Olympic Men's Snowboard Halfpipe 2018: Live Updates and Medal Results

1:30am UTC Feb 14, 2018Pyeongchang, South Korea
Kevin McRae

Shaun White needed an epic final run to secure his third Olympic gold medal on Tuesday night at the Pyeongchang Winter Games, and he got it. His score of 97.75 bested Japan's Ayumu Hirano and put the American back at the top of the snowboarding world after failing to medal four years ago at Sochi. Hirano took the silver medal and Australia's Scotty James the bronze.

  1. February 14, 2018
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    The. Best. Ever

    Congrats to Shaun White on his third Olympic gold medal!

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    Shaun White Wins Gold!!!

    White with an EPIC statement final run for a score of 97.75 to win gold in men's halfpipe!

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    This will be EXTREMELY close. White made his case with an epic final run. But IS IT ENOUGH?

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    Epic Run from Shaun White!

    Back to back 1440s! Will it be enough to take gold???

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    White Needs to Beat 95.25 for Gold

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    James Off His Line and Captures Bronze

    James hits the deck on his final run and will take home the bronze medal. Shaun White up next to see if he can snag the gold. It'll take some run to do it, but he's definitely the guy who can pull it off. White needs to beat 95.25 to win it.

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    James Up Next

    He needs to beat 94.25 to move into silver and 95.25 to move into gold-medal position.

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    Hirano Down on His Final Run

    Hirano's score will remain at 95.25. White or James need to beat that to prevent Japan from capturing gold.

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    Hirano Up First

    Can he add to the lead and make White's job harder?

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    Ferguson Just Short

    Well, we now know Ferguson will finish fourth. Hirano, White and James will all medal. It's just a matter of order now.

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    Raibu Katayama Misses the Podium

    A very solid run with plenty of 1260s, but that 87.00 won't be enough to medal. Four snowboarders: Ferguson, Hirano, James, White left to go.

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    Josey into Fifth

    That was his best run of the night, but still not enough to climb onto the podium.

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    Patrick Burgener Comes Close

    Burgener with his best run of the night at 89.75, but that's just short of what he needed to contend for a podium spot.

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    Third and Final Runs Underway

    Peetu Piiroinen of Finland falls for the third time in three runs, and Kent Callister comes in at 56.75. Not enough to medal but a solid performance from the Aussie. Obviously Yuto Totsuka of Japan will not start due to injury sustained in his second run.

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    Shaun White Remains Second

    White with some wicked combos to start his run, but after back-to-back 1440s, one which landed low, he hits the deck. Hirano will hold the lead coming into the final run.

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    White Dropping in Now

    Can he retake the lead?

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    Hirano to the Lead!

    With back to back 1440s, Hirano takes the lead over Shaun White at 95.25!

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    One More Run for Ferguson

    A definite improvement on his opening 43.00, but 83.50 not enough to get into the top three.

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    Massive Run 😱

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    Halfway Through Second Runs

    Six snowboarders still to hit the halfpipe for their second runs. Shaun White continues to lead with his first-run 94.25.

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    Pates Improves

    Pates with an 82.25 which is good enough to move him into sixth place.

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    Jake Pates Resumes the Competition

    Pates on the halfpipe after a slight delay due to the horrible Totsuka wipeout. He's been taken off for medical attention. Hope he's OK.

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    Sending Our Best to Yuto Totsuka

    That was a very, very ugly fall. Medical crews assisting. Hope he's OK.

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    Yikes. Wicked Fall by Yuto Totsuka

    He came off the board at hitting the top of the pipe and went down hard on his back. Medical crews assisting him and putting him on a stretcher. That looked unpleasant.

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    Second Runs Underway!

    Kent Callister of Australia went down on his first run, but he improves with a 62.00 in the second. Not going to be near enough to get in medal contention.

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    Elsewhere on Today's Olympic Schedule, Shaun White's Men's Halfpipe Event Is a Biggie!

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    White Leads After First Runs

    Shaun White reminds people who's boss with an opening run of 94.25 before tossing his helmet into the crowd. He's the leader after the first runs, but he'd better get that helmet back. Still work to do.

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    Shaun White Up Next!

    The American has two Olympic gold medals, but he's looking to avenge a fourth-place finish in 2014 at Sochi.

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    Scotty James to the Lead!

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    Scott James Up Next for the Aussies

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    Lots of Air but a Fall

    Hirano gets so much air on his jumps, but he finds his way into the snow and will settle for a disappointing 35.25 on his opening run.

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    Ferguson Doomed by a Low Landing

    Ferguson landed too low on the pipe, which cost him all his momentum and resulted in a 43.00 score. That's fifth place with Hirano, James and White up next.

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    Katayama Lands the 1440

    Raibu Katayama lands a 1440 during what was a tremendous opening run. But the judges stick him in second position with an 85.75. Chase Josey still in first with four medal contenders about to make their first runs.

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    Josey the (very) Early Leader

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    Chase Josey Sets the Bar

    Josey the second American to compete with two more, including some guy named Shaun White, and he sets the bar with a first-place score of 87.75.

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    Jake Pates Opens for Team USA

    A nice overall run with a couple of technical issues. Jake Pates the first American on the board with a score of 47.00. A lot to improve in his next two runs.

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    Excellent Opening Run for Bergener

    Patrick Burgener of Switzerland completes the first clean run of the night. Switch, backside 1080 was the highlight there, and he's easily into first position at 84.00.

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    Two Boarders, Two Falls

    Peetu Piiroinen also hits the deck and ends up with a dismal score of 4.50. That was a hard fall. Looked to be OK but will need drastic improvement to contend.

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    Kent Callister Goes Down!

    Callister opens the competition, but he lands too hard on the heel edge of his board and goes down. He'll have two more run to improve on his opening score of 20.00.

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    Men's Halfpipe Final Next!

    Shaun White's quest for a third Olympic gold is about to begin!

  55. February 13, 2018
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    White's Quest for a Third Olympic Gold Begins at 8:30 ET

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    Can White Repeat Tonight for Gold?