Texans vs. Bengals: Live Updates, Score and Highlights for Thursday Night Football


12:25am UTC Sep 15, 2017Cincinnati
Michelle Bruton

The Houston Texans defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 13-9 on Thursday in a plodding matchup between two fizzling offenses. Two games into the season, Andy Dalton and the Bengals still have not scored a touchdown. Meanwhile, the Texans only came out ahead thanks to rookie QB Deshaun Watson taking matters into his own hands and running the ball in himself for the game's only non-field goal score. There was a lot to like on defense for both sides, but these units will have to hold other opponents to just about zero points for the offenses to have any hope of outscoring.

  1. September 15, 2017
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    Final: Texans 13, Bengals 9

    Neither team could get much of anything going offensively on Thursday night, so the game turned into a battle of field goals. Ultimately, Houston rookie QB Deshaun Watson's legs scoring his team a touchdown turned out to be the difference-maker.

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    JJ Watt Says, "Game Over"

    The Bengals try to find the end zone by playing hot potato, but Watt bowled over center Russell Bodine to put an end to the madness - er, the game. Final: 13-9, Texans

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    Bengals Can't Get into Texans Territory

    Cincinnati will have to punt away the ball and, likely, its chance to score a winning touchdown with a little more than a minute left in the game.

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  6. September 15, 2017
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    Texans Go Up by 4 Points

    Bengals will need to march 69 yards in two minutes for a TD in order to win this one.

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    ...Who Then Went Out of Bounds, Before the Two-Minute Warning

    Texans will attempt a field goal and then it's the two-minute offense for Andy Dalton and the Bengals.

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    And Adam Jones Makes His Return to the Game Known with a Big Tackle

    But only after Nuk gets the first down.

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    Texans Have to Both Take Time Off the Clock and Make Sure to Score Here

    That's a tall order, given how this team has played (and how many 3-and-outs it has had) all night.

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    The Bengals and Texans Are Equal Opportunity Punters

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    It's an Arm Injury for Jones, Who Is Questionable

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    Oh No

    On top of everything else, the Bengals can't afford to lose Adam Jones.

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    End Q3: Texans 10, Bengals 9

    One field goal by the Bengals' Randy Bullock are all the points we got in Q3, but in the absence of a whole lot of scoring, the game is still incredibly close heading into the fourth quarter, which should keep things interesting down to the wire.

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    Joseph Is Out for Texans

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    Bengals Close the Gap

    Cincinnati pulls to within 1 with a 30-yard field goal in the middle of Q3.

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    Bengals Finally Taking to the Air

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    The Future

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    Joseph Is Questionable for Texans

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    Halftime: Texans 10, Bengals 6

    There still haven't been any passing touchdowns (or, in fact, many passes at all) through one half of this matchup, but rookie Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was able to at least put 6 on the board through the use of his legs when he broke away on a 49-yard touchdown run toward the end of the second quarter. Otherwise, it's been a lot of old-school ground-and-pound football with some tough defensive showings.

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    Watson Feeling Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

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    Sick of Being Sacked, Watson Does It Himself!

    Watson's gutsy 49-yard touchdown run puts the Texans up 10-3 on the Bengals near the end of Q2.

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    Oh, OUCH, Watson

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    What's This? PASSING?

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    Can Texans Make It 94 Yards with This Offense?

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    🔥 from the Texans Beat

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    Watson Is Sacked for the Third Time

    The rookie passer is spending a lot of time on the ground in his first NFL start.

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    Trading 3's

    The Bengals match the Texans' score with a field goal of their own and it's all tied up at 3-3 at the beginning of Q2.

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    Just a Casual Gain of 50 Yards

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    End Q1: Texans 3, Bengals 0

    The first quarter ends with little action as it took almost half a quarter for either team to even convert a first down. The defenses have been the stars of the show in this game so far.

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    So, A.J. Green Is Pretty Good...

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    We Have Points!

    It's 3-0 Texans near the end of Q1 as Ka'imi Fairbairn makes his first career field goal.

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    Clowney GONE!

    This is not promising for the Bengals, who have hung their hopes on their young speedster, John Ross. The only player showing off his speed on that play was Houston's Jadeveon Clowney to get the Texans into the red zone.

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    Down Goes Watson

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    Welcome to the NFL, Rookie

    Many were surprised when Texans head coach Bill O'Brien benched Tom Savage and put in Deshaun Watson at halftime in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. O'Brien, the quarterback whisperer, has started 9 quarterbacks during his time in Houston. He's looking for one of his projects to develop into a legitimate franchise passer. Could first-round pick Watson be that player?

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    Positive Yards, at Least?

    The Texans are having a hard time moving the ball to start things off tonight in Cincinnati.

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    If You Were Hoping to See Dalton Bounce Back After Week 1...

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    Texans Go 3-and-Out to Start

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    Here We Go!

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    How Many TDs for Nuk Tonight?

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    Texans Inactives

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    Bengals Inactives

  49. September 14, 2017
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    Week 2: 🔜