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12:00am UTC Oct 20, 2017Oklahoma City, OK
David Kenyon

Russell Westbrook posted a triple-double to help the Oklahoma City Thunder dispatch the New York Knicks 105-84 at Chesapeake Energy Arena. He accumulated 21 points, 16 assists and 10 rebounds. Paul George scored 28 points for the Thunder in his team debut, while fellow first-timer Carmelo Anthony dropped 22 points on his former team. Kristaps Porzingis netted a game-best 31 points and 12 rebounds, but only one other Knicks player reached double figures. New York also committed 25 turnovers in the season-opening loss.

  1. October 20, 2017
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    Carmelo Scores 22 in OKC Debut

    Knicks vs Thunder 2017-10-19

    Carmelo Scores 22 in OKC Debut

    Tyler Conway
    via Bleacher Report
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    Thunder 105, Knicks 84 (Final)

    OKC begins its new era in style.

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    Thunder 103, Knicks 83 (1:30 Remaining, 4th Quarter)

    George ends his Thunder debut with 28 points and six rebounds.

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    This Looks Familiar

    Westbrook finishes off the triple-double. He's collected 21 points, 10 rebounds and 16 assists tonight.

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    Knicks Sign Isaiah Hicks Mid-Game

    So, can he make it to Oklahoma City? If the Knicks aren't going to play Hernangomez, maybe Hicks will get some minutes.

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    Thunder 92, Knicks 76 (6:10 Remaining, 4th Quarter)

    It's not over, but Westbrook and Co. hold a comfortable lead entering the latter half of the fourth quarter.

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    What's the Deal, Hornacek?

    Kanter can start, but Hernangomez should not be riding the bench—especially with Joakim Noah unavailable.

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    Thunder 87, Knicks 67 (8:37 Remaining, 4th Quarter)

    Westbrook is 6-of-11 from the floor and has a plus-28 rating.

    Sure, it's "just the Knicks," but this is a terrific opening night.

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    Thunder 79, Knicks 59 (End 3rd Quarter)

    Led by George and Anthony at 19 apiece, Oklahoma City's starters have accounted for 72 of the team's 79 points. Grant finally made his way into the scoring column with that jumper.

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    Thunder 75, Knicks 55 (2:20 Remaining, 3rd Quarter)

    Westbrook has six assists in this frame alone, lifting his game total to 12. He's just two rebounds away from a triple-double.

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    Thunder 69, Knicks 52 (5:24 Remaining, 3rd Quarter)

    Eight points, five rebounds and five steals for Adams.

    New York still hasn't played Hernangomez.

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    Thunder 62, Knicks 52 (7:25 Remaining, 3rd Quarter)

    In his return to OKC, Kanter also has two steals.

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    2nd Half Underway

    Westbrook opens with the technical free throw.

    In order for the Knicks to close the gap, they need a secondary scorer behind Porzingis. Limiting turnovers and better transition defense are next on the checklist.

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    Key to the 1st Half

    OKC knows it has an advantage in transition and is attacking it.

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    PG Punctuates the Half

    George led OKC with 17 points, while Anthony had 15 points. Westbrook tallied 12 points, six assists and five rebounds.

    Steven Adams also played an excellent half, contributing six points, five rebounds, four steals and one block.

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    Thunder 53, Knicks 42 (Halftime)

    Decent start for the Thunder, who only shot 37.2 percent overall but forced 15 turnovers on the other end.

    Porzingis leads all players with 19 points and nine rebounds.

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    OKC Trying to Push

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    Thunder 46, Knicks 42 (1:38 Remaining, 2nd Quarter)

    Oddly, Willy Hernangomez hasn't checked in for New York.

    The prevailing thought is he's a notable piece of the future, so this is a curious opening half. He averaged 8.2 points and 7.0 rebounds over 18.4 minutes in 72 games last season.

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    Beasley Sprains Ankle vs. Thunder

    Knicks vs Thunder 2017-10-19

    Beasley Sprains Ankle vs. Thunder

    Scott Polacek
    via Bleacher Report
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    Thunder 38, Knicks 38 (5:00 Remaining, 2nd Quarter)

    Melo wants 40 points tonight, we think. He's already hoisted 11 shots in 15 minutes on the floor.

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    Beasley Injury Update

    The combination of Porzingis, McDermott and Lance Thomas will probably take Beasley's minutes.

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    Knicks 31, Thunder 30 (8:15 Remaining. 2nd Quarter)

    Six different players have attempted a three for OKC, which has launched 19 triples (and only made five) in 30 shots. That's a 63.3 percent rate, for those trying to keep track at home.

    It's a fun brand of basketball, but the Thunder are the opposite of efficient from downtown right now.

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    This Wasn't the Plan

    Raymond Felton tossed the ball up for Jerami Grant, and... well, it didn't turn out like he hoped.

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    Thunder 27, Knicks 24 (End 1st Quarter)

    George's off-ball excellence will be a major asset for the Thunder. He leads the way with 13 points.

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    Thunder 23, Knicks 18 (2:06 Remaining, 1st Quarter)

    The broadcast showed Beasley limping to the locker room.

  30. PG13 on the Board

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    Thunder 20, Knicks 12 (4:22 Remaining, 1st Quarter)

    Pass now, shoot later.

    Westbrook is getting his new teammates involved right now. Don't be surprised if he takes a leading role in the second half.

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    Teammates No More

    Porzingis notches his first block of the year. On Carmelo.

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    Knicks 8, Thunder 7 (7:53 Remaining, 1st Quarter)

    OKC extended a couple of possessions, but Kanter's offensive rebound led to an easy putback and New York's first lead.

  34. Carmelo Era Has Begun

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    The teams are underway in OKC!

    Basketball is officially back for the Knicks and Thunder.

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    Ovation for Kanter, McBuckets

    "Thanks for getting us Carmelo," fans might be thinking.

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    Hoodie Beasley!

  38. October 19, 2017
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    OKC Starters

    For the first of what should be many times in 2017-18, the Thunder will start Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Steven Adams.

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    Next Chapter for Melo

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    New York's New-Look Starting 5

    The Knicks added each of Ramon Sessions, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Kanter during the offseason.

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    Melo Has a Chance to Remake His Legacy

    Knicks vs Thunder 2017-10-19

    Melo Has a Chance to Remake His Legacy

    Ken Berger
    via Bleacher Report
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    Homecoming for Kanter

    The Thunder shipped Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott as part of the Carmelo trade. Kanter in particular should be a key player for New York this season.

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    Hoodie Melo's OKC Debut

    Carmelo Anthony played six-and-a-half seasons for the Knicks. He'll oppose them in his first career game for the Thunder.