Olympic Snowboarding 2018: Live Updates, Results of Men's Halfpipe Qualifying

4:00am UTC Feb 13, 2018Pyeongchang. South Korea
Joe Tansey

The United States is looking to set the foundation for its fourth gold medal in snowboarding on Monday night, as Shaun White features in the men's halfpipe qualification rounds. Chase Josey and Ben Ferguson join White as the American competitors in the event. Some of White's top competition will come from Australia's Scotty James. There will be two qualification heats on Monday with 29 competitors vying for 12 places in Tuesday's final. White is aiming to join Jamie Anderson, Red Gerard and Chloe Kim as gold-medal winning snowboarders in Pyeongchang from the United States.

  1. February 13, 2018
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    All 4 Americans Qualify for the Final!

    White tops the halfpipe standings with his 98.50, while Ferguson lands in fourth with his 91.00. Josey and Pates didn't experience a ton of nerves at the end of qualification, as they advance to the final in seventh and eighth, respectively.

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    Current Standings

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  6. February 13, 2018
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    White's 2nd Run Produces Massive Score!

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    Ferguson Stays in 3rd

    Ferguson is unable to top his opening run, as he scores 89.75 on his second run. The American's opening score of 91.00 keeps him in third behind Hirano and White.

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    Hirano Moves into the Lead!

    Will White be able to match Hirano with his second qualifying run?

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    Josey Joins American Contingent in Top 8!

    Chase Josey leaps up to seventh place in the standings as his second run garners a score of 83.75. Both Josey and Pates will have to wait to see if they will finish in the top 12, as there are over 20 riders left to compete.

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    Pates Moves from 16th to 7th!

    American Jake Pates moves into the qualification positions with a 82.25 on his second run! He's not out of the clear yet, but he is a little comfortable in seventh place.

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    White, Ferguson Lead After 1st Run

    The two Americans are the only riders to record a score over 90 points. Gold-medal favorites Scotty James and Ayumu Hirano sit in third and fourth. The other two United States athletes, Jake Pates and Chase Josey, sit in 16th and 20th, respectively. Remember the top 12 riders from qualification move on to the final.

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    White and Ferguson Top the Standings in Run 1

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    93.25 for White on His 1st Run!

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    Hirano Opens With Strong Run

    Ayumu Hirano of Japan, who is seen as one of the gold-medal contenders, nails down the top spot in the standings with a run that garners a score of 87.50.

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    Scherrer Leads After 1st 5 Riders

    Switzerland's Jan Scherrer records a mark of 84.00 to top the standings after five riders. American Jake Pates is currently fifth with a score of 59.50.

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    Qualifying Is Underway!

    Yuto Totsuka of Japan kicks off qualifying. Shaun White will be 14th on the halfpipe right after fellow gold-medal contender Scotty James of Australia. The top 12 riders after two heats advance to Tuesday's final.

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