Tiger Woods at 2017 Hero World Challenge: Round 1 Live Updates, Score and Highlights

5:05pm UTC Nov 30, 2017Albany, Bahamas
David Kenyon

Tiger Woods shot a three-under-par 69 during his return to the course Thursday at the 2017 Hero World Challenge in Albany, Bahamas. Woods, who last played in February, carded five birdies on the day. While his short game occasionally flared as an issue and he would've liked to capitalize on par fives more often, Woods putted particularly well. He ended the round three shots behind the clubhouse leader, Tommy Fleetwood. Woods will return to course Friday for Round 2 of the 18-man tournament, which also features Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler.

  1. November 30, 2017
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    Tiger Woods Shoots 69 in Hero World Challenge Round 1 in Return from Back Injury

    Tiger Woods at Hero World Challenge Round 1 2017-11-30

    Tiger Woods Shoots 69 in Hero World Challenge Round 1 in Return from Back Injury

    Adam Wells
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    Round 1 Card

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    Tiger's Impression of His Return

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  6. November 30, 2017
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    Opening-Round Stats

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    Commendable Day for Tiger

    Overall, it was a fine performance.

    Woods will probably discuss his lack of success on scoring holes and a little bit of trouble with his short game. However, Tiger's putting saved several shots in his first competitive round since February.

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    Tiger's 1st Round Complete

    He walks in a par to wrap up a three-under 69.

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    Tiger Looking to Finish Strong

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    Par Heading into 18

    Tiger barely shorted his first shot on 17, but he drops in another par to reach the final hole at three-under-par.

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    Par 5s Tell the Story

    Woods struggled today on Par-5s, finishing one-over with one birdie, two pars and two bogeys.

    Comparatively, Fleetwood carded three birdies and two pars. It's not a coincidence he leads the tournament.

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    Woods Gives One Back

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    Some Trouble on 15

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    🔥 He's on Fire 🔥

    Only Fowler and Fleetwood have better scores so far.

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    Tap-in Birdie? The Best

    Make it -4 for Woods.

    He'll be one shot behind the leader.

    I'm not freaking out, you are.

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    Moving on Up

    Woods knocks home his fourth birdie of the afternoon.

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    Woods Hangs on Again

    There haven't been many real birdie opportunities in a while. On the bright side for Tiger, he's saved par each time except on No. 9.

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    Leaderboard Update

    Kevin Chappell leads the 18-man field with a five-under score through 15 holes. Woods is three shots back.

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    Tiger Looking to Save Par

    Last time we said this, he buried a long putt.

    But with a 35-footer coming back, finishing with a five on 11 is no problem.

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    Great Start at 11

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    Tiger Gets It Back

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    Short Game an Obstacle

    Woods has chunked both of his chips today.

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    Tiger Smashing the Ball

    Questions about his health are going to linger, but this opening nine sure is encouraging.

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    Birdie No. 2

    Woods is now two shots behind the leader, Tommy Fleetwood.

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    Forget That Par

    Nevermind! Woods comfortably rolls in a 25-footer for his second birdie of the day.

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    Not the Best Spot on 8

    He could be looking at a par here.

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    Woods Unleashes One

    It's a playable shot, but the bigger point is Tiger held nothing back while trying to drive the green.

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    Another Close Miss

    Woods has played well so far, but he'll likely point out some of the putts he's missed early in this round.

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    Tiger's New Swing

    It's not as violent as it was in the past, which hopefully will reduce the amount of back troubles he's experienced.

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    Aren't We All?

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    Par at 5

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    Hero World Challenge Leaderboard

    There are, in fact, 17 other golfers competing. Jordan Spieth and Matt Kuchar are the final players on the course.

    So far, Rickie Fowler leads the way at -3. Dustin Johnson is among those one shot back, and Woods sits at -1.

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    Oh, He's Back!

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    Chirp, Chirp

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    In the Red Numbers

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    Scoring Chance!

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    Big Drive on 3

    Woods outdrives Thomas and has approximately 260 yards remaining to the pin at the par-5.

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    Par on 2

    Tiger has been in position for birdies on both holes.

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    Birdie Putt on the Way

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    Fortunate Bounce, but Smoked

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    Now on the Tee...

    Tiger Woods.

    He's back.

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    All Black.

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    Woods and the Art of the Optimistic Comeback

    Tiger Woods at Hero World Challenge Round 1 2017-11-30

    Woods and the Art of the Optimistic Comeback

    Victor Mather
    via Nytimes
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    🎥 Woods Make Eagle(!) After Driving Green(!) at Pro-Am

    Tiger Woods at Hero World Challenge Round 1 2017-11-30

    🎥 Woods Make Eagle(!) After Driving Green(!) at Pro-Am

    Alex Myers
    via Golf Digest