NBA Draft Lottery 2017: Live Updates, Results, Order and Analysis

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Andy Bailey

The NBA Draft Lottery is wrapped. Scroll below for updates from the night.

  1. May 17, 2017
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    Final Order

    1. Celtics 2. Lakers 3. 76ers 4. Suns 5. Kings 6. Magic 7. Timberwolves 8. Knicks 9. Mavericks 10. Kings 11. Hornets 12. Pistons 13. Nuggets 14. Heat

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    NEW YORK KNICKS @nyknicks

    .@PhilJackson11 reacts to the #Knicks spot in the upcoming @NBADraft. #KnicksDraft17

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    "It could be possibly a legend for the Lakers." @JaredSGreenberg caught up with @Lakers' Magic Johnson after notching the No. 2 pick.

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  6. May 17, 2017
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    Boston Celtics @celtics

    Number 1 picks just look better in green ☘️

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    Can Lonzo and D'Angelo Coexist?

    The Lakers experimented with Russell off the ball a bit at the end of the year. That backcourt could be very interesting.

    CJ Fogler @cjzero

    "Lakers will draft at #2"

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    Future Sixer?

    Philly landed the No. 3 pick. Josh Jackson could be a nice fit as a combo forward next to Ben Simmons.

    Ry @JustRyCole

    What Josh Jackson did today impressed me far more than any Andrew Wiggins that I saw at KU

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    Jeff Goodman @GoodmanESPN

    More Danny Ainge: "Isaiah can play with anybody. He can play two guard, can play with the ball."

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    Now that we know the picking order, who's your team taking?

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    NBA @NBA

    The 2017 @NBADraft order is set! Introducing the Official On-Court Collection – Draft Series 59FIFTY by @NewEraCap. Get yours June 8th.

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    Scott Souza @Scott_Souza

    Somebody's feelin' giddy ...#Celtics #NBADraftLottery

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    Full replay of actual #NBADraftLottery drawing:

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    Tom Moore @tmoore76ers

    #Sixers Embiid on getting No. 3

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    Another Top 3 Pick for Philly

    Philadelphia 76ers @sixers

    Comin' in at the #3 spot! #NBADraftLottery

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    Boston Lands No. 1!

    The No. 1 seed in the East now has the No. 1 pick in this year's draft. Start ordering up your Markelle Fultz Celtics jerseys.

    Boston Celtics @celtics

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    Balls Get Their Wish

    With the Celtics landing the top pick, it looks like Lonzo Ball could be headed to the Lakers at No. 2.

    Dan Duangdao @DanDuangdao

    BREAKING: #Lakers land No. 2 pick and here is a live look at LaVar Ball:

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    Embiid's Reaction to the Pick Swap

    Steve Noah @Steve_OS


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    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    #NBADraftLottery results thus far 👇 14. MIA 13. DEN 12. DET 11. CHA 10. SAC 9. DAL 8. NYK 7. MIN 6. ORL 5. SAC 4. PHX

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    The Pick Swap!

    Yep, the Kings hopped into the top three. Of course, that means the Sixers can swap picks with them. TRUST THE PROCESS.

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    Trust the Process


    Joel came prepared... with a Shirley Temple

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    Results Coming Up!

    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    The final moments before the #NBADraftLottery results are announced on @espn!

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    Not an Exciting Night for Everyone

    Dan Favale @danfavale

    saddest image ever

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    Stylin' and Profilin'

    Reese Waters @reesewaters

    Deacon Steal Yo Girl #NBADraftLottery

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    We've Reached the Introductions

    ESPN is introducing the representatives for every franchise with a shot at the No. 1 pick tonight. We're not far from the order being revealed.

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    Futures on the Line

    All of these potential young stars will have a much better idea of where they're headed within the hour.

    Brian Seltzer @brianseltzer

    Some of this year's top prospects in attendance tonight - Fultz, Monk, Fox, Markannen among the group.

  28. May 16, 2017
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    Timberwolves PR @Twolves_PR

    Andrew Wiggins has arrived in style to tonight's NBA Draft Lottery. #Twolves

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    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    Who will land the #1 pick? #NBADraftLottery coming up at 8PM/ET on ESPN.

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    Philadelphia 76ers @sixers

    .@JoelEmbiid chattin' it up with @NBA Commish Adam Silver and @Bowen12. #NBADraftLottery

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    Will the Process Pay Off Two Years in a Row?

    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    Embiid hoping the ping pong balls bounce for the @sixers! #NBADraftLottery

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    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    Legends at the Lottery!

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    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    .@dbook23 talking with some #NBADraft prospects prior to the lottery.

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    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    Who do you think will secure the first #NBADraft pick? Find out at 8pm/et on ESPN! #NBADraftLottery

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    NBA Draft @NBADraft

    The #NBADraftLottery stage is set. We're live from New York at 8PM/ET on ESPN.