Olympic Figure Skating 2018: Team Event Live Updates for Singles Free Skate, Free Dance

1:00am UTC Feb 12, 2018Gangneung, South Korea
Carol Schram

Team USA has captured a bronze medal in the team figure skating event after three nights of competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Mirai Nagasu made headlines on Sunday when she became first American woman, and just the third woman in history, to successfully land a triple axel in competition. Alex and Maia Shibutani also skated well, finishing second in the free dance event, and Adam Rippon realized his Olympic dream with an outstanding performance in the men's free skate. Canada won gold, while the Olympic Athletes from Russia earned silver.

  1. February 12, 2018
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    Final Team Figure Skating Standings:

    1. Canada - 73 - Gold 2. OAR - 66 - Silver 3. USA - 62 - Bronze 4. Italy - 56 5. Japan - 50

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    Final scores in the free dance:

    1. Virtue/Moir - Canada - 10 points 2. Shibutani/Shibutani - USA - 9 points 3. Bobrova/Soloviev - OAR - 8 points 4. Cappellini/Lanotte - Italy - 7 points 5. Muramoto/Reed - Japan - 6 points

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  6. February 12, 2018
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    And there it is!

    With a score of 118.10, Virtue and Moir win the free dance and clinch the gold medal for Canada.

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    As well as being so technically proficient, they're so in tune with each other.

    Back after leaving skating for a couple of years, it seems like they're here purely because they want to be.

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    Though their gold medal was already guaranteed, Virtue and Moir didn't let up one bit.

    They showed why they're one of the greatest ice dance teams of all time.

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    For dessert, here's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada, with their delicious "Moulin Rouge" routine!

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    The Shibutanis score 112.01.

    That's a couple of points better than the OAR team.

    It moves them into first place for now and easily beats the Italians.

    Bronze for Team USA!! 🥉

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    Beautiful skate!

    As siblings, the Shibutanis can't appropriately mine the drama of romance for their routines, but their bond creates a different, powerful energy.

    Well done!

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    With a score of 110.43, Bobroa and Soloviev fall a couple of points below their season best, but move into first place.

    Time for the Shibutanis!

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    It's all emotive drama, until the last note.

    Then Ekaterina high-fives her partner after a job well done. They're bouncy and grinning from ear to ear.

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    Up now, the Olympic Athletes from Russia.

    Bobrova and Soloviev are skating to "Oblivion," from Beethoven's Five Secrets.

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    The Italians score 107.00.

    That's a great number, 20 points above the Japanese team.

    Mathematically, though, it shouldn't be enough to cause the Shibutanis any concern.

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    Beautiful routine!

    The Italians have done everything they can do to keep their medal hopes alive.

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    The Italian team of Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte hits some amazing shapes right off the top.

    The Italians are skating to the soundtrack of "La Vita e Bella."

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    Muramoto and Reed kick things off with 87.88.

    The big win for the Japanese team was making the final, so this disappointment won't sting too badly.

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    A crash for Chris on the twizzles, yikes!

    We don't see falls in ice dance very often. He has to scramble to get back into the routine.

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    With a five-point gap between Japan (44) and Italy (49), the Japanese are guaranteed a fifth-place finish.

    But what a wonderful opportunity for a full-scale dress rehearsal!

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    Up first in the free dance: Kana Muramoto and Chris Reed of Japan.

    They placed fifth in the short dance.

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    We're Just a Few Minutes Behind Schedule, but the Ice Dancers Are Now Warming Up.

    The Shib sibs will skate fourth.

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    Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Has Been...an Adventure, Due to Windy Weather.

    Jamie Anderson's looking to repeat as gold medalist. One run to go!

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    The pressure is now basically off the ice dancers in this final round.

    The greatest number of points that can be gained in one round is four, since no team gets less than six points.

    First place = 10 Fifth place = 6

    Canada has a five-point lead over the OAR team, so the Canadians have clinched gold.

    OAR has a five-point lead over the USA, so the Russians can't finish with worse than silver.

    USA has a four-point lead over Italy, so the Italians could only tie if they finish first in the ice dance competition and the Americans finish last. Unlikely.

    It's still worth watching these magnificent teams tune up their routines for their individual events but at this point it looks like the results for team figure skating will be:

    Gold - Canada Silver - OAR Bronze - USA

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    Results from the ladies free skate:

    1. Zagitova - OAR - 10 points 2. Nagasu - USA - 9 points 3. Daleman - Canada - 8 points 4. Kostner - Italy - 7 points 5. Sakamoto - Japan - 6 points

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    Zagitova scores 158.08.

    That's more than 20 points better than Nagasu, so she easily captures first place.

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    Meanwhile, a brilliant skate by Zagitova!

    Her technical score is almost 10 points higher than Nagasu's.

    Russia's women's skaters are exquisite.

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    Kostner's result also guarantees gold for Canada!

    Even if she skates perfectly here, Zagitova can't gain more than two points over Gaby Daleman, and that doesn't narrow the gap enough to give the ice dancers a chance to overtake the Canadians in the final event.

    Never mind that Canada's coming out with the powerhouse team of Virtue and Moir in the final event!

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    Kostner scores 134 points, placing her in third.

    That's two points below Nagasu, so the U.S. grows its lead over Italy to four points.

    That's enough to guarantee nothing worse than a tie after ice dance. A medal is now alllllmost guaranteed for Team USA!

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    Kostner's special skill is always her lyricism.

    She has some baubles but overall, another beautiful skate.

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    Daleman scores 137.14.

    That's 11 points above her season best, but a hair below Nagasu and her triple axel.

    All that really matters, though, is where she finishes compared to the Russian skater, Alina Zagitova. She'll skate last.

    Right now, here's the wonderful Carolina Kostner of Italy.

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    Currently with a seven-point lead in the standings, the Canadians could clinch the gold medal after this round.

    With that performance, Gabrielle Daleman has likely done everything necessary. It's unlikely the Russians will be able to catch Canada now.

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    "Rhapsody in Blue" is such a great piece of music for a skating routine.

    All the highs and lows are built right in—and Daleman's riding every wave.

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    Daleman's approach feels ferocious after the delicacy of Sakamoto.

    She also happens to be nailing her jumps.

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    Up now, Gaby Daleman of Canada.

    She's skating to "Rhapsody in Blue." Guess what color her dress is??

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    Lovely routine from Sakamoto, but she scores 131.91.

    She moves into second places, behind Nagasu.

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    Kaori is just 17.

    She did not skate in the short program.

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    Up now, Kaori Sakamoto of Japan.

    Skating to the "Amelie" soundrack, she goes deep into character for her performance.

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    Her previous personal best score was 132.

    With that triple axel, she blows that out of the water to start this competition with a 137.53.

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    Mirai lets out a scream as she hits her final pose.

    Brilliant performance!

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    Mirai Nagasu Makes US Figure Skating Olympic History

    Olympic Team Figure Skating 2018-2-11

    Mirai Nagasu Makes US Figure Skating Olympic History

    Joseph Zucker
    via Bleacher Report
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    Mirai starts 🔥 🔥 🔥

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    Johnny's Hair Gets a Little Higher Every Day!

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    It'll be a few minutes yet...

    ...the women have just hit the ice for their warmups.

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    While We're Waiting...

    ....how endearing is America's first gold medalist of these games, 17-year-old snowboard slopestyle winner Red Gerard??? 💯 💯 💯

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    Start Times for the Ladies.

    We should get rolling any minute now!

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    Mirai Nagasu of the U.S. Will Skate First in the Women's Event.

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    FYI... 🤔