The Masters 2017 Leaderboard: Final Round Live Updates, Scores and Results

3:45pm UTC Apr 9, 2017Augusta
Carol Schram

Sergio Garcia has won his first-ever major golf championship on his 74th try. Garcia needed one playoff hole to get the better of Justin Rose and earn the Green Jacket as the winner of the 2017 Masters Championship.

  1. April 9, 2017
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    All the Feels.

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    It Has Been a Long Time Coming!

    Congratulations to Sergio Garcia, Masters Champion. 🏆

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  6. April 9, 2017
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    He makes it!

    The ball lips the cup...and drops!

    Sergio looks incredulous. He wins a major. He wins the Masters!

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    Sergio's Ready

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    Nevertheless: advantage Sergio

    Garcia punches it in close once again, while Rose needs three to get onto the green.

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    Lady Luck...

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    Garcia's is better—he's on the fairway.

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    Tee shot for Rose: not great.

    He's in the trees.

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    This Miss Was Almost a Back-Breaker

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    Both players executed brilliantly on their first try on 18 today.

    ...until the putting, that is...

    Will one of them find the edge and end this quickly?

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    Sergio misses too!

    He looks more disgusted. Hand on hip, like the ball has betrayed him.

    He makes the par putt, and we'll play on!

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    Rose goes first—and misses.

    He can't believe it. It just slides past.

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    Pinpoint precision!

    Rose lands within 15 feet of the pin—then Sergio cuts it into about six feet.

    Both fantastic shots but Garcia has the edge.

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    Buckle Up

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    Rough day for Rickie Fowler as well.

    After starting the day in third place, just one shot off the pace, Fowler shoots a 76 to finish at two under par.

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    Sergio does have a chance to make up a shot here on 17.

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    Zero Fingernails Remaining

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    Ice in his veins!

    Justin Rose answers Sergio's eagle with a birdie to re-take the lead.

    Garcia leaves his birdie putt just short.

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    FYI—Thomas Pieters finished his round with two pars.

    He's in the clubhouse at four under par.

    Charl Schwartzel is your clubhouse leader at six under par after shooting 68 today.

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    Let's GO!

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    Garcia's eagle try lands precisely. Even he looks like he can't quite believe it.

    He moves to nine under, as Rose tries to keep pace with a birdie attempt.

    He makes it—and we're all tied up again with three holes to play.

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    What a Shot!

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    Sergio has a great look at eagle on 15!

    His approach lands within inches of the pin—might even have hit it.

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    Birdie for Garcia!

    He's within one.

    Rose needs to make an eight-footer for par. He does.

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    Oh No, Not This Again...

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    Let Sergio Live

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    Garcia's the only player who has been under par in all three rounds so far this week.

    Rose shot at 72 on Friday.

    Sergio's currently even through 13. He has work to do if he hopes to keep that streak alive.

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    This Is Getting Good

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