Canelo Alvarez vs. 'GGG' Gennady Golovkin: Live Round-by-Round Updates, Results and Highlights

12:00am UTC Sep 17, 2017Las Vegas, NV
Kevin McRae

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez fought to a stunning draw in a middleweight championship fight on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

  1. September 17, 2017
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    Rematch Only Option for Canelo, GGG

    Rematch Only Option for Canelo, GGG
    Golovkin vs. Alvarez 2017-09-16

    Rematch Only Option for Canelo, GGG

    Lyle Fitzsimmons
    via Bleacher Report
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    Canelo and GGG Fight to Stunning Split Draw

    Canelo and GGG Fight to Stunning Split Draw
    Golovkin vs. Alvarez 2017-09-16

    Canelo and GGG Fight to Stunning Split Draw

    Nate Loop
    via Bleacher Report
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  6. September 17, 2017
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    We Go to the Scorecards...

    118-110 Canelo, 115-113 GGG...


    We have a DRAW!

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    BR Unofficial Scorecard: GGG 116, Canelo 112

    This will be an interesting decision. We had it 8-4 in rounds for GGG, but a 7-5 scorecard seems very reasonable.

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    Round 12: Canelo vs. GGG

    Just 30 seconds left in the fight. Canelo looks frustrated. GGG still throwing.

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    Round 12: Canelo vs. GGG

    Listen, Canelo has GUTS. This guy is a warrior. Of the first order. But GGG should be ahead here.

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    BR Unofficial Scorecard: GGG 106, Canelo 103

    Round 11 was a swing round that we shaded to Canelo. Final round about to begin! Fight on the table?

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    Round 11: Canelo vs. GGG

    Better looking round for Canelo. He seems to have gotten a bit more spring back into his step. GGG still pressuring. This is a GREAT fight.

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    BR Unofficial Scorecard: GGG 97, Canelo 93

    You could argue, based on his early flurry, that Canelo might've stolen that round. But GGG dominated the second half and landed the damaging shots. Alvarez has nothing left on his punches.

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    Don't See It as an Even Fight

    Golovkin has taken command in the second half. Unless you gave Alvarez all the early rounds.

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    Round 10: Canelo vs. GGG

    Canelo comes out swinging for a home run in Round 10. He's throwing it all out there! GGG seems to be taking it well. Is this Canelo's last stand? Or can he change the fight around?

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    BR Unofficial Scorecard: GGG 87, Canelo 84

    GGG in total command now. Canelo still fighting back with all he's got, but the sting is off his punches and Golovkin's physical and mental pressure are firmly the story now.

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    Round 9: Canelo vs. GGG

    Canelo on the ropes with his hands down. He's clearly tired, but that's a really risky strategy.

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    That Was the Shot He Needed

    But GGG walked right through.

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    Round 9: Canelo vs. GGG

    Canelo is getting overwhelmed now, but he's still fighting. The guy has no quit in him! Golovkin surging!

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    BR Unofficial Scorecard: GGG 77, Canelo 75

    Canelo needs to land something to shift the dynamic. GGG surging and landing the bigger shots with more consistency. Canelo needs to buy some time and space.

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    Round 8: Canelo vs. GGG

    GGG allowing Canelo to stay in the center more in this round, but the Mexican looks tired. His punches don't have the same snap on them that they did in the earlier rounds. GGG is surging and that power is accumulating.

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    BR Unofficial Card: GGG 67, Canelo 66

    That was GGG's best round of the fight. He was in total control, using his jab and bullying Canelo to the ropes. Not sure if Alvarez just took that round off or if GGG's pressure is starting to get to him.

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    GGG's Pressure Changing the Fight

    Canelo looks like he's either tired or taking a round off. GGG totally in command, pushing Alvarez to the ropes and landing.

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    Round 7: Canelo vs. GGG

    Golovkin getting closer. He's upping the pressure on Canelo, both mental and physical. Canelo weathering it, but he's finding himself closer and closer to the ropes more and more.

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    BR Unofficial Card: GGG 57, Canelo 57

    Close Round 6. Could've swung either way, but slightly favored Canelo. GGG is coming on though. Momentum shifting a bit.

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    Round 6: Canelo vs. GGG

    Same pattern here. In the center Canelo uses his speed and body punching to keep GGG at bay. Along the ropes Golovkin has opportunities. Most of this round has been in the center.

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    BR Unofficial Scorecard: GGG 48, Canelo 47

    Good Round 5 for GGG. Canelo missed on most of his big shots, but GGG landed some nice right hands along the rope. That overhand right was the biggest punch of the night for either man.