Loyola-Chicago vs. Kansas State: Elite 8 Live Updates, Score For NCAA Tournament 2018


10:09pm UTC Mar 24, 2018Atlanta, GA
Carol Schram

The Cinderella story continues for No. 11 Loyola-Chicago as the Ramblers advanced to the Final Four after a decisive 78-62 win over No. 9 Kansas State. Their three earlier wins in the 2018 NCAA Tournament all came with last-minute heroics but this time, the Ramblers used a different playbook—building a double-digit lead within the first five minutes and never looking back. Ben Richardson led the way for Loyola with 23 points, including 6-for-7 shooting from three-point territory. Marques Townes added 13 points and Donte Ingram had 12.

  1. March 25, 2018
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    Give the Wildcats credit:

    Kansas State finished the night with 66 field-goal attempts, compared to just 47 for Loyola-Chicago.

    In the end, the Wildcats were only able to shoot 34.8 percent from the floor. Loyola shot 57.4, including 50 percent from long range.

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    It's over!

    Final score: Loyola-Chicago 78 - Kansas State 62.

    The Ramblers make their first appearance in the Final Four since 1963.

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  6. March 25, 2018
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    Fun fact: that 1963 Loyola-Chicago squad is the only Illinois school ever to win a national title in basketball.

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    One minute to go!

    Just like most of the game, Loyola's lead remains in double digits: 73-62.

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    Will Sister Jean Cut Down the Net?

    Coach Porter Moser is starting to empty his bench.

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    If this game had started at half time, it'd be a nail-biter.

    It's 28-28 in the second half, but that leaves Loyola up by 12 with less than four minutes left to play.

    Once last push for the Wildcats to try to stay alive?

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  14. March 24, 2018
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    K-State goes on a 10-0 run, and it barely matters.

    Ben Richardson hits his sixth three of the game and it's 64-48 for Loyola.

    4:40 left to play.

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    The clock is running down quickly.

    With 6:01 left, it's Loyola-Chicago 61 - Kansas State 46.

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    Time to Start Digging into Loyola's Previous NCAA Tournament Win, Back in 1963.

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    Pre-production Begins in About 10 Minutes 🎬

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    Ramblers Supporters Are Roaring in Atlanta.

    11:58 left in the second half: Loyola-Chicago 54 - Kansas State 35

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    The Loyola-Chicago Lead Is Now Up to 21 Points

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    This Team Is 14 Minutes Away from a Spot in the Final 4️⃣!

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    The Ramblers' lead grows to 19!

    Time out with 14:04 on the clock: Loyola 52 - K-State 33

    Can anyone stop this juggernaut?

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    The second half has been pretty even so far, but that's not much help to the Wildcats.

    Loyola has outscored K-State 10-9 in this frame so far.

    Time out with 15:02 to play: Loyola-Chicago 46 - Kansas State 33

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    Three-point Plays Are Old News!

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    Sporting Life Is Upside-Down in Chi-Town

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    Boom! 💥

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    The comeback starts now?

    Wildcats fans sure hope so.

    The second half is underway from Atlanta!

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    Is this outcome already in the books?

    Loyola's 23-0 when leading at the half this season, and K-State hasn't come back from a double-digit deficit all year.

    Fingers crossed for an exciting second half!

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    It's Not Too Late to Order Your Sister Jean Bobblehead!

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    Some halftime stats:

    Loyola's shooting a solid 55.6 percent from the field, led by 11 points by Ben Richardson.

    The Ramblers are also outrebounding the Wildcats 18-11.

    Both teams have taken the same number of shots, but K-State is just 10-for-27 from the field. Barry Brown leads the way with nine points.

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    Halftime: Loyola-Chicago 36 - Kansas State 24

    Imagine how the Ramblers would do if they play the second half on their brooms?

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    Lucas Williamson answers back with his own three-point play for Loyola, and the pace slows.

    The defense dials up, the shooters get cold, and it's 30-22 for Loyola-Chicago when time out is called with 2:53 to play in the half.

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    We've got a game!

    Barry Brown parlays a drive to the hoop into a three-point play and the lead it cut to five.

    Loyola Chicago 27 - Kansas State 22, with less than five minutes left in the half.

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    Sister Jean Is Laying Low in This Game So Far.

    She has nothing to hide from: Loyola continues to control the game, up 25-16 with 7:49 left in the first half.

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    Loyola 19 - Kansas State 9

    Time out with 11:28 to play in the first half.

    This is unfamiliar territory for Bruce Weber's team in this tournament. Their biggest deficit in their first three games was eight points against UMBC.

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    Loyola 15 - Kansas State 5

    Out of the time out, Ben Richardson knocks down another three.

    The action stops again for the first TV timeout. The Wildcats are already down 10, with 14:12 to play in the first half.

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    The Ramblers Have Quickly Found Their Groove

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    Xavier Sneed gets the Wildcats on the board!

    He hits an arcing three pointer.

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    Loyola takes the early lead on the first shot of the game.

    Custer feeds Cameron Krutwig for a layup.

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    It's Time!

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    Kansas State vs. Loyola-Chicago is the first of two Elite 8 games on tap today.

    No. 3 Michigan will face No. 9 Florida State in the second-half of the double-header from Atlanta, with tip-off estimated at 8:49 p.m. ET.

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