Chargers vs. Chiefs: Live Updates, Score and Highlights for Saturday Night Football


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The Kansas City Chiefs led through most of the contest and finished with a 30-13 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs sweep the season series with the Chargers and lead the AFC West at 8-6. Running back Kareem Hunt racked up 206 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns. Wideout Tyreek Hill added a long 64-yard reception for a score. Defensively, the Chiefs forced four turnovers, which frustrated quarterback Philip Rivers who didn't see the field through the same lens as his receivers. Miscommunications in the passing attack and a porous interior defensive line cost the Chargers this contest. Kansas City controls its pathway to a third consecutive division title.

  1. December 17, 2017
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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    The highs and lows of Chiefs vs. Chargers via @pgsween

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    Hunt Is Chiefs' Only Path to Playoff Success

    Hunt Is Chiefs' Only Path to Playoff Success
    Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - December 16, 2017

    Hunt Is Chiefs' Only Path to Playoff Success

    Gary Davenport
    via Bleacher Report
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    Chargers Turnover Playoff Chances in Loss to Chiefs

    Chargers Turnover Playoff Chances in Loss to Chiefs
    Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - December 16, 2017

    Chargers Turnover Playoff Chances in Loss to Chiefs

    Dan Woike
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  6. December 17, 2017
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    That's Pretty Fast 😲

    NFL Network @nflnetwork

    Can't catch the @cheetah 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 (via @NFLResearch)

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    Phillips' Wife Jumped Out of Stands to Check on Him After He Was Hurt

    Phillips' Wife Jumped Out of Stands to Check on Him After He Was Hurt
    Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - December 16, 2017

    Phillips' Wife Jumped Out of Stands to Check on Him After He Was Hurt

    Jason Lisk
    via The Big Lead
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    Dan Woike @DanWoikeSports

    Vibe in the #Chargers locker room last night according to one vet - “Wayyyyyyyy better” than after loss to Jacksonv…

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    Arrowhead Addict @ArrowheadAddict

    Let’s look at the overwhelming positives and the very few negatives from the #Chiefs win, with @bzank17

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    James Walker @JamesWalkerNFL

    The @Chiefs (8-6) can clinch the AFC West and a home playoff game with a win next Sunday over the @MiamiDolphins (6…

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    Chargers-Chiefs Score Recap

    Harrison Butker 31-yard field goal (3-0 Chiefs)

    Alex Smith 64-yard pass to Tyreek Hill (10-0 Chiefs)

    Melvin Gordon 2-yard run (10-6 Chiefs)

    Philip Rivers 10-yard pass to Antonio Gates (13-10 Chargers)

    Smith 3-yard pass to Kareem Hunt (17-13 Chiefs)

    Butker 24-yard field goal (20-13 Chiefs)

    Butker 51-yard field goal (23-13 Chiefs)

    Hunt 5-yard run (30-13 Chiefs)

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    Chiefs Improve to 8-6, Chargers Fall to 7-7

    The AFC West is Kansas City's division to lose.

    Los Angeles Chargers @Chargers

    Final from KC. #LACvsKC

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    Marcus Peters' 2nd Interception

    That takeaway seals the deal for the Chiefs.

    Kansas City Chiefs @Chiefs

    Death, taxes, & @MarcusPeters interceptions.

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Chargers NT Damion Square on Kareem: "He gave us hell today."

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    Eric Williams @eric_d_williams

    Chargers coach Anthony Lynn: 'Our playoffs have begun'

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Peters is special. Ron Parker quote here:

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    Hunt's 2nd TD of the Night!!

    Renegade KC @R_KCSports

    Kareem Hunt with the 5-YD TD #ChiefsKingdom 30 #chargers 13 #LACvsKC

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    Pretty Much Sums It Up for the Chargers

    Running back Melvin Gordon showed some glimpses, but it's not enough right now. Chiefs lead 30-13 with two minutes left.

    KP @KP_Show

    Division on the line and you best players stink it up or no show. 17/99/86/54/13. Had no chance playing like this. Crazy thing is, KC kept em in it. The muffed punt. Not running the ball. Playing soft cvg. Needed to play their B+ game played a D+

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    Bad Throw, Terrible Interception

    The Chargers give the ball back to the Chiefs.

    Ian Wharton @NFLFilmStudy

    I'm a Philip Rivers fan but it's hard seeing him play like this year after year when his team needs him to be great.

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Chris Jones said Chiefs are 5th against the run since Week 9

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    Sporting News NFL @sn_nfl

    Chargers' Philip Rivers talks brutal loss to Chiefs: 'We kind of fell apart'

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    Arrowhead Addict @ArrowheadAddict

    When the #Chiefs give Kareem Hunt the ball 17 times or more, they are 7-2.

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    Travis Benjamin Can't Reach the First-Down Marker

    It's 4th-and-1 at the Chiefs' 47-yard line.

    Bolts From The Blue @BFTB_Chargers

    What the hell was that, Benjamin? Get upfield!

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    Terez A. Paylor @TerezPaylor

    DT Corey Liuget (knee) and OT Russ Okung (groin) are both questionable to return. So is RB Austin Ekeler (hand)

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    Terez A. Paylor @TerezPaylor

    Denzel Perryman will not return. Adrian Phillips is questionable

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    A collection of tomahawk chop videos from last night

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    Matt Miller @nfldraftscout

    Not only is Mo ensuring he’ll be cut, he’s seriously messing with his next contract. What a waste.

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    ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

    Kareem Hunt has 2 career 150-yard rushing games. Both have come against the Chargers.

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    Ekeler Hurt on His Previous Fumble

    Ekeler seemed shaken up on the sideline after he laid the ball on the ground. He's questionable to return with a hand injury.

    Los Angeles Chargers @Chargers

    Austin Ekeler (hand) questionable to return. #LACvsKC

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    Peters Pulled Out the Guns 😂

    Peters' rolling sniper technique.

    CJ Fogler @cjzero

    Marcus Peters playin' CoD out there

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    Austin Ekeler Fumbles😱

    It's his second fumble of the season.

    Bolts From The Blue @BFTB_Chargers

    Everything that could go wrong has today. Wow.

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    Sports Illustrated @SInow

    Gameday 10 Things: A look back on the Saturday games (bad ol’ Chargers, pesky Lions) and a look ahead to Sunday (Ma…

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    Andrew Brandt @AndrewBrandt

    Chiefs to Chargers: "Nice little streak you had. We'll take it from here." #AFCWest

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    Denzel Perryman, Adrian Phillips Injury Update

    Perryman has been ruled out for the game with a hamstring injury. Phillips is questionable to return with an ankle ailment.

    Adam Caplan @caplannfl

    #Chargers ILB Denzel Perryman (hamstring) will not return. S Adrian Phillips (ankle) questionable. #LACvsKC

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    Miscommunication Leads to an Interception

    Philip Rivers threw into double coverage, but based on his reaction, Tyrell Williams ran the wrong route.

    Bolts From The Blue @BFTB_Chargers

    Stop forcing the ball to Tyrell Williams. He doesn't know where he's going and he won't fight for the ball.

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    Arrowhead Addict @ArrowheadAddict

    Marcus Peters showed his doubters what’s up, and the Chiefs dominated because of it.

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride


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    Quiet Night for Joey Bosa

    Broadcasters haven't called his name once tonight.

    Bolts From The Blue @BFTB_Chargers

    Joey Bosa is not having a very good night.

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    Los Angeles Charged Up ⚡

    The Chargers started the second half rolling against the Chiefs defense. Gates caught his 113th touchdown pass.

    Matt Derrick @mattderrick

    Heck of a drive for Rivers there. 5 of 5 for 88 yards and a TD.

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Love this

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    Matt Derrick @mattderrick

    He was 2 rushing yards shy of doing that in the season opener against New England as well.

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    When You Put Your Team on the Board 💃

    The Checkdown @thecheckdown

    .@Melvingordon25 with the footwork AFTER the TD run! 🕺🏿 #NFLCelebrations

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    Melvin Gordon on the Run 🏃

    It's a 49-yard reception on a short pass. Gordon has broken several tackles en route to 121 yards from scrimmage against the Chiefs.

    Bolts From The Blue @BFTB_Chargers

    To those of you that started Melvin Gordon in fantasy this week, congrats on advancing to your championship game.

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Big time players make big time plays in big time games. @RealMNchiefsfan on the Chiefs playmakers:

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    Mike Jurecki @mikejurecki

    #Chargers  QB Phillip Rivers (0-2) vs Chiefs, 40/86 (46%) 464 yards, 1 TD and 6 Ints, has only 10 Ints after 14 gam…

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    Tyreek Hill, Melvin Gordon trade TDs as Chiefs take 10-6 lead into halftime

    Tyreek Hill, Melvin Gordon trade TDs as Chiefs take 10-6 lead into halftime
    Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - December 16, 2017

    Tyreek Hill, Melvin Gordon trade TDs as Chiefs take 10-6 lead into halftime

    Curtis Crabtree
    via ProFootballTalk
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    How's Your Tackling Marcus Peters?

    Gordon hurdles and Peters sidesteps.

    Mike Renner @PFF_Mike

    Marcus Peters wanted NO part of Melvin Gordon's cleats

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    The MMQB @theMMQB

    10 Things @GGramling_SI Thinks: Bad ol’ Chargers, Lions keep sticking around, watch Martavis vs. Gilmore, do Panthe…

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    Bucky Brooks @BuckyBrooks

    Question for coaches: Would you rather have a turnover machine over a tackler at CB? 🤔 That's the dilemma #Chiefs…

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    Alex Smith's New Career-High

    The Chiefs traded up to draft Patrick Mahomes at No. 10 in the 2017 draft. He's clearly the future at quarterback for this franchise, but Smith isn't done showing what he can do in Kansas City.

    Terez A. Paylor @TerezPaylor

    Alex Smith set a career-high in TD passes in the first half. He now has 24

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    Quick Fix All Good 👍

    Jones will be back on the field hunting Philip Rivers in the second half.

    Terez A. Paylor @TerezPaylor

    Per Chiefs Radio, Chris Jones had his right ankle re-taped. He should be fine.

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    ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk

    Marcus Peters makes splash in return to Chiefs lineup

  54. Clock Icon1:23 pm

    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Arrowheadlines: Philip Rivers has never looked worse, Marcus Peters has never looked better

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    Chiefs Lead Chargers 10-6 at Halftime

    Halftime Standout Performers

    LAC: Melvin Gordon, 72 total yards, TD

    KC: Tyreek Hill, 4 catches, 82 yards, TD

    Los Angeles Chargers @Chargers

    Halftime. #LACvsKC

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    Chiefs Settle, Conservative Play Backfires

    Kansas City played for the field goal and came away with zero points.

    Seth Keysor @RealMNchiefsfan

    Call the play calling on those last two plays was truly horrendous. Absolutely awful. Not even a look towards the end zone

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    Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL

    Philip Rivers on Chargers' loss to Chiefs: 'We kind of fell apart'

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    Arrowhead Pride @ArrowheadPride

    Kareem Hunt has forced 56 missed tackles per PFF. Next closest: Le'Veon Bell with 39

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    Missed Opportunity for the Chiefs 👎

    Harrison Butker made the first kick, but the Chargers called timeout. He missed the second kick.

    Terez A. Paylor @TerezPaylor

    Butker's 52-yard field goal is no good. Wide left.

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    Denzel Perryman Update

    It's a hamstring injury, and he's questionable to return.

    Los Angeles Chargers @Chargers

    LB Denzel Perryman (hamstring) questionable to return. #LACvsKC

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    Bucky Brooks @BuckyBrooks

    This is what it's all about... Vets sharing knowledge with younger players to help them grow. Guys always want to l…

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    Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL

    Chiefs' Tamba Hali shares pass-rushing tips with Joey Bosa after game

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    Bad Sign for Perryman

    Updates to follow during halftime.

    Lindsay Jones @bylindsayhjones

    Chargers LB Denzel Perryman is being carted to the locker room.