Florida vs. South Carolina: Elite 8 Live Updates, Score for NCAA Tournament 2017


6:20pm UTC Mar 26, 2017New York, NY
Carol Schram

South Carolina Gamecocks 77 - Florida Gators 70

  1. March 26, 2017
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    A Word to the Wise!

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    History Has Been Made!

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  6. March 26, 2017
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    South Carolina is going to the Final Four for the first time in history thanks to a 77-70 upset win over Florida!

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    Gamecocks vs. Ducks, next Saturday in Glendale!

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    The Slipper Fits

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    Today in Obvious Awards:

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    Hootie Hit with All the Emotions

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    Someone Hold His Hand...

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    The Big Men on Campus!

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    Now Is the Time to Buy Stock in Frank Martin

    Magic always happens at MSG

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    It's Back!

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    South Carolina 77 - Florida 70

    Chiozza drives the lane but gets stripped by Dozier!

    Duane Notice throws down and the lead is seven points with 11 seconds left.


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    Dagger. DUNK.

    Does it get any better?

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    South Carolina 74 - Florida 70

    Chris Chiozza gets down for the layup to cut the lead to four.

    Timeout with 24.5 seconds on the clock and the Gamecocks with possession.

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    Whatever Works, Right?

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    That All Out Blitz

    The Gamecocks are ramped the intensity up to 10 in the final moments

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    Football school gonna football school...

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    South Carolina 72 - Florida 68

    It's a two-possession game with 45 seconds to play.

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    Can You Believe It!?

    The Gamecocks can smell that Final four spot...

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    By Any Means Necessary!

    What. A. Bucket.

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    South Carolina 69 - Florida 65

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    South Carolina 69 - Florida 63

    A steal and a dish by Thornwell to Kotsar, who hits from the top of the key.

    Timeout with 1:55 left to play.

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    Break and the Bucket! 👌

    Nothing but net.

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    All of the Feels

    South Carolina is on the verge of history!

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    KeVaughn Allen gets called for his fourth foul.

    That sends Thornwell to the line. He makes 'em both.

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    Tell Us About It... 😳

    Carolina up 2...

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    South Carolina 63 - Florida 63

    Thornwell's your leading scorer with 23 points (and three fouls).

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    Are You Not Entertained?!

    This thing is going down to the wire. The MSG crowd would have it no other way.

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    He's Playing a GROWN Man Game

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    South Carolina 59 - Florida 57

    Great response from South Carolina.

    Thornwell has six straight points to put the Gamecocks back in the lead. He's up to 21 for the day.

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    Can the Dream Continue?

    Thornwell has scored 6 straight and the Gamecocks are up a deuce!

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    Verne Has All of the Powers

    Who knew Verne was a Monstar?

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    Florida 55 - South Carolina 53

    The Gators retake the lead off a KeVaughn Allen jumper, and timeout is called with 6:55 to play.

    Now it's the Gamecocks that have gone more than two minutes without a basket.

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    Bad Shot...

    GREAT result!

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    South Carolina 51 - Florida 50

    Justin Leon finally breaks the Gator drought with exactly 10:00 to play.

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    Florida's shooting percentage is dropping like a stone!

    From 54 percent at the half, it's now 43.6 percent off 17-of-39 shooting.

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    The Gamecocks Are SWARMING on Defense

    The effort has the pro-South Carolina crowd on their feet.

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    South Carolina 49 - Florida 48

    With 11:34 to play, Maik Kotsar puts it back to give South Carolina its first lead of the second half!

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    Florida 46 - South Carolina 43, 15:32 left in second half.

    The Gamecocks have outscored the Gators 10-6 in the first 4:28 of this frame.

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    With 17:30 to play in the second half, KeVaughn Allen takes a seat with three fouls.

    He has just six points so far today, but drove the offense in Florida's Sweet 16 win over Wisconsin with 35 points.

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    Shoot It Verne!

    Verne forever.

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    Second Half Underway!

    The Gamecocks are looking to defend better against Florida's strong three-point shooting in the final 20 minutes.

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    Let's Get It!

    The Florida squad will look to keep lighting up the nets in the 2nd half

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    Thornwell Leads South Carolina with 15 Points Today.

    Will he hit that 💯 mark this afternoon?

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