Rams vs. 49ers: Live Updates, Score and Highlights for Thursday Night Football


12:25am UTC Sep 22, 2017Santa Clara
Michelle Bruton

The Los Angeles Rams held off the San Francisco 49ers for a narrow 41-39 win in what became not only the highest-scoring game of the 2017 season so far but also the highest-scoring Thursday Night Football game ever played. Full of drama and intrigue, including a muffed punt, a couple fumbles lost and a recovered onside kick by the 49ers, this game proved that the league's youngest coaches have some tricks up their sleeves.

  1. September 22, 2017
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    FINAL: Rams 41, Niners 39

    The 49ers staged a late comeback and recovered an onside kick, but the Rams held them off for the two-point win in the highest-scoring Thursday Night Football game EVER.

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    This one's just about in the bag for the Rams. Convert a first down and then kneel. Kneel. Kneel.

    Dylan MacNamara @DylanMacNamara

    Brian Hoyer taking a sack on 4th and 20 to lose a game is very 2017.

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    Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

    The 49ers have their chance to drive into field-goal territory to win the game inside 2 minutes.

    NFL @NFL


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  6. September 22, 2017
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    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    This. Game. #TNF https://t.co/EWpWjppJTp

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    What a Time to Be Alive

    NFL Research @NFLResearch

    This is the highest scoring game in #TNF history (80 combined points so far) Previous: 73 points (Chargers 38, 49ers 35 in Week 16, 2014)

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    The 49ers miss the 2-point conversion attempt so they'll trail by 2, 41-39, as the Rams get the ball back just ahead of the two-minute warning. How do you think the Rams' two-minute drill is?

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Again @elguapo ENDZONE! 💪🏿 💪🏿 #GoNiners https://t.co/bkGqlvWTtW

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    Another Toe Drag Catch!

    49ers challenge a ruling that Goodwin's 12-yard reception on the sideline was incomplete due to juggling. On review, the ruling was overturned and the 49ers got the ball at the LA 3.

    Niners Nation @NinersNation

    Shanahan wins the challenge! 1st and goal 49ers!

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    Rams are losing their grip late in the game.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    FUMBLE!! Stripped by @vbolden6era and recovered by @AldrickRobinson 💥 https://t.co/V1UBuD9MHJ

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    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Here's the @bhoyer7 to @Trent5Taylor TD! #GoNiners https://t.co/csfxcpUQ3L

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    Trent Taylor TD!

    It's a one-possession game again as the 49ers bring the score to 41-33 late in Q4.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    TD @Trent5Taylor!! #GoNiners https://t.co/d6iMVVf8k9

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    59 Yards! Garcon Gone!

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Another one! @PierreGarcon with a beautiful catch to set up the TD! #GoNiners https://t.co/nZKbfWmXIE

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    Carradine Questionable with an Ankle

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    #49ers injury update: Tank Carradine is questionable to return with an ankle injury.

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    Sammy AGAIN!

    Rams are up 41-26 in the middle of Q4 thanks to this high-octane Rams offense.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    Sammy x 2 🙌 https://t.co/dASDR7jYjy

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    RAMS 🔥

    Gregg Rosenthal @greggrosenthal

    Rams have had 8 possessions. Scored on 7 of them for 41 points.

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    Niners Aren't Out Yet

    The score is close again at 34-26 as Garrett Celek, who everyone has on their fantasy teams (right?) scores a 1-yard TD early in Q4.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    #49ers scoring drive: 75 yards in 6 plays resulting in this 1-yard TD pass to @GCells85! #GoNiners https://t.co/cuBAKLCYgs

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    50 🍔

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Move the chains! @bhoyer7 to @flashg88dwin for a gain of 50! #LAvsSF https://t.co/FdBvdAIXh0

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    NFL @NFL

    .@JaredGoff16 👉 @SammyWatkins. @RamsNFL TOUCHDOWN! #LARams #TNF https://t.co/tAdK9Hroeg

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    Watkins: Found

    Rams are now up 34-20 and starting to put this game away at the end of Q3.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    .@sammywatkins with his first TD as a Ram! 🙌 https://t.co/rx98JfU570

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    So Close!

    Austin is down, but the Rams will get the ball inside the 1-yard line and will have four downs to score.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    Andddd nvm. After review, ball at the 1-yard line. #LAvsSF https://t.co/dG6OYJjzTF

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    Rams Offense Going Off

    Alden Gonzalez @Alden_Gonzalez

    Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins having the breakout game they'd been waiting on. Combined 9 catches for 175 yards.

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    Carlos Hyde TD!

    The 49ers decrease the gap to 27-20 as Carlos Hyde motors in for a touchdown following a drive where the 49ers challenged a 19-yard, toe-dragging sideline no-catch to Pierre Garcon and got it overruled.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Flex on 'em TOUCHDOWN @elguapo! #LAvsSF https://t.co/099rtAQcly

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    They Won This Challenge Because Film Don't Lie

    Sports Illustrated @SInow

    Toe drag swag https://t.co/TyCyBBKSC1 https://t.co/zbRJJZrLPn

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    Rams Settle for 3

    Rams can't punch the ball in from the 1-yard line, but Zuerlein adds 3 to bring the score to 27-13 early in Q3.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    #LARams 27, 49ers 13 #LAvsSF | #TNF https://t.co/gGLTcifUTX

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    Sullivan Is Questionable with a Groin

    Myles Simmons @MylesASimmons

    Center John Sullivan has a groin injury, his return is questionable.

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    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    😍😍😍😍😍 @JaredGoff16 ➡️ @sammywatkins! https://t.co/8Yi7A96dNX

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    Watkins has his first deep ball of the season as he connects with Jared Goff to put the Rams in 49ers territory.

    CBS Sports @CBSSports

    Sammy Watkins with the ELITE limbo skills https://t.co/T4B2XWcInw

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    Joyner Will Not Return for Rams

    Myles Simmons @MylesASimmons

    Lamarcus Joyner has been ruled OUT with a hamstring injury.

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    Very Bad News for Rams

    Los Angeles signed Sullivan in free agency to be the veteran presence they needed to anchor the offensive line.

    Rich Hammond @Rich_Hammond

    Ruh roh. Rams center John Sullivan is down.

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    First-Half Notes and Highlights

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Notes and highlights from the first half of Thursday Night Football: https://t.co/LxrnDnNi7P

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    Halftime: Rams 24, 49ers 13

    The 49ers came to within four points of the Rams in the first half, 17-13, but the Rams pulled ahead again just before halftime as Todd Gurley scored his THIRD touchdown of the night. Gurley has 11 carries for 45 yards and three receptions. The Rams have also benefited from two 49ers turnovers, though they also lost the ball when Tavon Austin muffed a punt.

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    Todd Gurley IS the Rams' Offense

    Gurley has his third touchdown of the FIRST HALF as the Rams take a 24-13 lead over the 49ers with less than a minute until halftime.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    TG x 3!! https://t.co/dx7eMkWZzG

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    What's at Stake for Watkins?

    The Rams' free-agent signing has two receptions for 30 yards and has been targeted three times.

    Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

    With just 2 targets the last game and 7 total in 2 games... what will the night be like for new #Rams WR Sammy Watkins? What's at stake? https://t.co/X3eqjbJAQi

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    49ers Cutting That Lead

    Rams are now only up 17-13 approaching halftime as the 49ers add 3 thanks to Robbie Gould.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Good as Gould. @RobbieGould09 connects on the 48-yard FG. Rams lead 17-13 with 3:46 left in the 2nd quarter. #LARvsSF https://t.co/EJ7nh92aTs

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    FB First Down!

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    First down @JuiceCheck44! That's a 34-yard catch and run. 💪 https://t.co/xzIsgNKGWc

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    That'll Be...3rd-and-17 for the Niners

    Lindsey Thiry @LindseyThiry

    Morgan Fox about decapitates Brian Hoyer.

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    Joyner Is Questionable with a Hamstring

    Alden Gonzalez @Alden_Gonzalez

    Rams DB Lamarcus Joyner has a hamstring injury. His return is questionable. https://t.co/6fUvkIekcP

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    Rams-49ers WOULD Be the Best TNF Game of the Season So Far...

    Alden Gonzalez @Alden_Gonzalez

    Clean, fundamentally sound football on a Thursday night, just like everybody expected.

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    Austin Muffs the Punt!

    The 49ers recover and will get the ball at the Rams' 12-yard line.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    FUMBLE! @KBNelson17 jumps on the loose ball. #LARvsSF https://t.co/dx7EXQpzL0

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    This Is Why You Pay the Man

    Donald and the rest of the Rams offense are making Hoyer run for his life

    Steve Palazzolo @PFF_Steve

    Aaron Donald hit Hoyer in about 2 seconds on that last pass

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    Hyde Back After Hip Scare

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Carlos Hyde is back in at running back. #LARvsSF

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    Lamarcus Joyner Is Down and It Looks Serious

    TurfShowTimes @TurfShowTimes

    Oh no...Lamarcus Joyner down...

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    Rams Get Out to a 10-Point Lead to Start Q2

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    Greg Z for 3️⃣! #LARams 17 | 49ers 7 https://t.co/Wkq6LrFbZt

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    End Q1: Rams 14, 49ers 7

    The Rams are making the most of their opportunities on offense, largely through Todd Gurley, though Jared Goff is also throwing some beautiful passes. And the Rams defense has forced two turnovers, meaning this game is more lopsided than the current score would indicate.

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    Paging Sammy Watkins

    The Rams offense is going off, but they might want their spendy new free-agent signing to contribute, too...

    Michael Salfino @MichaelSalfino

    What happened to Sammy Watkins though?

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    Rams Force Another Turnover!

    Rams are operating on all cylinders, as the defense comes up big for the offense yet again, recovering a fumble near the end of Q1 to put the ball at the LA 32. Now, it's up to Goff, Gurley, Kupp and the gang to get some points out of it.

    TurfShowTimes @TurfShowTimes


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    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Rams take a 14-7 lead with 4:27 remaining in the 1st quarter. #49ers offense will start on the SF 19-yard line. #LARvsSF

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    Todd Gurley Setting Personal Records 📈

    NFL Research @NFLResearch

    Todd Gurley has 2 touchdowns in the 1st quarter for @RamsNFL on #TNF Entering tonight, he'd never scored 2 TD in the 1st half of a game

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    Feed Gurley!

    Todd Gurley gets his second touchdown of the night, this one a reception for 7 yards to put the Rams up 14-7 near the end of Q1.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    ANOTHER ONE!! TOUCHDOWN @TG3II!! https://t.co/We7SFCv8rL

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    Guys...Jared Goff Might Be Good

    NFL Research @NFLResearch

    Jared Goff's passer rating is up nearly 40 pts from last year (63.6 to 103.1), on pace for 2nd-largest increase from Yr 1 to Yr 2 since 1970 https://t.co/eqMdEvpBVK

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    Goff Throws a Beautiful Pass Deep to Robert Woods

    The 31-yard completion on 2nd-and-6 at the Rams' own 37 gets Los Angeles into San Francisco territory.

    Alden Gonzalez @Alden_Gonzalez

    That might be the best throw I've ever seen Jared Goff make.

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    Hyde Is Questionable with a Hip

    Myles Simmons @MylesASimmons

    49ers RB Carlos Hyde has a hip injury, his return is questionable.

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    NFL @NFL

    BRIAN HOYER WILL DO IT HIMSELF! #GoNiners #TNF https://t.co/w29W7WaN2j

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    Hoyer Will Do It Himself

    We're all tied up 7-7 midway through Q1 thanks to Hoyer's QB scramble.

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    #GoNiners first TD of the season is a @bhoyer7 9-yard run. Scoring drive: 14 plays, 81 yards, 6:31. #LARvsSF https://t.co/lxPbKXsnZI

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    Carlos Hyde Is Injured

    More updates as soon as they become available, but needless to say, this is worrisome news for a struggling 49ers offense.

    Matt Maiocco @MaioccoNBCS

    Carlos Hyde is back on the bench, with team medical staff around him.

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    NFL @NFL

    The play that setup the QUICK @RamsNFL TD... Nickell Robey-Coleman picks off Brian Hoyer on the 1st play of the game. #LARvsSF https://t.co/F6ol7feMxn

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    Rams on the Board!

    Todd Gurley carries the rock to put the Rams up 7-0 at the very beginning of Q1.

    Los Angeles Rams @RamsNFL

    Well that was fast. @TG3II for 6️⃣!! https://t.co/DfRVFxJ8vC

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    First play of the game. Robey intercepts Hoyer. Rams will have the ball at the SF 3.

    NBCS 49ers News @NBCS49ers

    First play from scrimmage, Hoyer throws an INT. Rams will start 1st & goal from inside the 5. https://t.co/QZHAAlhKCE

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    Aaron Donald. NaVorro Bowman. Defensive Showdown?

    NFL @NFL

    Offenses beware. 💪 #LARvsSF #TNF 📺: @nflnetwork (8pm ET) https://t.co/lOhoxNhNHo

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    49ers Inactives

    San Francisco 49ers @49ers

    Inactives have been announced for #TNF. https://t.co/6rsiMQRuvU