30, 2020
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    UFC 209: How Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson Can Adjust in Their Rematch

    UFC 209: How Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson Can Adjust in Their Rematch
    UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson 2 logo
    UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson 2

    UFC 209: How Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson Can Adjust in Their Rematch

    Patrick Wyman
    via Patrick Wyman
  20. March 5, 2017
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    Teymur Wins...

    But Vannata hardly damaged his stock in defeat. Excellent battle.

    Tommy Toe Hold @TommyToeHold

    What an incredible fight. So fun. Can't wait to see both of them again. #UFC209

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    David Teymur Def. Lando Vannata, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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    Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur: Round 3

    Teymur comes out of the gate hard, forcing some exchanges that Vannata is only too happy to oblige. Both guys score early on, the targets ranging from leg to body to head. Teymur forces Vannata to the fence, tying him up for some more knees. He smacks Vannata with a hard two-punch combo before taking Vannata down for the second time in the fight. As last time, Vannata pops up immediately. He takes Vannata down again, but it's the same result. Teymur continues to look for the shot, and eventually completes another. Back up with 40 seconds to go, Teymur scores with a left hand and fails to secure one more takedown at the end of the match, bringing to close a match that featured three competitive rounds.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Teymur Bleacher Report scores the fight: 30-27 Teymur

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    Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur: Round 2

    Both guys open with bodykicks, landing a couple each through the opening minute. Teymur initiates a trade that sees both fighters land. Teymur tallies some leg-kicks before once against landing a simultaneous exchange with Vannata. He them jumps forth with a superman punch, snapping Vannata's head back before scoring a takedown. Vannata is up before anything comes of it. Vannata hits with an uppercut as the clock winds down to one minute. Teymur finishes the round by clinching up and blasting his foe with a trio of knees.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Teymur

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    Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur: Round 1

    Vannata pushes forth aggressively, keeping Teymur from settling in. Both men land some leg-kicks through the opening 90 seconds, but it's Teymur who lands the first solid shot of the match, connecting with a right hand. A cartwheel kick from Vannata sets off a wild exchange in which Vannata lands a big right hand. Teymur stumbles back and Vannata follows. Teymur recovers, coming back to stun Vannata with a nice combination of his own. Vannata shoots, but he isn't able to get top-position after putting Teymur on the mat. Teymur makes Vannata pay for the failure with a hard combination.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Teymur

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    Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur

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    Baseball Season Is Coming Up

    Here's former AL MVP Josh Donaldson in the UFC 209 audience. He'll be strapping Wonderboy with the belt should he win in tonight's main event.

    #UFC209 @ufc

    The @BlueJays heavy-hitter @BringerOfRain20 here to cheer on @WonderboyMMA! #UFC209 https://t.co/36pnctUWZf

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    Kelly Reacts

    His win over Evans is the biggest of his pro career.

    #UFC209 @ufc

    The Ageless Wonder @DanKellyJudo gets a HUGE win over the former LHW champ! #UFC209 https://t.co/ImW3xMVGuO

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    Kelly Wins...

    By outstriking Evans, overcoming a supposed disadvantage on the feet.

    MMAFighting.com @MMAFighting

    Kelly: My striking is starting to look better, eh? Yes, indeed it is “Judo Dan."

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    Daniel Kelly Def. Rashad Evans, Split-Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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    Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly: Round 3

    The fighters clinch in the early going, but the break is an anti-climatic one. Evans connects with a trio of punches, following a one-two with an uppercut. Kelly scores with a sneaky trip, but he isn't able to get on top of Evans before the latter scrambles to his feet. Both men land hard punches with two minutes left on the clock. There seems to be a sense of urgency on both sides, Kelly beginning to gain numerical superiority on the strength of short punches from in close. Evans finishes strong, landing a barrage at the end of the contest.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 3: 10-9 Evans Bleacher Report scores the fight: 29-28 Kelly

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    Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly: Round 2

    Kelly remains committed to the left hand early in the middle frame. He looks for a trip, but Evans goes no lower than one knee before getting himself erect. Kelly welcomes him back up with another left hand. He then stuffs a shot from Evans, who follows the failed attempt with a knee. Kelly then gets a finger in the eye, which draws a break in the action. Evans is able to land a couple of punches when the fighters resume, but he eats another hard left shortly after. Evans lands a hard kick to the gut, Kelly pursuing him and flurrying in retaliation prior to the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Kelly

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    Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly: Round 1

    Evans slips a straight right past Kelly's defense a few seconds into the bout. Kelly clips him back with a left hand at the end of an exchange. Kelly adds another two lefts over the next minute or so, scoring the cleanest connections of the bout thus far. Evans answers with a takedown effort that leads to a scramble in which neither man can assert himself. Evans lands an uppercut before Kelly adds another left hook. A knee to the ribs hits for Evans, but Kelly gets him back with a trio of short punches as the fighters clinch up. Evans finishes the round with a heavy bodykick.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Kelly

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    Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly

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    Excellent Debut

    Calvillo grabs a highlight win in her first Octagon performance.

    Josh Gross @yay_yee

    Cynthia Calvillo with all sorts of grappling fun against Amanda Cooper. Finishes in R1 with an RNC. That anaconda-to-back move was sweet.

  36. Clock Icon3:52 am

    Cynthia Calvillo Def. Amanda Cooper, Submission (Round 1, 3:19)

    #UFC209 @ufc

    FIRST ROUND FINISH IN YOUR DEBUT?!?! Congrats @Cyn_Calvillo!! #UFC209 https://t.co/1gX5Il0InU

  37. Clock Icon3:50 am

    Amanda Cooper vs. Cynthia Calvillo: Round 1

    A couple early exchanges see Calvillo take an early lead. Cooper quickly alters he approach and begins throwing shots from a distance. The tactic works momentarily, but one of her kicks is caught and turned into a takedown. Calvillo wraps on an anaconda choke, but she loses it as she rolls, mitigating the failure by crawling onto her opponent's back in the scramble. Calvillo gets her arm under Cooper's chin and squeezes until the tap comes.

  38. Clock Icon3:40 am

    Amanda Cooper vs. Cynthia Calvillo

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    The Fight-Ending Blow

    Overeem knockout Mark Hunt out with a brutal knee.

    UFC Canada @UFC_CA

    THAT KNEE!!!!! #UFC209 https://t.co/GDhL4FxGBo

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    He's Hot and Cold, but When On, It's Hard to Disagree with

    And today, Overeem was on.

    Tommy Toe Hold @TommyToeHold

    What a terrifying force Alistair Overeem is. #UFC209

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    Alistair Overeem Def. Mark Hunt, Knockout (Round 3, 1:44)

  42. Clock Icon3:34 am

    Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt: Round 3

    The final round opens with a hard jab from Overeem. Hunt looks to close the distance, but Overeem escapes by turning and sprinting away. When he returns he ties Hunt up, going back to work with knees in the clinch. He goes upstairs with one that makes Hunt go limb. Overeem adds another before Hunt collapses to the canvas.

  43. Clock Icon3:31 am

    Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt: Round 2

    Some more kicks from Overeem precede a sharp straight right hand to the jaw. Hunt circles, stalking for the big shot. Overeem slips out of the way then comes back to tie Hunt up, planting his knee into Hunt's belly a few times. Hunt breaks away and smashes Overeem with an elbow, then tags him with a right hook. Overeem clinches and turns Hunt to the fence. He keeps him there for over a minute, landing some hard knees. Hunt sneaks in another elbow that wobbles Overeem, but Overeem comes right back with another blistering knee to the ribs. Hunt closes out the round with another elbow.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Overeem

  44. Clock Icon3:24 am

    Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt: Round 1

    Hunt opens with a couple of hard leg-kicks after he claims the center of the cage. Overeem checks the next one, opening a gash on Hunt's shin. Overeem mixes together a bodykick and straight right hand. He then goes to the leg with a couple more kicks. Hunt's response is also a kick, landing to the midsection of Overeem. It's Hunt who lands the first big punch, clipping his opponent with a right hand, just as Overeem tallies a couple more leg-kicks before punctuating a punch-kick combo with another leg-kick. Hunt cuts off the cage, forcing Overeem to turn and run at the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Overeem

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    Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt

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    Fight Announcement

    Before getting to it, note the announce: Jacare vs. Robert Whittaker.

    #UFC209 @bjpenndotcom

    Breaking! Two huge fights announced for #UFConFOX24 in Kansas City. #UFC https://t.co/8e8i5uY95Y

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    It's time to Face the Pain.

    #UFC209 @ufc

    #UFC209 Main Card is LIVE on PPV! Enhance your viewing experience w/ #UFCSidekick ➡️ https://t.co/tuywrM7kLq https://t.co/XPGLUm02XG

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    UFC 209 Woodley vs. Thompson: Bleacher Report Main Card Staff Predictions

    UFC 209 Woodley vs. Thompson: Bleacher Report Main Card Staff Predictions
    UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson 2 logo
    UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson 2

    UFC 209 Woodley vs. Thompson: Bleacher Report Main Card Staff Predictions

    Nathan McCarter
    via Nathan McCarter
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    Action Was Rare

    But here's some of it.

    #UFC209 @ufc

    Front kick to the face followed by a couple hard shots! @MarcinTybura switching it up nicely here in round 3! #UFC209 https://t.co/ra9f1eFmYj

  50. Clock Icon3:01 am

    Marcin Tybura Def. Luis Henrique, TKO (Round 3, 3:46)

  51. Clock Icon2:59 am

    Marcin Tybura vs. Luis Henrique: Round 3

    Tybura opens the round with a pair of nice connections before Henrique runs him back to the cage. A separate provides a reprieve from the clinch, but it's a brief one. Back against the cage, Tybura lands a couple nice elbows. Henrique looks for a guillotine and forces Tybura to his knees. Tybura escapes and takes Henrique down, climbing to the mount. He postures and rains down punches until the fight is called.

  52. Clock Icon2:52 am

    Marcin Tybura vs. Luis Henrique: Round 2

    Tybura makes Henrique work for the early takedown, but Henrique proves equal to the task, working Tybura to the mat. As Tybura stands, Henrique squeezes for a guillotine that doesn't get very far. After being reset due to a dip in the action the two fighters head right back to the fence, Henrique insistent that the fight should happen there exclusively. Tybura lands a kick to the face after another reset, inspiring Henrique to clinch yet again. The final 45 seconds of the round bleed off there.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Henrique

  53. Clock Icon2:45 am

    Marcin Tybura vs. Luis Henrique: Round 1

    Henrique chases Tybura over to the fence, penning him in along the edge of the Octagon. The actions stalls there, drawing calls for action from Herb Dean, who eventually makes good on his threat to restart the action. Tybura lands a bodyshot before Henrique wraps him up. He fails to keep Tybura down, and it's instead Tybura scoring a trip. He consolidates top-position and spends about a minute landing short punches. Henrique scrambles up, then trips Tybura, who climbs up before the horn.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Tybura

  54. Clock Icon2:34 am

    Marcin Tybura vs. Luis Henrique

  55. Clock Icon2:33 am

    Fight Announcement

    Johnson will look to tie the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses.

    Michael A Wellman @mikewellman88

    Demetrious Johnson announces he will be attempting his 10th UFC title defense on 4/15 at UFC on Fox against Wilson Reis

  56. Clock Icon2:32 am

    The Finish

    Elkins scores the TKO.

    Ahmar Khan @AhmarSKhan

    What an unbelievable comeback by a bloody Darren Elkins to KO Mirsad Bektic. NO WORDS. #UFC209 https://t.co/G36Dv8xua5

  57. Clock Icon2:30 am

    Bektic Continued to Grapple...

    Despite exercising a massive edge on the feet. Elkins made him pay.

    Jonathan Snowden @JESnowden

    Bektic had every physical and tactical advantage. He put himself into a position to lose and his opponent obliged him. Learning experience.

  58. Clock Icon2:29 am

    That's Two in a Row

    Elkins one-ups Alcantara's comeback, surviving a prolonged beating to come from behind to claim an unlikely victory.

    Dan Hardy @danhardymma

    What's this? The night of comebacks?!? #UFC209

  59. Clock Icon2:28 am

    Darren Elkins Def. Mirsad Bektic, TKO (Round 3, 3:19)

  60. Clock Icon2:25 am

    Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektic: Round 3

    A quick lowblow from Elkins pauses the action as soon as it resumes. The delay isn't long though, and Bektic gets back to putting his fists in Elkins' face. He then transitions to a takedown, but Elkins rebuffs him. Bektic eventually completes his mission to get the action back on the mat, flattening Elkins out. Elkins pushes off the fence and pulls for a heel-hook, but he loses it. Elkins does manage to stay on top, and he lands some punches and knees. As Bektic stands, Elkins blasts him with two punches and a kick to the face that fells Bektic. The referee dives in before any more damage can be done.

  61. Clock Icon2:20 am

    Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektic: Round 2

    Bektic lands a pair of shots enroute to another takedown. He lands a couple of punches before Elkins parlays the threat of a guillotine into top positions. He lands a couple shots of his own before Bektic stands. Elkins nearly reverses again, but slips off his opponent's back. After Bektic reestablishes himself on top, Elkins tries for another guillotine. This time Bektic escapes easily and sinks himself into half-guard. The final minute of the round is spent battling for position, Bektic failing to replicate the damage output he massed from top-position in the first frame.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 2: 10-9 Bektic

  62. Clock Icon2:16 am

    Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektic: Round 1

    Bektic lands a pair of left hands before taking Elkins to the canvas. He works from half-guard, then advances to side-control. An elbow opens a gash on Elkins' face, and he continues to blast away, moving to a crucifix. Bektic mashes Elkins' face, rotating from the side to half-guard and back again. Almost the entire round is spent in those positions, Bektic turning Elkins' face into a crimson mask before the horn sounds.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-8 Bektic

  63. Clock Icon2:01 am

    Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektic

  64. Clock Icon2:01 am

    FS1 @FS1

    CHECK MATE. Iuri Alcantara makes a comeback for the ages over Luke Sanders. #UFC209 https://t.co/REf18GGMUO

  65. Clock Icon1:55 am

    Alcantara Earns the Finish

    He was a sitting duck for the majority of the fight, but trapped Sanders' leg and made no mistak when the opportunity arose.

    Angela Hill @AngieOverkill

    Crazy come from behind finish! And the whole 1st round I was thinking "stop the fight ref!" The crowd was pissed. #UFC209