Sweet 16 2018: Live Updates, Scores for Thursday's March Madness Games

11:00pm UTC Mar 22, 2018United States
Joe Tansey

The Michigan Wolverines, Kentucky Wildcats and Gonzaga Bulldogs highlight the opening day of the Sweet 16, but a clash between the Loyola Chicago-Ramblers and Nevada Wolf Pack will begin Thursday's action. Four games will be played throughout the night, and the winners will advance to the Elite Eight. Shortly after Loyola vs. Nevada tips, Michigan will take on the Texas A&M Aggies. In the later session, the Kansas State Wildcats will challenge Kentucky before Gonzaga meets the Florida State Seminoles.

  1. March 23, 2018
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    FSU to Play Michigan in Elite 8 After Downing Gonzaga

    FSU to Play Michigan in Elite 8 After Downing Gonzaga
    March Madness Sweet 16 2018 3 22

    FSU to Play Michigan in Elite 8 After Downing Gonzaga

    Alec Nathan
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    Wow Is Right

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    Florida State in Control!

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  6. March 23, 2018
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    It All Comes Down to This

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    Meanwhile in LA......

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    Huge Loss for Kansas State

    Sneed is the third Kansas State player to foul out.

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    Washington Puts Kentucky Back in the Lead!

    Kentucky leads 57-56 with 1:31 left.

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    Kentucky Not Out of Danger Yet

    Kansas State takes a one-point lead into the final media timeout of the second half.

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    Kentucky Leads 55-54!

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    Kentucky Within 2 Points!

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    Florida State Ahead by 8 at the Under-12 Timeout

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    Kansas State's Top Scorer Goes to the Bench

    Sneed, who has 22 points, heads to the bench with 8:24 remaining. Can Kentucky make up the seven-point deficit with Sneed sitting?

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    Fouls Causing a Frustrating Pace in Atlanta

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    Can Gonzaga Make a Comeback?

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    Kansas State on a 9-0 Run

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    Calipari Receives a Technical

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    Back-and-forth Affair in Atlanta

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    Kentucky Ties It Up at Start of 2nd Half!

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    Florida State Leads Gonzaga at Halftime

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    Seminoles Figured Out How to Combat Gonzaga's Zone

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    Tight Game at Staples Center

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    K-State Leads at the Half

    Bruce Weber's Wildcats are ahead by four despite having three players with three fouls.

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    Zags Getting Closer to the Seminoles

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    Kentucky in Trouble

    In addition to dealing with foul trouble, Kentucky hasn't made a field goal in over seven minutes.

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    Florida State Leads 18-11 at the Under-12 Media Timeout

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    18 Total Fouls Have Been Called in Kentucky-Kansas State

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    Gonzaga Struggling Early

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    Kentucky in a Ton of Foul Trouble with 8 Minutes Left in 1st Half

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    Slow Start in Los Angeles

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    Tillie Out for Gonzaga

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    Kentucky Right Back in It Against Kansas State

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    Can Florida State Record Another Upset?

    The ninth-seeded Seminoles take on No. 4 Gonzaga in Los Angeles at 10:06 p.m. ET on TBS.

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    Wade Enters for the 1st Time for K-State

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    Keep an Eye on Shai