NXT TakeOver Orlando 2017: Live Updates, Results and Reaction

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The Doctor Chris Mueller

Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of NXT TakeOver: Orlando. During the WrestleMania Axxess event, William Regal revealed the winner of each title match on the card will be presented with new championships. The show will see Shinsuke Nakamura challenge Bobby Roode for the NXT title, Ember Moon will go up against Asuka for the women's title and The Authors of Pain defending the tag belts against DIY and The Revival. Keep it locked right here for live updates of all the action.

  1. April 2, 2017
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    See You at WrestleMania

    That's all for NXT TakeOver: Orlando. Join us again tomorrow for live coverage of WrestleMania 33 from the start of the pre-show to the final bell of the night.


    The #GloriousEra of #WWENXT is still going strong as @REALBobbyRoode leaves #NXTTakeOver: Orlando with the NEW #NXTChampionship in hand! https://t.co/3vXCBmJ2YU

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    WWE @WWE

    The BRAND NEW #NXTChampionship is off to a #glorious start! @REALBobbyRoode is your winner AND STILL the #NXTChampion! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/xQneGB8BVF

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    What a Show

    Once again, the men and women of NXT put on a fantastic show that will rival anything the main roster will do at WrestleMania. All five bouts were enjoyable, but the tag title match may have stolen the show by being the most fun. You can't ask for much more from 2.5 hours of wrestling.


    Fate was on the #Glorious @REALBobbyRoode's side tonight... he defeats @ShinsukeN to retain his #NXTChampionship at #NXTTakeOver: Orlando! https://t.co/PZY0AeiY20

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  6. April 2, 2017
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    Jim Ross @JRsBBQ

    Enjoying the hell out of @REALBobbyRoode vs @ShinsukeN at #NXTTakeOver on @WWENetwork in my Orlando hotel. Great story.

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    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Title) Part 6

    Roode thinks about what else he has to do to put Nakamura away. He leaves the ring and grabs the ring bell. He brings it back in the ring with him as the ref tries to take it from him. Roode turns around into a kick to the head and a reverse exploder suplex. Nakamura lines up for the Kinshasa, but he gets planted with a spinebuster for yet another near fall. Roode grabs him for another DDT, but he gets pushed back to the corner. Roode hits a chop block to the knee, and then he hits a tornado Glorious DDT for the pin and the win. What a match!

    WWE @WWE

    The #KingOfStrongStyle @ShinsukeN is doing whatever it takes to reclaim his #NXTChampionship from @REALBobbyRoode! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/Vc7ao1J1Ur

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    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Title) Part 5

    Nakamura puts Roode across the top rope again, but this time Roode avoids the running knee and Nakamura injured himself when he hits the turnbuckle. He is still able to unleash some stiff kicks when Roode gets back in the ring, but Bobby hits him with a backstabber for a near fall. Nakamura counters the Glorious DDT and hits a running knee, but Roode kicks out at the last possible moment. Roode kicks the rope as Nakamura is getting back in the ring before hitting his DDT for another very close two count.


    The #KingOfStrongStyle @ShinsukeN is determined to make @REALBobbyRoode SUBMIT, but The #GloriousOne breaks free! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/5Cj88b5RGm

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    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Title) Part 4

    Bobby slams Nakamura's knee into the ring post. He locks in the Figure Four, making him even more like Ric Flair than he already was. Nakamura reverses the pressure, but Roode can reach the ropes easily. Roode continues to focus on the knee to keep the upper hand. Nakamura counters him into an armbar out of nowhere. He transitions into a triangle choke. Roode powers him off the mat for a moment, but Nakamura pulls him back down and locks it back in. Roode eventually gets to the ropes with his feet to force a break.


    A killer CLOTHESLINE from @REALBobbyRoode to @ShinsukeN... but The #GloriousOne can't capitalize just yet! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/XVeCvAy8Mo

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    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Title) Part 3

    Nakamura finally starts to mount a comeback as he unloads a flurry of kicks. He lays Roode across the top turnbuckle for a running knee to the gut. He kicks the champion out of the ring so he can hit a running knee on the apron. He follows up with a knee drop to the back of the head. Roode turns him inside out with a clothesline out of nowhere. He avoids Nakamura's finisher and chops out his knee from under him.

    WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

    "This is MY #WWENXT!" - @REALBobbyRoode #GLORIOUS #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/BRW4R069nZ

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    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Title) Part 2

    Roode makes a comeback and knocks Nakamura off the apron into the barricade. Roode chokes him against the middle rope before releasing on the five count from the ref. The crowd continues to chant for both men as Roode stomps Shinsuke in the corner. Roode continues to control the pace of the match as he locks in a nerve hold. He wrenches Nakamura's neck to keep him grounded for a long time.


    #NXTChampion @REALBobbyRoode is looking to start this rematch off strong! @ShinsukeN #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/jW1VFa6Ja2

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    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Title) Part 1

    Dueling chants break out as they size each other up. They each go for a low kick to start. Roode knows Nakamura's knee is not 100%, and he goes right for it. Nakamura cuts him off with a front facelock into a waistlock. Nakamura taunts Roode against the ropes and Roode doesn't look amused one bit. He laughs at first, but then yells at him to bring it. Roode poses and gets kicked in the chest. Nakamura does it again just to make him even more upset. Roode knocks him down with a shoulder block, but Shinsuke recovers and hits a knee drop to the head.

    WWE @WWE

    Will the BRAND NEW #NXTChampionship leave #NXTTakeOver with @REALBobbyRoode or @ShinsukeN? The rematch is now streaming LIVE on @WWENetwork! https://t.co/hlIgZp8srX

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    Dan Pecoraro @DanPecoraro86

    Greatest two entrances in the business right now. #NXTTakeOver

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    It's time to soak in the #GLORIOUSness that is your #NXTChampion, @REALBobbyRoode! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/GiWukcSL3A

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    It's Main Event Time

    Shinsuke Nakamura is out first for the main event. This should be a great way to cap off the night.


    The #KingOfStrongStyle @ShinsukeN is focused on reclaiming the #NXTChampionship from @REALBobbyRoode RIGHT NOW at #NXTTakeOver! https://t.co/NdPLgQzGW6

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    Bleacher Report WWE @BR_WWE

    👀 #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/rC5mhIFpD1

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    Drew McIntyre Is in Orlando

    WWE shows Drew McIntyre on screen sitting in the crowd. Maybe they are getting ready to bring him back after he found some success in TNA.

    Graham Matthews @WrestleRant


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    Becky Lynch @BeckyLynchWWE

    Brilliant match @WWEAsuka @WWEEmberMoon 👏#NXTTakeOver #WomensTitle

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    WWE @WWE

    #WWENXT #WomensChampion @WWEAsuka has implemented a new strategy... which involves using the REFEREE to avoid an Eclipse! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/sa5Bt7Msgi

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    Lance Storm @LanceStorm

    That was one hell of a match. #NXTTakeOver

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    Asuka vs. Ember Moon (Women's Title) Part 4

    After a few creative counters from both women, Moon hits a fall away slam. She kips up and hits a front handspring elbow in the corner. Asuka grabs her on the middle rope and hits a huge German suplex for another very close two count. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Moon hits a t-bone suplex for another near fall. Asuka shoves the ref into the ropes to knock Moon down and avoid the Eclipse. Asuka hits a kick to the head to pick up the win. Another great match at TakeOver: Orlando.

    WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

    A #HipAttack gone awry for @WWEAsuka has led to THIS scene amidst tonight's #WWENXT #WomensChampionship Match! #NXTTakeOver @WWEEmberMoon https://t.co/p9Q0dhXVKS

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    Asuka vs. Ember Moon (Women's Title) Part 3

    Moon sets up for the Eclipse, b ut Asuka counters and hits a shining wizard for a close two count. She applies the Asukalock and gets her down to the mat. Moon fights hard to stand up, but Asuka locks in the bodyscissors to add more pressure. Moon continues to fight, but ends up going down to one knee. She finds the strength to stand back up and plant Asuka on her back to break the hold. Moon hits a superkick after avoiding a hip attack and both women go down.


    Will @WWEEmberMoon let frustration get the best of her? She battles #WWENXT #WomensChampion @WWEAsuka RIGHT NOW on @WWENetwork! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/DDFsRhiVKG

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    Asuka vs. Ember Moon (Women's Title) Part 2

    Moon takes a hard hit to the barricade and she is slow to get back in the ring. Asuka slows the pace down and starts playing with her like a cat teasing a mouse. She hits another hip strike before the ref backs Asuka off. Moon counters a German suplex and the Asukalock before sending the champion out of the ring with a massive forearm to the face. Moon springboards out from the middle rope and takes her down with a cross body.

    Sean Coyle @seanpcoyle25

    Asuka and Ember Moon get their first glimpses at the New NXT Women's Championship. https://t.co/iQjeY0pFd9

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    Asuka vs. Ember Moon (Women's Title) Part 1

    After revealing the new belt, the bell rings. They lock up and Moon forces Asuka to the ropes. They perform some chain wrestling as the fans chant both of their names. They go move for move until they both miss a dropkick at the same time. Asuka puts out her hand as a sign of respect, but takes it back when Moon tries to shake it. Moon hits a headscissor takedown, but Asuka is right back up. Moon continues to counter everything Asuka throws at her. They have an exchange that ends with Asuka taking her out with a flying hip strike. Moon comes back with some kicks to take the champ down.

    WWE @WWE

    The brand new #WWENXT #WomensChampionship is here! @WWEAsuka & @WWEEmberMoon battle for the right to hold it, RIGHT NOW at #NXTTakeOver! https://t.co/Ws9FUP3N4v

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    Will @WWEEmberMoon's ECLIPSE be what FINALLY dethrones #WWENXT #WomensChampion @WWEAsuka? #NXTTakeOver @WWENetwork https://t.co/q7zkbmfMMh

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    Graham Matthews @WrestleRant

    HELL OF A MATCH!!! My voice is already shot. Hope to see Revival on the main roster next week! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/lf4diFra36

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    The Women Get Ready to Take Over

    The Women's Championship match is up next. It would be hard for anyone to follow that last match, but if anyone can do it, it's Asuka and Ember Moon.

    Billie Kay @BillieKayWWE

    Ok this show has been AMAZING so far!! Now the women are next! @WWEPeytonRoyce & I are watching closely! #NXTTakeover

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    Becky Lynch @BeckyLynchWWE

    What a freakin match #NXTTakeOver 🙌👏👏👏

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    Triple H @TripleH

    The #AOP just wrote their name in the history books...for more reasons than one. Congratulations @Akam_WWE @Rezar_WWE #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/Z8dtUUMpX0

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    Peter Rosenberg @Rosenbergradio

    This is a match!!! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/GLtcQzwg9k

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    Finn Bálor @FinnBalor

    Wow, Fantastic .. @ScottDawsonWWE @DashWilderWWE @JohnnyGargano @ProjectCiampa @Akam_WWE @Rezar_WWE

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    The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. the Revival (Tag Titles) Part 5

    The Revival are able to make a comeback and hit a modified Doomsday Device. They hit a German suplex/European uppercut combo for another near fall. Wilder almost gets the win after Dawson saves him, but AOP maintains control. They hit powerbombs in stereo to Dawson and Wilder. After hitting several big power moves, they finish off The Revival with the Super Colider to retain the titles. That was a fantastic match. All six men absolutely killed it.


    Who will come out on top in this #TripleThreat Elimination on @WWENetwork? #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/lpen14HwfI

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    The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. the Revival (Tag Titles) Part 4

    Rezar tags in and The Revival manage to take him out with help from Gargano's superkick. Dawson and Gargano line up and hit DIY's finisher while Ciampa and Dawson hit The Revival's on Akam. THIS IS AWESOME! Things break down and The Revival start fighting with DIY. Then they team up again and take out AOP with a pair of suicide dives from Gargano and Wilder. Then Dawson superplexes Ciampa onto everyone from the top rope. Rezar tags himself in and they finish off Ciampa with The Last Chapter to eliminate DIY.

    WWE @WWE

    It took the power of both #TheRevival & #DIY... but @Rezar_WWE has gone THROUGH the TABLE! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/aMiucxXAOC

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    The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. the Revival (Tag Titles) Part 3

    Gargano makes the blind tag and hits a spear from the apron, but Dawson kicks out at two. A DDT from the apron into the ring gets Gargano a close two count. The AOP catch him when he springboards to the outside and end up throwing him into Ciampa to take out both men at once in a very cool spot. The AOP continue their reign of terror against Gargano for a long time before Dawson hits Akam from the outside. Ciampa gets the hot tag and takes out both members of the AOP. He hits a running knee for a close two count. He and Gargano end up finally using the table to powerbomb Rezar through it with help from The Revival. All four men team up on Akam, but he takes out all of them. After a tag between teams, Dawson locks in the knee bar and Gargano applies a cross face. Rezar manages to break it up, which gets a lot of heat from the crowd.


    #TheRevival @DashWilderWWE & @ScottDawsonWWE are looking a little #SorryNotSorry right about now... @ProjectCiampa #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/0R5m8smsRd

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    The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. the Revival (Tag Titles) Part 2

    Once the ref gets control of the situation, it's Akam and Ciampa who are the legal men. Rezar comes in and continues the beatdown his partner started. Ciampa tries to tag in someone from The Revival, but they refuse and Rezar lays him out. Akam is back in to deliver some body shots. The Revival hit a DDT on Akam and put Ciampa on him, but Akam kicks out. Dawson and Wilder start using their usual double team tactics after tagging into the match.

    WWE @WWE

    Feast your eyes on the BRAND NEW #WWENXT #TagTeamTitles, which are on the line in a huge #TripleThreat Elimination Match! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/6Wo33TNlKN

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    The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. The Revival (Tag Titles) Part 1

    Before the match gets going, William Regal reveals the new tag titles to the crowd, which are actually good looking belts. DIY and The Revival stand side by side to show The AOP they are united for now. The bell rings and a brawl breaks out immediately. DIY grabs a table from under the ring and set it up. After AOP are down outside the ring, DIY and The Revival come face to face. Ciampa and Gargano take control with a pair of dropkicks.


    #DIY @ProjectCiampa & @JohnnyGargano are looking determined as ever to take the #WWENXT #TagTeamChampionship home again! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/pxU7Szz8AI

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    notorious SB @SashaBanksWWE

    My boys #TheRevival 😍#NXTTakeOverOrlando

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    When you're @WWEAleister, THIS is how you celebrate a huge victory in your #WWENXT debut... #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/S6S6a5e70H

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    Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Aleister Black Part 3

    They trade near falls back and forth until they nail each other with kicks at the exact same time. Almas hits a running double knee in the corner before hitting a snap German suplex for a close two count. Black hits a knee to the face followed by a measured kick to the head. Black hits the Black Mass Kick for the pin and the win in another fun match. NXT always kills it at the TakeOver specials.

    WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

    #ElIdolo @AndradeCienWWE is involuntarily becoming one with the ropes... @WWEAleister #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/vqZ3bS1TxF

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    Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Aleister Black Part 2

    Almas locks in the armbar over the top rope and breaks at the five count. He nails Black with a dropkick from the top rope for a two count. Black makes a comeback after another flurry of kicks. He hits a moonsault from the middle rope to the floor that gets the crowd on its feet. Almas fires off a few elbows before going back to the arm he worked over earlier. Black counters him coming off the top rope with a powerbomb, but Almas still ends up locking in an armbar.

    WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

    Why stop short when you can just gracefully FLOAT backwards off of the ropes?! @WWEAleister #NXTTakeOver @AndradeCienWWE https://t.co/LnnYUy6fvq

  42. Clock Icon12:36 am

    Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Aleister Black Part 1

    Black and Almas size each other up before going for a lock up. Almas backs off before finally locking up and using a wristlock. Black counters and they trade takedowns back and forth. They come to a standstill after both miss kicks at the same time. Black sends Almas out of the ring with a back drop before doing a sweet back flip off the middle rope. Black hits a series of kicks before Almas takes control again.

    WWE @WWE

    The time has come... @WWEAleister is HERE at #NXTTakeOver: Orlando, streaming LIVE on @WWENetwork! #FadeToBlack https://t.co/QnJWQeE4oj

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    Mike Chiari @MikeChiari

    Sick Aleister Black entrance! #WWE #NXTTakeOverOrlando https://t.co/mKoP9Jcm4Z

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    WWE @WWE

    Just a couple of @WWE Hall of Famers taking in the sights and sounds of #NXTTakeOver: Orlando! @EdgeRatedR @TheBethPhoenix #WWEHOF https://t.co/5xFYbrn6vI

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    WWE @WWE

    There's no end in sight for the destruction that #SAnitY brings through #WWENXT... #NXTTakeOver @WWENetwork https://t.co/KIB9g2i1D6

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    Dillinger Can't Catch a Break

    Despite another loss for Dillinger, WWE made Sanity look good here. Every member had a chance to stand out for a few moments, with Cross and Riot often taking the attention away from the men. Good first bout to start the show.


    Two can play at that game, @NikkiCrossWWE... @RubyRiotWWE @KillianDain @roderickstrong #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/Lw7ixiTXN0

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    Sanity vs. Dillinger, Riot, Strong and Ohno Part 3

    Everyone starts taking each other out until the ring is cleared to just Dillinger and Wolfe. Perfect 10 takes him out with a cross body before leveling Young with a suicide dive. Ohno does an impressive front handspring over the top rope to the floor before Dain takes him out. Riot lines up for a dive onto everyone, but Cross takes her down with an elbow. Young and Dillinger get back in the ring as the legal men . Young gets the upper hand, but Strong takes him out to save Dillinger. After the women jump on some of the men, Riot takes out Cross with a dropkick from the apron. Dillinger ends up being pinned by Dain to give Sanity the win. What does Dillinger have to do to get a win at a TakeOver event?


    There's no denying it: The #Perfect10 @WWEDillinger wants nothing more than a go at #SAnitY's leader, @TheEricYoung! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/1vomRUlWU5

  48. Clock Icon12:18 am

    Sanity vs. Dillinger, Riot, Strong and Ohno Part 2

    Strong gets the tag and takes it to Wolfe with a series of high impact moves. He goes on a rampage until Wolfe turns him inside out with a German suplex. Dain tags in and starts punishing Strong with a flurry of elbow drops. Sanity keeps Strong cornered for some time with quick tags and double team moves. Dillinger finally gets the hot tag and starts going to work on Young.


    The #KnockoutArtist @KassiusOhno isn't afraid to get a little technical as he takes the fight to @TheWWEWolfe! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/Gc19pn7HLO

  49. Clock Icon12:13 am

    Sanity vs. Dillinger, Riot, Strong and Ohno Part 1

    Once the match gets going, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot get thrings going. Cross takes the early lead, but Riot counters her in the corner. Wolfe gets the tag, so Ohno comes in to take him out. He hits a straight right hand that knocks Wolfe down immediately. He hits a senton for a quick two count. Ohno puts him through the wringer with a series of arm holds. A distraction from Young allows Sanity to take control.

    WWE @WWE

    With @WWENoWayJose sidelined due to injury, @WWEDillinger, @RubyRiotWWE & @roderickstrong have found a partner in @KassiusOhno! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/kqAOXL47tP

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    They Have a Fourth

    The fourth member of Tye Dillinger's team is Kassius Ohno, which makes sense. A big deal was made out of his return and it was weird that he didn't have a match on the card. They rush the ring and a brawl breaks out between all eight Superstars.


    The #Perfect10 @WWEDillinger looks more focused than ever as he heads to the ring to face the force of #SAnitY! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/80e23SkioJ

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    You Can Go Home Again

    Triple H starts the show with a promo saying NXT has come home. Then we go to a video package hyping all of tonight's feuds.


    "Tonight... WE. ARE. HOME!" @TripleH #NXTTakeOver @WWENetwork https://t.co/X2no9MCuzd

  52. Clock Icon12:01 am

    Here We Go

    The NXT TakeOver main show is live on the air! The card for tonight's show should lead to some great action.

    WWE @WWE

    Special delivery for @RealKingRegal... #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/8uLnUUyVnJ

  53. April 1, 2017
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    Tonight, art comes to life, as #SAnitY enters #NXTTakeOver with eyes painted black, inspired by @MIWBand’s album, #GraveyardShift #WeAreNXT https://t.co/BuWyB6V7aF

  55. Clock Icon11:56 pm

    Triple H @TripleH

    24 years of creating together. Excited for you all to see #NXTTakeOver: Orlando. #WeAreNXT @WWERoadDogg https://t.co/rn3ojPTMCX

  56. Clock Icon11:53 pm


    LIVE on the #NXTTakeOver pre-show, @BillieKayWWE sends a text message to @TripleH asking him to BAN @WWEEmberMoon's #Eclipse maneuver! https://t.co/SyZ4uaQv0B

  57. Clock Icon11:45 pm

    Graham Matthews @WrestleRant

    Elias Sampson is back under a mask 😂😂 #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/Xvm5ScYv7G

  58. Clock Icon11:35 pm


    The #Axxess #fiesta was OVER earlier today when #SAnitY brutally assaulted @WWENoWayJose! #NXTTakeOver https://t.co/Tuv6bXAMqQ

  59. Clock Icon11:34 pm

    WWE Network @WWENetwork

    The #NXTTakeOver pre-show is ON, streaming LIVE on @WWENetwork! Meet your panel... @CharlyCarusoWWE, @McGuinnessNigel, & @notsam https://t.co/PmlJt20x8R

  60. Clock Icon11:32 pm

    We Are Live!

    The NXT TakeOver Orlando pre-show is officially underway. Charly Caruso is hosting the panel with Sam Roberts and Nigel McGuinness, who will also be on commentary tonight. He was great during the U.K. title tourney.

    WWE @WWE

    .@Before #NXTTakeOver gets underway, @CharlyCarusoWWE @McGuinnessNigel LIVE on the #NXTTakeOver: Orlando Pre-Show! https://t.co/TJzCvNyH88

  61. Clock Icon10:29 pm


    GLORY collides with STRONG STYLE when @REALBobbyRoode defends his @WWENXT Championship at #NXTTakeOver! @ShinsukeN https://t.co/1DNCVlIcQj https://t.co/sL7J3KOIvo

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    Saturday's Lineup

    Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship Asuka vs. Ember Moon for the Women's Championship The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. The Revival for the Tag Team Championships Aleister Black vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose and Ruby Riot vs. Sanity


    Your undefeated #WWENXT #WomensChampion @WWEAsuka defends her title against #NXTWarGoddess @WWEEmberMoon TONIGHT at #NXTTakeOver: Orlando! https://t.co/84uiMnztfA